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Seeing Gertrude Stein - 2826827369

214,72 zł

Seeing Gertrude Stein UNIVERSITY PRESSES

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Gertrude Stein is justly famous for her modernist writings and her patronage of vanguard painters (most notably Matisse and Picasso) in Paris before the First World War. "Seeing Gertrude Stein," the companion book to an exhibition of the same name, illuminates less familiar aspects of her life. Wanda M. Corn and Tirza True Latimer analyze the portraits for which Stein posed, the domestic settings she created with Alice B. Toklas, her partner, and the signature styles of dress the two women adopted. Corn and Latimer also explore Stein's engagement with multiple art forms and the bonds she formed with younger artists. Focusing on portraits in a range of media, photo essays, press clippings, snapshots, clothing, furniture, and other visual artifacts, this pathbreaking study reveals Stein's sophistication in shaping her public image and cultural legacy. Lavishly illustrated throughout, these 'five stories' represent Stein's life on a human scale while tracing her influence on a wide variety of visual artists of her own and subsequent generations.


Life with Picasso - 2826708014

55,52 zł

Life with Picasso ORBIT

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Francoise Gilot was a young painter in Pasis when she first met Picasso - he was sixty-two and she was twenty-one. During the following ten years they were lovers, worked closely together and she became mother to two of his children, Claude and Paloma. LIFE WITH PICASSO, her account of those extraordinary years, is filled with intimate and astonishing revelations about the man, his work, his thoughts and his friends - Matisse, Braque, Gertrude Stein and Giacometti among others. Francois Gilot paints a compelling portrait of her turbulent life with the temperamental genius that was Picasso. She is a superb witness to Picasso as an artist and to his views on art...


Portraits of the 20th Century Self - 2837114257

159,20 zł

Portraits of the 20th Century Self Peter Lang GmbH

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Building on previous comparisons between Gertrude Stein's literary work and early modernist artwork, this interartistic study offers an in-depth examination of the structural and conceptual connections between Stein's literary portraits and portraits created by Cézanne, Matisse and Picasso. These portraits reveal a continuing search for a means of portraying the Self, an incessant questioning of the Self - both in terms of identity and entity - and a relentless reflection on creating the Self anew in art. In the process of searching, Stein, Cézanne, Matisse and Picasso came to create portraits of the 20th century Self.


Twilight of the Belle Epoque - 2827033773

136,32 zł

Twilight of the Belle Epoque Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Mary McAuliffe's Dawn of the Belle Epoque took the reader from the multiple disasters of 1870-1871 through the extraordinary re-emergence of Paris as the cultural center of the Western world. Now, in Twilight of the Belle Epoque, McAuliffe portrays Paris in full flower at the turn of the twentieth century, where creative dynamos such as Picasso, Matisse, Stravinsky, Debussy, Ravel, Proust, Marie Curie, Gertrude Stein, Jean Cocteau, and Isadora Duncan set their respective circles on fire with a barrage of revolutionary visions and discoveries. Such dramatic breakthroughs were not limited to the arts or sciences, as innovators and entrepreneurs such as Louis Renault, Andre Citroen, Paul Poiret, Francois Coty, and so many others-including those magnificent men and women in their flying machines-emphatically demonstrated. But all was not well in this world, remembered in hindsight as a golden age, and wrenching struggles between Church and state as well as between haves and have-nots shadowed these years, underscored by the ever-more-ominous drumbeat of the approaching Great War-a cataclysm that would test the mettle of the City of Light, even as it brutally brought the Belle Epoque to its close. Through rich illustrations and evocative narrative, McAuliffe brings this remarkable era from 1900 through World War I to vibrant life.


Vintage Postcards from Vanity Fair - 2826626996

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Vintage Postcards from Vanity Fair Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Vanity Fair" - A Tale of Sophistication. In 1913, publisher Conde Nast launched "Vanity Fair", a magazine that would celebrate the culture, politics, lifestyle and humour of the world's 'smart set'. In the publication's mission statement, editor Frank Crowninshield clearly revelled in that world: 'Young men and young women, full of courage, originality, and genius, are everywhere to be met with'. The magazine discovered or lent invaluable support to such varied names as Dorothy Parker, E. E. Cummings, Noel Coward, Gertrude Stein, P. G. Wodehouse, Cecil Beaton and Man Ray, and frequently reproduced works by the likes of Matisse and Picasso long before anyone in the mainstream press would dare. "Vanity Fair's" famous philosophy of mixing up classes, races and sexes - as long as they were innovative, gorgeous or talented - was reflected in the dazzling and elegant magazine covers from such hugely influential designers as Paolo Garretto, William Cotton and Eduardo Garcia Benito. These covers are now a memorial to a world of glamour and excitement, gone - but not forgotten. It is selected by Graydon Carter.


Self Portrait - 2826718775

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Self Portrait Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this remarkable autobiography, Man Ray - painter, photographer, sculptor, film maker and writer - relates the story of his life, from his childhood determination to be an artist and his technical drawing classes in a Brooklyn high school, to the glamorous and heady days of Paris in the 1940s, when any trip to the city 'was not complete until they had been "done" by Man Ray's camera'. Friend to everyone who was anyone, Ray tells everything he knows of artists, socialites and writers such as Matisse, Hemingway, Picasso and Joyce, not to mention Lee Miller, Nancy Cunard, Alberto Giacometti, Gertrude Stein, Dali, Max Ernst and many more, in this decadent, sensational account of the early twentieth-century cultural world.


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