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Magical Tales For Bedtime - 2840237218

52,99 zł

Magical Tales For Bedtime

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children


Five - Minute Bedtime Tales - 2839915987

30,99 zł

Five - Minute Bedtime Tales

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

A Treasury Of More Than 35 Sleepytime Stories Featuring A Variety Of Amusing And Magical Characters.


Five-Minute Bedtime Tales - 2835035396

47,76 zł

Five-Minute Bedtime Tales Armadillo

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A treasury of more than 35 sleepytime stories featuring a variety of amusing and magical characters.


50 Bedtime Stories - 2840432263

72,49 zł

50 Bedtime Stories

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

50 Bedtime Stories Is An Enchanting Collection Of 50 Tales For Ages 5+, Ensuring That Bedtime Will Never Be A Struggle Again! Children Will Be Enthralled By Tales Of Witches, Wizards, Kings, Princesses And A Host Of Magical Beasts.


Eight O'clock Tales - 2826735597

26,50 zł

Eight O'clock Tales Egmont

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Magical and exciting short stories to enjoy around the clock from the world's best-loved children's author, Enid Blyton. Join the skittle-policeman on his adventures as he travels to Toytown. Find out what happens when Kick-up the donkey runs away from Twiddle the gnome. And laugh at Twisty the Brownie as he learns the hard way why it's unwise to pull nasty faces! Enid Blyton's O'Clock Tales are magical short stories full of adventure for 5-8 year-olds, ideal for introducing a new generation to wonderful new worlds and expanding their imagination. Enid Blyton is arguably the most famous children's author of all time, thanks to series such as The Wishing-Chair, The Faraway Tree-, The Mysteries, The Famous Five and The Secret Seven. And with the O'Clock Tales, these fantasy adventures for children make for the perfect bitesize bedtime stories


Goodnight Book for Moms and Little Ones - 2826864486

85,99 zł

Goodnight Book for Moms and Little Ones Welcome Enterprises

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"The Goodnight Book for Moms and Little Ones" is filled with stories to read, songs to sing, poetry to inspire, activities to delight, recipes to soothe, and prayers to calm. Perfect snuggling material for moms and little ones, this magical book is sure to guarantee a love of bedtime and sweet, sweet dreams. "The Goodnight Book for Moms and Little Ones" includes: - Literary Excerpts: Ten excerpts relating to sleep, stars, and dreams from beloved children's classics. In "Charlotte's Web," Charlotte sings Wilbur to sleep; in "Mary Poppins," she glues stars to the sky; and in "James and the Giant Peach," James falls asleep in the web hammock under the soft light of a glowworm. - Tales & Legends: Fourteen stories from "Sleeping Beauty" and "Rip Van Winkle" to creation tales of the moon and stars from different cultures. - Songs: Ten songs and lullabies, including "Dream a Little Dream of Me," "Goodnight" by Lennon and McCartney, and "Hush, Little Baby." - Poetry: Fourteen poems, including "The Land of Nod" by Robert Louis Stevenson, "Is the Moon Tired?" by Christina Rossetti, and "Afraid of the Dark" by Shel Silverstein. - Activities: Twenty activities to make bedtime easier (sleep-inducing sachets, clothespin guardian angels, relaxation exercises) and enjoyable (glow-in-the-dark sleep shirt, galactic mobile, hibernating beanbag bear). - Recipes: Twelve recipes combining sleep-inducing ingredients for dinners and before-bedtime snacks as well as dreamy sweets like Full Moon Cookies, Overnight Surprise Cookies, and Soothing Smoothies. - Prayers: Ten bedtime prayers from various cultures and faiths.


Just So Stories - 2826686492

13,33 zł

Just So Stories Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

HarperCollins is proud to present its incredible range of best-loved, essential classics. How did the leopard get its spots? Why do the tides ebb and flow? How did the elephant get its trunk? And how was the alphabet made? Rudyard Kipling's classic collection of fables answers the great questions of animal- and humankind in a fun, eloquent and magical way - for children and adults alike. Kipling's beautifully imaginative answers echo the animal fables he heard during his childhood in India, paired with the folk tales he collected throughout his life. Kipling's enjoyment in playing with language, as well as his own delight in fatherhood, makes these stories a joy to read aloud, and children will request these tales as bedtime stories again and again. However, adults will also revel in Kipling's fanciful storytelling and gift for language, as every reading uncovers a new joke, subtext or fascinating embellishment. From the author of 'The Jungle Book' and 'Kim', 'Just So Stories' is the newest addition to the available canon of Kipling's work available in the handy format of Collins Classics!


Martin Pippin in the Daisy Field - 2826782382

39,19 zł

Martin Pippin in the Daisy Field Red Fox Classics

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Wandering minstrel, Martin Pippin, encounters six little girls on his travels - who beg him to tell them stories. This he does whilst they are making daisy chains, and so his wonderful tales of magicians, mermaids, pirates and pigs are here-recounted. The collection includes one of Farjeon's most famous and charming stories, 'Elsie Piddock Skips in Her Sleep. This classic, magical collection will be loved by adults and children alike - perfect for bedtime reading.


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