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Guatemala TSK 3e Lonely Planet Publications

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Discover Guatemala Get up early to explore the kaleidoscope of colors and incense-clouded chaos of the Chichicastenango market, p. 150 Worship the sun - just like the ancients did - atop Tikal's towering Mayan pyramids, p.288 Pay reverence to a cigar-smoking, rum-swigging saint in the traditional village of Santiago Atitlan, p.137 Learn to roll your RRRRRRRs like a local in the world-famous language schools of Antigua, p.106 In This Guide: Resident author brings you to the seldom-visited towns of the highlands, lowlands, rivers and coasts - 55 detailed maps will keep you on track. Specialist-written Ancient Mayan Culture chapter explores the myths and mystery of this enigmatic people. And - since you asked for it - we've incorporated more cultural coverage than any other guidebook.


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