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100 X New Wave - 2842392397

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100 X New Wave Universal Music


1. Siouxsie And The Banshees- Happy House 2. The Cure- Let's Go To Bed 3. Joy Division- She's Lost Control 4. Department S- Is Vic There? 5. Fad Gadget- Coitus Interruptus 6. Visage- Fade To Grey 7. The Normal- Warm Leatherette 8. Killing Joke- Turn To Red 9. Virgin Prunes- Baby Turns Blue 10. Dave Ball- In Strict Tempo 11. Crash Course In Science- Flying Turns 12. No More- Suicide Commando 13. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry- Beating My Head 14. The Leather Nun- Gimme Gimme Gimme 15. The Mission- Wasteland 16. The Cult- Rain 17. The Sound- Winning 18. Cocteau Twins- Peppermint Pig 19. New Order- Temptation 20. Bauhaus- She's In Parties 101. D.a.f.- Der Mussolini 102. Liaisons Dangereuses- Los Ninos Del Parque 103. Gary Numan- Are Friends Electric 104. Xtc- Making Plans For Nigel 105. The Flying Lizards- Money 106. Japan- Quiet Life 107. Blaine L. Reininger- Mystery And Confusion 108. A Flock Of Seagulls- I Ran 109. Paul Haig- Heaven Sent 110. Heaven 17- (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang 111. Martha And The Muffins- Echo Beach 112. Gene Loves Jezebel- Desire (Come And Get Me) 113. Ultravox- All Stood Still 114. Devo- Girl U Want 115. Soft Cell- Bedsitter 116. Altered Images- Happy Birthday 117. John Foxx- Underpass 118. Quando Quango- Genius 119. Liquid, Liquid- Cavern 120. Alien Sex Fiend- Ignore The Machine 201. The Sisters Of Mercy- Body Electric 202. Echo & The Bunnymen- Back Of Love 203. Public Image Limited- Public Image 204. Skeletal Family- Promised Land 205. Siglo Xx- Dreams Of Pleasure 206. Marine- Life In Reverse 207. The Names- Calcutta 208. Au Pairs- Sex Without Stress 209. Shriekback- Lined Up 210. The Stranglers- Peaches 211. Tom Robinson Band- 2-4-6-8 Motorway 212. Julian Cope- World Shut Your Mouth 213. The Jam- Going Underground 214. The Runaways- Cherry Bomb 215. March Violets- Walk Into The Sun 216. Karen Finley- Tales Of Taboo 217. The Creatures- Miss The Girl 218. Dalis Car- Dalis Car 219. Laibach- Life Is Life 220. Jesus And Mary Chain- Just Like Honey 301. Pigbagpapa's Got A Brand New Pigbag 302. Jah Wobble, Holger Czukay & Jaki Liebezeithow Much Are They? 303. Grauzonefilm 2 304. 23 Skidoocoup 305. Rheingolddreiklangdimensionen 306. Fehlfarbenein Jahr (Es Geht Voran) 307. Andreas Dorau & Die Marinas- Fred Vom Jupiter 308. Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers- Egyptian Reggae 309. Jona Lewie- You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties 310. Animotion- Obsession 311. Tones On Tail- War 312. Love And Rockets- So Alive 313. Fields Of Nephilim- Moonchild (First Seal) 314. The Glove- Like An Animal 315. Spk- Metal Dance 316. Lene Lovich- Lucky Number 317. Arbeid Adelt- Death Disco 318. Kiem- It's Working 319. Honeymoon Killers- Decollage 320. Section 25- New Horizon 401. Modern English- I Melt With You 402. The Psychedelic Furs- Heaven 403. Big Audio Dynamite- E=mc2 404. Men Without Hats- Safety Dance 405. Gang Of Four- I Love A Man In A Uniform 406. Yazoo- Nobody's Diary 407. The Residents- Kaw-liga 408. Wire- I Am The Fly 409. The Bollock Brothers- The Bunker 410. Nitzer Ebb- Murderous 411. Clock Dva- Resistance 412. Executive Slacks- Our Lady 413. Theatre Of Hate- Do You Believe In The Westworld 414. Minimal Compact- Next One Is Real 415. Cabaret Voltaire- Crackdown 416. The Passions- I'm In Love With A German Film Star 417. He Said- Could You? 418. The Call- I Still Believe (Great Design) 419. The Church- Under The Milky Way 420. Tuxedomoon- In A Manner Of Speaking


Songs And Carols - 2840085737

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Songs And Carols


1. Sea 2. Wind 3. Winter 4. Knights 5. Orthodox Church Bells 6. The Avalanche 7. Not For You 8. Dance 9. Year And Trouble 10. Kitten 11. Here Comes Greg 12. Little River 13. Bird Gossips 14. Song Of The Golden Leaf 15. May Night 16. Little Feather 17. Cockle-shell 18. Wreaths 19. Goodbye To Holidays 20. Little Sparrow 21. Silver Window-pane 22. Hoar-frost 23. Painted Bowls 24. Drip, Drip, Drip 25. Sparkling Tales 26. Little Shoes For Fourpence 27. A Stain On The Floor 28. The Late Nightingale 29. About Mr Tralalinski 101. The Angels Said To The Shepherds 102. When Christ Was Born 103. They Hurried To Bethlehem 104. Tiny Jesus 105. God Is Born 106. He Is Lying In A Manger 107. It Was Already Midnight 108. Hey! We Rejoice 109. When The Lovely Maiden 110. Sleep, Little Jesus 111. We Shepherds Too 112. Hey, On The Day Of The Nativity 113. Hola, Hola, Shepherds From The Fields 114. Jesus, Lovely Flower 115. Of The Lord's Birth 116. The Gentle Shepherds 117. And What With This Child? 118. The Little Babe 119. Hey, Hey, Thou Lily Virgin Mary 120. The Most Blessed Maiden Walked On Earth 121. The Holly And The Ivy


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