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Men Of The Bible, Some Lesser Known Characters - 2849954711

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Men Of The Bible, Some Lesser Known Characters

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Jerome and His Women - 2835277653

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Jerome and His Women Black Quill Press

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The events in this book take place in Ancient Rome at the end of the fourth century, between the years 382 and 385 AD - a short, but critical, timespan in the history of Western civilisation. It was crunch time for the Roman Empire, long racked by internal riots and external threats, particularly from the Germanic tribes to the north. Christianity had developed from a splinter group of Judaism in Roman-occupied Jerusalem into a widespread movement with its own beliefs and rituals which brought it into direct confrontation with the existing social order. The old gods, with their power to unify their subjects, were being replaced by a new and very different God - one available to all, independent of status. While many of the older generation remained faithful to the pagan gods, others were drawn to Christianity and, in worhipping a new God, weakened their allegiance to the Empire. In short, if you worshipped Christ, you could not also worship the Emperor. For the Roman Empire, therefore, the political ramifications of the spread of Christianity were dire. Persecution - that time-honoured recipe of governments the world over to opposition - hadn't worked either, as the conversion of the Emperor Constantine himself to Christianity in 312 AD had demonstrated. Was the spread of Christianity the straw that broke the back of the Roman Empire? Many - most famously, the historian Edward Gibbon - argue that it was; at the very least, most agree that it played a critical role in its eventual collapse. But without recourse to a single authoritative text, would Christian leaders have secured their religion's supremacy in the West? Probably not. It was Damasus I who, in commissioning Jerome to translate the Bible into a single definitive Latin version, accessible to all bequeathed to Christianity the perfect means by which to spread its influence and consolidate its authority. In so doing, he firmly established Rome as the centre of Christianity. It was a political masterstroke, the inspiration of which might elude us in our modern era of digital communication. This book is, therefore, amongst other things, a tribute to that master statesman Damasus I, as well as one of history's greatest, albeit most controversial, scholars, Saint Jerome. It is also a tribute to certain women of Late Antiquity who were often scholars in their own right and risked everything they had to adopt the ascetic life - an ideal almost unimaginable in today's age of celebrated secularity, individuality and hedonism. First and foremost among these women is, of course, Paula. The main characters are all historical figures - from Damasus, Jerome and Paula down to Toxotius, Hymetius and Praetextata. Those people who figure significantly are expanded upon in the glossary of names at the end of the book. Some lesser characters are my creations, primarily Aetius and Bassus, who I felt could well have existed. In an effort to recreate the spirit of this distant age, I have tried to bring them all to life imaginatively, drawing on knowledge of the times where possible, and reasonable inference where it was not. I have tried to convey a sense of the heady excitement attached to the theological debates of the day, and the rigorous scholarship underpinning them. As in Ancient Greece, the skills of rhetoric and argument were highly regarded, and matters such as the freedom of the soul and the nature of free will were debated and length and could divide men as easily as bringing them together. Central to the whole story is the relationship between Jerome and Paula, a much-speculated subject even in their day. Intimacy th


High Lonesome - 2848997536

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High Lonesome

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This Hefty Collection, Featuring 10 New Pieces Along With Stories Culled From Four Decades, Further Establishes The Prolific And Wide-ranging Oates As A Gifted Chronicler Of American Culture. The Theme Of Girls And Women Preyed Upon By Violent Men Appears Repeatedly, As In The Much-anthologized Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? (1970) But Also In Lesser-known Pieces Like Small Avalanches (1974), Which Turns The Tables, As A 13-year-old Girl, Nimble And Laughing, Evades A Middle-aged, Panting Lech On A Deserted Path. Several Stories Feature Characters Whose Mental Instabilities Lead To Violence, As In Last Days (1984), In Which A Brilliant, Manic College Student With A Messiah Complex Assassinates A Rabbi, Then Turns The Gun On Himself. Though Oates's World Is Often Ugly, She Also Displays A More Fanciful (if Still Creepy) Impulse; The Recent Piece Fat Man My Love Finds Actress Pippi (indubitably Tippi Hedren) Puzzling Over The Director (an Unnamed Hitchcock) Who Both Created And Ruined Her Career. While The Lurid Events Of Some Stories Have A Ripped-from-the-headlines Feel, Oates Is Never Merely Sensational, Tracking Hidden Motives And Emotions With A Sharp Eye For Psychological Detail-everything Conveyed In Lucid, Rhythmic Prose. However Much Is Made Of Her Prodigious Output, It's The Consistent Quality Of The Work That Lifts Oates Into The Literary Pantheon.


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