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Yoga for Meditators - 2826656615

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Yoga for Meditators Rodmell Press

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Charlotte Bell, author of Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life, has blended the practices of yoga and meditation since 1986. In her new book, Yoga for Meditators, she writes, "Asana practice, by its very nature, is about preparing the body for meditation. So a book on yoga for meditators may seem redundant. All yoga is for meditators, after all. Still, there are poses that I have found to be optimal in addressing the specific physical challenges that arise during meditation, and it is in this spirit that I offer the practices in this book." Divided into four parts, the book offers practices that are designed for beginning and seasoned practitioners: * Taking a Seat: Steady and Comfortable -- addresses the most common physical issues that can cause discomfort during sitting in meditation. * Yoga Poses for Sitting Meditation -- outlines asanas to guide you to a more easeful practice. Whether you practice vipassana, Zen, Transcendental, kriya, or any other kind of sitting meditation, these poses will help you collect the mind, awaken the spine, relax the base, soften the shoulders, and quiet the body-mind. * Practicing Yoga -- uses the asanas from part two to create sequences for calming agitation, increasing energy, opening the hips, relieving stress, easing the lower back, and during the moon cycle. * Alternate Meditation Postures -- discusses the other traditional meditation positions -- walking, standing, and lying -- with ways to settle into each. "The silent, peaceful mind is our birthright; it lives inside us all," Charlotte writes. "Our minds and bodies are interwoven. When the body is at ease, the mind has a much easier time settling into silence. May your asana and meditation practices uncover the peace that already lives within."


Mindful London - 2854321828

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Mindful London Virgin Books

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Mindful London invites you to slow down, wake up and be present to the everyday in a more meaningful way, in one of the world's greatest cities. For Londoners and visitors looking to enhance their experience of the city, and for those curious about mindfulness, this is your essential guide. It features quiet and peaceful places to retreat to in the middle of the chaos, from the silence and sanctuary of libraries, museums and churches to the rejuvenating influence of nature found in London's myriad green spaces and waterways. It includes suggestions for things to do that will help you de-stress and re-energise, from yoga and tai chi to wild swimming and other more restorative forms of exercise, to mindful ways to appreciate London's architecture, art and music, as well as the city's more informal sights and sounds. However, mindfulness is really all about being more present, awake and aware in all elements of our daily lives. At the core of this book you will find simple mindfulness exercises, reflections and reminders that are easy to incorporate into your busy day: on the Tube, bus or walking to work, while eating a quick lunch, working out at the gym, waiting in a queue or at the red light. Mindful London is the secret to living a more balanced life in the big city. Features: the best green spaces, waterways and wildlife, and the importance of nature to mindful city living; how to take a fresh look at art and notice the city's everyday architectural details; exercises for mindful commuting, whether you are on the bus, the train or walking to work; peaceful interiors, hideaways and sanctuaries; mindful listening, from music to the sounds of the city; Yoga, tai chi, mindful running, wild swimming and other forms of mindful movement; and practical mindfulness techniques to try throughout and a guide to mindfulness and meditation centres, groups, events and courses.


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