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How to Attract Men and Money an Intimate Revelation for Women Past Eighteen. with Some Facts Men Ought to Know -- Especially Those Who Wish to Stage a - 2846872339

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How to Attract Men and Money an Intimate Revelation for Women Past Eighteen. with Some Facts Men Ought to Know -- Especially Those Who Wish to Stage a Ishi Press

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How To Attract Men and Money An intimate revelation for Women past eighteen. With some facts Men ought to know -- especially those who wish to stage a come-back after experiencing defeat by Rosa Lee Hill with special contributions by her husband Napoleon Hill - Author of "Think and Grow Rich", "How to Sell Your Way Through Life", and "The Law of Success Philosophy", etc. Think and Grow Rich is one of the most popular books ever written. It is one of the best selling books of all time. It is one of the tremendously popular books self-help by Napoleon Hill. At the time of Hill's death in 1970, Think and Grow Rich had sold 20 million copies. Since then it has sold another 50 million copies. Real estate agents especially like and recommend Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill had a wife at the time named Rosa Lee Beeland. She took the name Hill upon her marriage to him and thus she became Rosa Lee Hill. Napoleon Hill was already a famous author at the time of this marriage, but he had not grown rich. Although he had received substantial royalty income and had owned a Rolls-Royce and an estate in the Catskills, he had overspent and lost it all due to foreclosure. He mostly lived in rooming houses, moving from place to place, giving speeches and earning small appearance fees. When he married Rosa Lee, he had just gone through a divorce in 1935 and was broke. He was 53. She was 31 and also divorced. He found her to be a woman of "dazzling beauty and steamy sex appeal." Rosa Lee Beeland was born in Tennessee on December 16, 1905. Her father was William H. Beeland born in Alabama in 1872. Her mother was Kate Weathers born in Georgia in 1875. Rosa Lee grew up in Davidson, Tennessee. As a condition of her marriage to Napoleon Hill, she demanded that he sign all his rights over to her. This meant little at the time because he had no money and just some manuscripts, published and unpublished. Although he was a famous author, his books were no longer selling well. She became the editor that he never had. Think and Grow Rich came to be written during this marriage. Napoleon dictated the manuscript to Rosa Lee who typed and later edited the manuscript. She typed every page of every draft of the manuscript. Along the way, she challenged him to streamline and clarify disjointed thoughts, to cut entire passages in which he wandered too far from his theme; to rewrite paragraphs, pages and even entire chapters until his thoughts were clearly and concisely expressed. By the time she had finished the manuscript, on the third rewrite recalled Napoleon, the tips of her fingers were so worn and blistered, she had to tape them so she could work. She was so enthusiastic and she said that it was a pleasure to wear her fingers to the bone in such a labor of love. After Think and Grow Rich, Rosa Lee collaborated yet again with Dr. Hill to author the next book - How to Attract Men and Money. This book is both unique and telling for its day and age since in the Publisher's Preface it states: "He (Napoleon) hadn't a dollar left, but she (Rosa Lee) married him, blended her mind and heart with his - through a peculiar, little-understood, and never-taught (until now) art of Sex-Transmutation." Caught your interest yet? So, it is with the magic formula shared in her book, Rosa Lee assists Napoleon in making a come-back by jointly authoring the greatest self-help motivational book of all time - Think and Grow Rich. Her book, How to Attract Men and Money, is a mixture of a romantic, self-help sex manual for married - and those hoping to be married women - who desire to keep the flame of romance burning. In addition, detailed case studies are included that relate how things can and do go wrong in relationships and ways and means to correct them before the ink dries on the divorce papers. Rosa Lee was ahead of her time in both her outlook and advice to those seeking marital counseling.


How to Please a Woman in Bed - 2852762329

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How to Please a Woman in Bed LEGEND PR LTD

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In this book Harry Lythall documents some of his culinary escapades and attempts to show the culinary passive partner in a relationship just how easy it is to take some control, please your partner and woo her anew with breakfast in bed. This book should give a massive kick to liven up any relationship. Harry was married once before, which ended in disaster. He and his present Swedish wife are devoted to each other and have been so for over 21 years. Both partners actively work to keep the marriage alive. Harry's wife, Maj-Lis, is constantly spoiling him with good food and she is the dominant person in their marital kitchen. Harry has, however, turned the tables a little by spoiling Maj-Lis with breakfast in bed, and he has done so throughout the marriage. Harry Lythall was born in 1951 and served in her majesties Royal Air Force, taking a medical apprenticeship and then transferring to telecommunications. His education as an engineer continued after he left the RAF service. Harry is now an RF telecommunications engineer (BSc) and a licensed radio amateur. He has his own homepages at, which attract up to 3,000,000 visitors a year. He has published around 50 articles in technical journals around the world, seven of which he wrote himself in the Swedish language. Many of his projects have been translated into other languages, and technical hobby magazines often ask for permission to translate and use his work. Harry has become somewhat of a guru on radio in the hamradio world. Perhaps he will become known for his unique way of strengthening relationships? Most wives will love this book. Husbands may hate it.


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