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Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics - 2826733143

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Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics MCGRAW-HILL COLLEGE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It has been 20 years since the last edition of this classic text. Kevin Wainwright, a long time user of the text (British Columbia University and Simon Fraser University), has executed the perfect revision -he has updated examples, applications and theory without changing the elegant, precise presentation style of Alpha Chiang. Readers will find the wait was worthwhile.


Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics - 2826733234

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Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics MCGRAW-HILL COLLEGE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It has been twenty years since the last edition of this classic book. Kevin Wainwright (British Columbia University and Simon Fraser University), a long time user of the text, has executed the perfect revision: he has updated examples, applications and theory without changing the elegant, precise presentation style of Alpha Chiang. Readers will find the wait was worthwhile.


Fundamental Methods Of Mathematical Economics - 2842810964

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Fundamental Methods Of Mathematical Economics

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Economics


Mathematical Methods for Physics - 2826695460

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Mathematical Methods for Physics Perseus Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This classic book helps students learn the basics in physics by bridging the gap between mathematics and the basic fundamental laws of physics. With supplemental material such as graphs and equations, Mathematical Methods for Physics creates a strong, solid anchor of learning. The text has three parts: Part I focuses on the use of special functions in solving the homogeneous partial differential equations of physics, and emphasizes applications to topics such as electrostatics, wave guides, and resonant cavities, vibrations of membranes, heat flow, potential flow in fluids, plane and spherical waves. Part II deals with the solution of inhomogeneous differential equations with particular emphasis on problems in electromagnetism, Green's functions for Poisson's equation, the wave equation and the diffusion equation, and the solution of integral equations by iteration, eigenfunction expansion and the Fredholm series. Finally, Part II explores complex variable techniques, including evalution of itegrals, dispersion relations, special functions in the complex plane, one-sided Fourier transforms, and Laplace transforms.


Mathematical Applications For The Management, Life, And Social Sciences - 2845342535

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Mathematical Applications For The Management, Life, And Social Sciences

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Mathematics & science>Mathematics>Algebra

Features A Concept-based Approach, Multiple Presentation Methods, And Relevant Applications That Keep Readers - Future Professionals In Business, Economics, Life Sciences, And Social Sciences - Engaged In The Material. This Edition Retains The Book's Real-life Context By Adding To And Updating The Substantial Number Of Applications.


Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics - 2212847827

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Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics American Institute of Physics


The aim of the Conference is to provide an overview of the "hot topics" in Applied Mathematics and to bring together young researchers and senior scientists and at the same time to create a forum for exchange of new scientific ideas. The working program of the Conference consists of invited talks, contributed papers and discussions concerning present-day scientific and educational problems. All the invited speakers, who are recognized both as eminent in their field but more importantly as stimulating speakers, presented their latest achievements. In the Conference the participation of young researchers and students is especially encouraged. The invited lectures were presented in general sessions and the contributed talks


Methods and Applications of Statistics in Business, Finance, and Management Science - 2850433361

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Methods and Applications of Statistics in Business, Finance, and Management Science Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Inspired by the Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Second Edition (ESS2e), this volume presents a concise, well-rounded focus on the statistical concepts and applications that are essential for understanding gathered data in the study of business, finance, and management science. The book successfully upholds the goals of ESS2e by combining both previously-published and newly developed contributions written by over 100 leading academics, researchers, and practitioner in a comprehensive, approachable format. The result is a succinct reference that unveils modern, cutting-edge approaches to acquiring and analyzing data across diverse subject areas within these three disciplines, including risk management, mathematical finance, economics, supply chain management, derivative pricing, and resource allocation.§In addition, techniques related to survey methodology, computational statistics, and operations research are discussed, where applicable.§Topics of coverage include:§Logistics§Decision analysis§Optimization§Simulation§Forecasting§Mathematical modeling§Data mining


Calculus: Concepts and Methods - 2826757410

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Calculus: Concepts and Methods Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The pebbles used in ancient abacuses gave their name to the calculus, which today is a fundamental tool in business, economics, engineering and the sciences. This introductory book takes readers gently from single to multivariate calculus and simple differential and difference equations. Unusually the book offers a wide range of applications in business and economics, as well as more conventional scientific examples. Ideas from univariate calculus and linear algebra are covered as needed, often from a new perspective. They are reinforced in the two-dimensional case, which is studied in detail before generalisation to higher dimensions. Although there are no theorems or formal proofs, this is a serious book in which conceptual issues are explained carefully using numerous geometric devices and a wealth of worked examples, diagrams and exercises. Mathematica has been used to generate many beautiful and accurate, full-colour illustrations to help students visualise complex mathematical objects. This adds to the accessibility of the text, which will appeal to a wide audience among students of mathematics, economics and science.


Calculus for Business Economics & the Social & Life Sciences - 2212840223

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Calculus for Business Economics & the Social & Life Sciences McGraw-Hill


Just-in-Time Algebra Review: A new feature in this edition are algebra "boxes" in the margin that remind students of key facts and procedures, such as the quadratic formula, at the point in the material that such procedures will be useful. For students needing additional work on algebra topics, an extensive algebra review is included in an appendix. This appendix includes worked examples and applied practice problems for the student. Students are advised throughout the text when it might be appropriate to consult this material. |Focused Topic Coverage: The focus of the text has been sharpened by eliminating topics not covered in many courses. Chapter 8, Sequences and Series, and Chapter 9, Trigonometric Functions, of the sixth edition have been removed from the seventh edition.|Realistic Examples: Each topic in the textbook is motivated by realistic worked examples. Many new practical examples have been added to the Seventh Edition, and many existing examples have been modified throughout the text. In particular, examples introducing key topics such as the limit, the derivative, and the integral have been carefully rewritten with an eye toward realism.|NetTutor: Now, let your students access real-time math tutoring on-line! NetTutor is a revolutionary new web-based learning environment for the live dissemination of mathematical content. NetTutor offers your students live, personalized tutoring via the internet. Using NetTutorĹźs powerful WWWhiteboard software, students can post a question and receive prompt feedback from an expert in their subject -- often in real time. The WWWhiteboard allows students and tutors to use proper mathematical notation as well as other highlighting features - truly making this a unique learning experience. Students may also post questions to the Q&A Center and receive a reply within 24 hours. Visiting the Message Center allows students to discuss difficult concepts among themselves, while the Archive Center provides a browseable list of questions and answers maintained by the subject tutor. NetTutor is FREE and an invaluable aid for all students: it's the study partner who always has the answer.|Applications: Solving applied problems is the core focus of an applied calculus course. The authors believe that topics should be applied to practical problems very soon after they are introduced, and a strong attempt has been made to put this belief into effect in the eighth edition. methods are provided for dealing both with both routine computations and practical problems. These problem-solving methods and strategies are introduced in examples and are followed by both end of section exercises and extensive set of review problems at the end of each chapter. All concepts covered in the text are applied to a variety of practical situations from business and economics and the social, managerial, environmental, and life sciences. For easy reference, an applications index is also provided.|Referenced Examples and Exercises: Every chapter includes a number of referenced examples and problems that are based on journal articles or information found in texts. Some of these problems are routine and others challenging, but all are tied to issues of practical interest relating mathematics to the real world. |Exercises: Always a recognized strength in earlier editions, this text provides students with ample opportunities to practice problem-solving strategies. All exercise sets are carefully graded so that the more routine exercises are placed first in the exercise set, followed by more challenging exercises and applications. Exercise sets follow each section, and Review Exercises follow each chapter. |Writing Exercises: Every exercise set includes writing problems, delineated by an icon, that are related to issues raised in the examples and exercises. These problems ask students to communicate about mathematics using words, not just symbols. Additionally, they challenge students' critical thinking skills and invite them to research topics on their own. Usually, there is no set answer to these problems, and individual responses may vary. |Definitions: Key concepts and definitions are set off in shaded boxes for easy referencing by the student|Think About It Essays: Each chapter ends with an essay designed to introduce modeling procedures based on referenced journal articles. These essays provide background information on an applied situation and then invite students to answer a series of "bite-sized" questions culminating in a question of some importance in the social, managerial, or biological sciences. In this way, students are introduced to ideas and methods that might otherwise be beyond the scope of the text. Answers to these problems are found in the Instructor's Manual. |Technology: The use of technology in conjunction with this text is entirely optional. In the Seventh Edition of the text, Explore! boxes were introduced to guide students in the use of graphing utilities to study the concepts and procedures of calculus. These Explore! boxes have been extensively revised in this edition, and new explorations included. Additionally, each chapter ends with an Explore! Update, which contains hints for using a graphing utility and solutions to selected Explore! box exercise. Each problem set also includes numerous problems involving the use of a calculator that are denoted by a calculator icon.


Applied Statistics in Business & Economics with St CDRom - 2212829662

206,00 zł

Applied Statistics in Business & Economics with St CDRom McGraw-Hill


This new text offers an Excel focused approach to using statistics in business. All statistical concepts are illustrated with applied examples immediately upon introduction. Modern computing tools and applications are introduced, and the text maintains a strong focus on presenting statistical concepts as applied in business --as opposed to providing programming methods used to find a mathematical solution. Interpretation is heavily emphasized, enabling students to take full advantage of Excel to develop and drive problem-solving skills.Applied Statistics in Business and Economics covers all the basic topics in the standard Business Statistics course, both undergraduate and MBA, using real and realistic data sets and modern technology. Benefit : Students are studying statistics in the same 'environment' in which they can apply it. Visual Statistics, Learning Stats, and MegaStat are integrated within the text and included in the package. Benefit : Because the text package supports these more practical applications of statistics, instructors can -at their option, provide an enriched selection of topics, without math and theory holding the class back. Examples, minicases, exercies are almost completely from published research or real applications. Two key example data sets are a health care management data and a midwest bank collection on Automated teller machines. Benefit : The complete selection of examples and application mirror the current business environment. Students using this text are quite likely to be involved immediately in analysis very much like those used in the text. Exercises are included both at the end of sections, and at the ends of chapters. There are plenty of examples within the chapters, and virtually all of these are available in a technology form on CD. The exercises often include 'encouragement' of experimentation and alternative analysis. Benefit : Because the text and exercises are integrated with techology, this more realistic approach provides students with a better understanding of the applicability of statistics, and more experience in 'doing' analysis. Though nearly 800 pages in length- the text is concise in it's treatment. Much of the length is due to the high frequency of graphic illustrations and instructional screen shots of Excel and MegaStat for Excel. The text is decidedly non-mathematical- in both 'look and feel' and in substance. All but the simplest proofs and derivations are eliminated. Benefit : Students who are frightened or intimidated by mathematics or by technical notation in textbooks will not have that reaction to this text. The text integrates many real world data sets, including two large sets featuring health care management and banking/financial data. Benefit : Many texts use real world material from previously published popular press sources, and many use manufacturing, marketing, and economic data. Doane's use of data, particularly these two original data sets, more accurately matches the state of industry today, with health care and financial services assuming a much larger role. The treatment of confidence intervals and inference emphasizes proportions because they are more important in business applications. The text also thoroughly integrates p-value interpretations of all tests. Benefit : Students have a modern treatment, appropriate with the prevailing application of technology in statistics today. Hypothesis Testing chapters and all examples are presented following a consistent five step format Benefit : This approach helps students develop a logical and consistent approach in their analysis and understanding of inference.


Applied Computational Economics and Finance - 2826681879

319,86 zł

Applied Computational Economics and Finance MIT Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book presents a variety of computational methods used to solve dynamic problems in economics and finance. It emphasizes practical numerical methods rather than mathematical proofs and focuses on techniques that apply directly to economic analyses. The examples are drawn from a wide range of subspecialties of economics and finance, with particular emphasis on problems in agricultural and resource economics, macroeconomics, and finance. The book also provides an extensive Web-site library of computer utilities and demonstration programs.The book is divided into two parts. The first part develops basic numerical methods, including linear and nonlinear equation methods, complementarity methods, finite-dimensional optimization, numerical integration and differentiation, and function approximation. The second part presents methods for solving dynamic stochastic models in economics and finance, including dynamic programming, rational expectations, and arbitrage pricing models in discrete and continuous time. The book uses MATLAB to illustrate the algorithms and includes a utilities toolbox to help readers develop their own computational economics applications.


Mathematics for Economics and Finance - 2847098584

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Mathematics for Economics and Finance Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Mathematics has become indispensable in the modelling of economics, finance, business and management. Without expecting any particular background of the reader, this book covers the following mathematical topics, with frequent reference to applications in economics and finance: functions, graphs and equations, recurrences (difference equations), differentiation, exponentials and logarithms, optimisation, partial differentiation, optimisation in several variables, vectors and matrices, linear equations, Lagrange multipliers, integration, first-order and second-order differential equations. The stress is on the relation of maths to economics, and this is illustrated with copious examples and exercises to foster depth of understanding. Each chapter has three parts: the main text, a section of further worked examples and a summary of the chapter together with a selection of problems for the reader to attempt. For students of economics, mathematics, or both, this book provides an introduction to mathematical methods in economics and finance that will be welcomed for its clarity and breadth.


Mathematical Modeling - 2826709597

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Mathematical Modeling Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book contains review articles and original results in problems and methods of mathematical simulation and their applications in various fields. The articles included are based on the reports that were presented at the Fourth International Mathematical Modeling Conference (Moscow, Russia, June 27 - July 1, 2000). The book is intended for specialists, as well as for post-graduates and students in the areas of mathematical modeling, algorithms and computational theory, mathematical physics, discrete mathematics, physics, physical chemistry, transfer theory, and economics.


Selected Papers in Logic and Foundations, Didactics, Economics, 1 - 2826831873

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Selected Papers in Logic and Foundations, Didactics, Economics, 1 Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume brings together those papers of mine which may be of interest not only to various specialists but also to philosophers. Many of my writings in mathematics were motivated by epistemological considerations; some papers originated in the critique of certain views that at one time dominated the discussions of the Vienna Cirele; others grew out of problems in teaching fundamental ideas of mathematics; sti II others were occasioned by personal relations with economists. Hence a wide range of subjects will be discussed: epistemology, logic, basic concepts of pure and applied mathematics, philosophical ideas resulting from geometric studies, mathematical didactics and, finally, economics. The papers also span a period of more than fifty years. What unifies the various parts of the book is the spirit of searching for the elarification of basic concepts and methods and of articulating hidden ideas and tacit procedures. Part 1 ineludes papers published about 1930 which expound an idea that Carnap, after a short period of opposition in the Cirele, fully adopted ; and, under the name "Princip/e of To/erance", he eloquently formulated it in great generality in his book, Logica/ Syntax of Language (1934), through which it was widely disseminated. "The New Logic" in Chapter 1 furthermore ineludes the first report (I932) to a larger public of Godel's epochal discovery presented among the great logic results of ali time. Chapter 2 is a translation of an often quoted 1930 paper presenting a detailed exposition and critique of intuitionism.


Fractional Calculus Models and Numerical Methods - 2826917676

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Fractional Calculus Models and Numerical Methods World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The subject of fractional calculus and its applications (that is, convolution-type pseudo-differential operators including integrals and derivatives of any arbitrary real or complex order) has gained considerable popularity and importance during the past three decades or so, mainly due to its applications in diverse fields of science and engineering. These operators have been used to model problems with anomalous dynamics, however, they also are an effective tool as filters and controllers, and they can be applied to write complicated functions in terms of fractional integrals or derivatives of elementary functions, and so on. This book will give readers the possibility of finding very important mathematical tools for working with fractional models and solving fractional differential equations, such as a generalization of Stirling numbers in the framework of fractional calculus and a set of efficient numerical methods. Moreover, we will introduce some applied topics, in particular fractional variational methods which are used in physics, engineering or economics. We will also discuss the relationship between semi-Markov continuous-time random walks and the space-time fractional diffusion equation, which generalizes the usual theory relating random walks to the diffusion equation. These methods can be applied in finance, to model tick-by-tick (log)-price fluctuations, in insurance theory, to study ruin, as well as in macroeconomics as prototypical growth models. All these topics are complementary to what is dealt with in existing books on fractional calculus and its applications currently existing in the market. This book will be written with a trade-off in mind between full mathematical rigor and the needs of readers coming from different applied areas of science and engineering. In particular, the numerical methods listed in the book are presented in a readily accessible way that immediately allows the readers to implement them on a computer in a programming language of their choice.


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