krainaksiazek materials processing a unified approach to processing of metals ceramics and polymers 20048353

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Materials Processing - 2854440093

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Materials Processing ELSEVIER SCIENCE

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Materials Processing: A Unified Approach to Processing of Metals, Ceramics and Polymers teaches students the fundamental principles involved in the processing of engineering materials, specifically metals, ceramics and polymers, from starting or raw materials through to the final functional forms. The study of materials processing is recognized as one of the four key components in the field of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), alongside structure, properties, and performance. Processing is frequently approached from a materials specific point of view with courses and books that treat only one type of engineering material. This new text covers processing of the three main classes of engineering materials, including metals, ceramics, and polymers, in a unified approach that is based on â


Modeling in Materials Processing - 2854276464

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Modeling in Materials Processing Cambridge University Press

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Mathematical modeling and computer simulation are useful tools for improving materials processing. While courses in materials processing have covered modeling, they have traditionally been devoted to one particular class of materials, that is, polymers, metals, or ceramics. This text offers a different approach, presenting an integrated treatment of metallic and non-metallic materials. The authors show that a common base of knowledge - specifically, the fundamentals of heat transfer and fluid mechanics - provides a unifying theme for these seemingly disparate areas. Emphasis is placed on understanding basic physical phenomena and knowing how to include them in a model. The book also treats selected numerical methods, showing the relationship between the physical system, analytical solution, and the numerical scheme. A wealth of practical, realistic examples are provided, as well as homework exercises. Students, and practising engineers who must deal with a wide variety of materials and processing problems, will benefit from the unified treatment presented in this book.


Thermochemical Processes - 2859275098

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Thermochemical Processes Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd

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Today the study of materials is concerned with the underlying thermodynamic and chemical processes involved in the manufacture and processing of a wide range of materials - metals, ceramics, semi-conductors, plastics and composites. For the first time, this book provides a quantitative description and examples of the application of physical chemical concepts to the processing and degradation of metallic and other inorganic materials, from the atomic scale to the analysis of industrial processes. "Thermochemical Processes: Principles and Models" deals with processes dominated in turn by the gas phase (such as chemical vapour deposition), the solid phase (such as powder metallurgy electroceramics and high-temperature corrosion) and the liquid phase (such as extraction metallurgy and glass-making). C. B. Alcock provides information which will prove invaluable to academics and workers involved in high temperature industries and in particular to those with an interest in the scientific analysis of processes - which will be most useful to those working in the field of modelling. This book is the first ever quantitative approach to the subject of Thermochemical processing. This is a companion volume to Kubachewski et al.


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