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Neil Anderson comes from a humble farming background. No one suspected that this fun-loving, athletic child would complete five degrees, author or co-author sixty books and found a global ministry. Neil served in the US Navy, then graduated in electrical engineering and worked as an aerospace engineer before sensing a call to ministry. He spent years as a church pastor and seminary professor before starting Freedom in Christ Ministries. "God put a burden on my heart to see captives set free and their emotional wounds healed," he writes. "But my early education was steeped in western rationalism. It has taken me years to discover the reality of the spiritual world, and learn to be guided by the Holy Spirit." Freedom in Christ Ministries equips the church to help people become fully alive, and free in Christ. "So many counselors deal only with symptoms, but Neil helps us find healing. His memoirs show that he did not write from an ivory tower, but from the context of his own participation in the battle in which we are all engaged." - Dr. Timothy Warner, Former Director of Professional Doctoral Programs, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School "Inspiring and challenging. Neil's rediscovery of these biblical truths - of truth encounter, and of our identity in Christ - has changed and liberated countless lives, and transformed my perspective and my practice of spiritual warfare ministry. You will be enlightened and blessed by Neil's story." - Dr. Paul L. King, Associate Professor at Oral Roberts University "Praise God for Neil Anderson's contribution to the Christian church, and for his awesome ministry." - Dr. Elmer L. Towns , Co-Founder and Vice President, Liberty University "This book is a jewel. We catch a glimpse of the man behind the movement, and praise God for the remarkable fruit." - Chuck Mylander, EFM Director


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