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Letters from a Life: The Selected Letters of Benjamin Britten, 1913-1976 - 2854272760

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Letters from a Life: The Selected Letters of Benjamin Britten, 1913-1976 BOYDELL PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The fifth volume of the annotated selected letters of Benjamin Britten - edited by Philip Reed and Mervyn Cooke - covers the years 1958-65, during which he wrote two major operatic works, A Midsummer Night's Dream and the ground-breaking Curlew River, and his pacifist choral masterpiece, War Requiem. Other significant compositions from the period include the orchestral song-cycle Nocturne, the first of the cello pieces for Rostropovich, and settings of poems by Blake and Pushkin. Correspondents include friends, fellow artists and collaborators such as William Plomer (librettist of Curlew River), Edith Sitwell, E. M. Forster, Christopher Isherwood, Robert Graves, the Earl of Harewood, Yehudi Menuhin, Mstislav Rostropovich, Galina Vishnevskaya, Dmitri Shostakovich, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Barbara Hepworth and Duncan Grant, as well as Britten's partner and principal interpreter, Peter Pears. The volume charts the peak of Britten's position as one of the leading figures of the international musical establishment as composer, conductor and pianist, and his continuing involvement with the Aldeburgh Festival and the English Opera Group. The deterioration in Britten's relationship with Boosey & Hawkes, his publishers since the mid-1930s, is closely documented, as is the founding, at the composer's instigation, of the new publishing house of Faber Music in 1964. Central to the period is the composer's warm friendship with musicians from the Soviet Union, and Britten and Pears's visits to Moscow, Leningrad and Armenia are charted in detail. Published in association with The Britten-Pears Foundation.


Glenn Gould - 2859239345

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Glenn Gould Firefly Books Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In 1955, at the age of 23, pianist Glenn Gould burst onto the world stage with his inspired recording of Bach's "Goldberg Variations." His dynamic virtuosity and passionate artistry inspired millions, and he spent the next nine years as a star on the international concert circuit. In 1964 he announced that he was retiring from live performance, and he devoted the rest of his life to recording and documentaries. Glenn Gould: A Life in Pictures is the first photographic treatment of the life of one of the greatest and most fascinating musicians of our time. This collection of more than 200 images includes a treasure trove of family pictures from the Glenn Gould Estate and rare photos from the CBC archives, Sony Classical and the National Library of Canada. The foreword by Yo-Yo Ma and the introduction by music critic Tim Page provide an insightful overview of Gould's life and art. Extensive captions by the estate's literary adviser and quotations from Gould himself and other luminaries, such as Leonard Bernstein, Yehudi Menuhin, Leopold Stokowski and Leonard Rose, appear throughout the book. The result is a lively portrait of a creative genius.


Bela Bartok - 2854357197

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This deeply researched biography of Bela Bartok (1881-1945) provides a more comprehensive view of the innovative Hungarian musician than ever before. David Cooper traces Bartok's international career as an ardent ethno-musicologist and composer, teacher, and pianist, while also providing a detailed discussion of most of his works. Further, the author explores how Europe's political and cultural tumult affected Bartok's work, travel, and reluctant emigration to the safety of America in his final years. Cooper illuminates Bartok's personal life and relationships, while also expanding what is known about the influence of other musicians-Richard Strauss, Zoltan Kodaly, and Yehudi Menuhin, among many others. The author also looks closely at some of the composer's actions and behaviors which may have been manifestations of Asperger syndrome. The book, in short, is a consummate biography of an internationally admired musician.


Portrait - 2839374635

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Portrait Document Records


1. Menuhin, Yehudi - Konzert Fuer Violine Und Streich 2. 1. Allegro Molto 3. 2. Andante Non Troppo 4. 3. Allegro 5. Heifetz, Jascha - Konzert Fuer Violine Und Orchest 6. 1. Allegro Molto Appassionato 7. 2. Andante 8. 3. Allegro Non Troppo - Allegro Molto Vivace 101. Ormandy, Eugene - Konzert Fuer Klavier Und Orchest 102. 1. Molto Allegro Con Fuoco 103. 2. Andante 104. 3. Presto: Molto Allegro E Vivace 105. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Sinfonie Nr. 3 A-mo 106. 1. Andante Con Moto: Allegro Un Poco Agitato 107. 2. Vivace Non Troppo 108. 3. Adagio 109. 4. Allegro Vivacissimo: Allegro Maestoso Assai 201. Boston Symphony Orchestra - Sinfonie Nr. 4 A-dur O 202. 1. Allegro Vivace 203. 2. Andante Con Moto 204. 3. Con Moto Moderato 205. 4. Sartarello: Presto 206. Boston Symphony Orchestra - Sinfonie Nr. 5 D-dur O 207. 1. Andante: Allegro Con Fuoco 208. 2. Allegro Vivace 209. 3. Andante 210. Andante Con Moto (Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser Gott): 301. Berliner Philharmoniker - Ein Sommernachtstraum (O 302. Ouvertuere: Allegro Di Molto 303. Scherzo: Allegro Vivace 304. L'istesso Tempo: Allegro Vivace 305. Lied Mit Chor: Allegro Ma Non Troppo 306. Intermezzo: Allegro Appassionato 307. Nocturen: Con Moto Tranquillo 308. Hochzeitsmarsch: Allegro Vivace 309. Ein Tanz Von Ruepeln: Allegro Di Molto 310. Finale: Allegro Di Molto 401. Dinnerstein, Simone - Sonate Fuer Violoncello Und 402. 1. Allegro Vivace 403. 2. Andante 404. 3. Allegro Assai 405. Dinnerstein, Simone - Sonate Fuer Violoncello Und 406. 1. Allegro Assai Vivace 407. 2. Allegretto Scherzando 408. 3. Adagio 409. 4. Molto Allegro E Vivace 501. Dinnerstein, Simone - Variationen Op. 17 (Variatio 502. Knuschevitski, Sviatoslav - Trio Fuer Klavier, Vio 503. 1. Allegro Energico E Con Fuoco 504. 2. Andante Espressivo 505. 3. Scherzo: Molto Allegro Quasi Presto 506. 4. Finale: Allegro Appassionato 507. Budapester Streichquartett - Streichquartett Nr. 1 508. 1. Adagio Non Troppo - Allegro Non Tardante 509. 2. Canzonetta: Allegro Piu Mosso 510. 3. Andante Espressivo 511. 4. Molto Allegro E Vivace 601. O'hara, Ronan - Lieder Ohne Worte Op. 19 Nr. 1-6 ( 602. Nr. 1 603. Nr. 3 604. O'hara, Ronan - Lieder Ohne Worte Op. 30 Nr. 1-6 ( 605. Nr. 1 606. Nr. 2 607. O'hara, Ronan - Lieder Ohne Worte Op. 38 Nr. 1-6 ( 608. Nr. 1 609. Nr. 6 610. O'hara, Ronan - Lieder Ohne Worte Op. 53 Nr. 1-6 ( 611. Nr. 1 612. Nr. 5 613. O'hara, Ronan - Lieder Ohne Worte Op. 62 Nr. 1-6 ( 614. Nr. 5 615. O'hara, Ronan - Lieder Ohne Worte Op. 67 Nr. 1-6 ( 616. Nr. 2 617. O'hara, Ronan - Lieder Ohne Worte Op. 85 Nr. 1-6 ( 618. Nr. 4 619. O'hara, Ronan - Lieder Ohne Worte Op. 102 Nr. 1-6 620. Nr. 1 621. Nr. 3 622. Nr. 6 623. Rubinstein, Arthur - Lieder Ohne Worte Op. 67 Nr. 624. Nr. 4 625. Horowitz, Wladimir - Variationen D-moll Op. 54 (Va 626. Andante Sostenuto 627. Variation 1: (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 628. Variation 2: Un Poco Piu Animato 629. Variation 3: Piu Animato 630. Variation 4: Sempre Staccato E Leggero 631. Variation 5: Agitato 632. Variation 6: A Tempo 633. Variation 7: Con Fuoco 634. Variation 8: Allegro Vivace 635. Variation 9: (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 636. Variation 10: Moderato 637. Variation 11: Cantabile 638. Variation 12: Tempo Di Tema 639. Variation 13: Sempre Assai Leggero 640. Variation14: Adagio 641. Variation 15: Poco A Poco Piu Agitato 642. Variation 16: Allegro Vivace 643. Variation 17: (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 644. Presto 645. Serkin, Rudolf - Indroduzione E Rondo Capriccioso 646. 1. Andante 647. 2. Rondo 701. Baillie, Isobel - Elias Op. 70 (Oratorium) (Gesamt 702. Arie: As God The Lord Of Israel Liveth (1. Teil) 703. Chor: Help, Lord! Wilt Though Quite Destroy Us? 704. Chor: Lord! Bow Thine Ear To Our Prayer! 705. Rezitativ: Ye People, Rend Your Hearts - Arie: If 706. Chor: Yet Doth The Lord See It Not 707. Rezitativ: Elijah! Get Thee Hence - For He Shall G 708. Rezitativ: What Have I To Do With Thee 709. Chor: Blessed Are The Men Who Fear Him 710. Rezitativ Und Chor: As God The Lord Of Sabaoth Liv 711. Chor: Baal, We Cry To Thee: Hear & Answer Us! - 712. Arie: Lord God Of Abraham, Isaac & Israel! 713. Quartett: Cast Thy Burden Upon The Lord 714. Rezitativ Und Chor: O Though, Who Makest Thine Ang 715. Arie: Is Not His Word Like A Fire? 716. Arioso: Woe Unto Them Who Foresake Him! 717. Rezitativ Und Chor: O Man Of God, Help Thy People! 718. Chor: Thanks Be To God! 801. Arie: Hear Ye, Israel; Hear What The Lord Speaketh 802. Chor: Be Not Afraid, Saith God The Lord 803. Rezitativ Und Chor: The Lord Hath Exalted Thee 804. Chor: Woe To Him, He Shall Perish 805. Rezitativ: Man Of God, Now Let My Words Be Preciou 806. Arie: It Is Enough; O Lord, Now Take My Life Away 807. Chor: Lift Thine Eyes To The Mountains 808. Chor: He, Watching Over Israel, Slumbers Not Nor S 809. Rezitativ: Arise, Elijah, For Thou Hast A Long Jou 810. Arie: O Rest In The Lord 811. Chor: He That Shall Endure To The End Shall Be Sav 812. Rezitativ: Night Falleth Round Me, O Lord! 813. Chor: Behold! God The Lord Passed By! 814. Rezitativ: Above Him Stood The Seraphim; Holy, Hol 815. Rezitativ: I Go On My Way In The Sight Of The Lord 816. Arioso: For The Mountains Shall Depart 817. Chor: Then Did Elijah The Prophet Break Forth 818. Arie: Then Shall The Righteous Shine Forth 819. Quartett: O Come Every One That Thirsteth 820. Chor: & Then Shall Your Light Break Forth 901. Spang-hassen, Ulrik - Praeludium Fuer Orgel D-moll 902. Spang-hassen, Ulrik - Fuge Fuer Orgel D-moll (O. O 903. Spang-hassen, Ulrik - Praeludium Und Fuge C-moll O 904. 1. Praeludium 905. 2. Fuge 906. Spang-hassen, Ulrik - Praeludium Und Fuge G-dur Op 907. 1. Praeludium 908. 2. Fuge 909. Spang-hassen, Ulrik - Thema Und Variationen D-dur 910. Spang-hassen, Ulrik - Allegro, Choral Und Fuge D-m 911. Spang-hassen, Ulrik - Sonate Fuer Orgel F-moll Op. 912. 1. Allegro Moderato E Serioso 913. 2. Adagio 914. 3. Andante Recitativo 915. 4. Allegro Assai Vivace 916. Spang-hassen, Ulrik - Sonate Fuer Orgel B-dur Op. 917. 1. Allegro Con Brio 918. 2. Andante Religioso 919. 3. Allegretto 920. 4. Allegro Maestoso E Vivace


Musicians Gallery - 2854249095

69,80 zł

Musicians Gallery Elliott and Thompson

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From Leonard Bernstein to Benjamin Britten, Andre Previn and Igor Stravinsky, Edward Greenfield had the privilege of getting to know some of the 20th century's greatest composers, conductors and performers. His lifelong career as a music critic for the Guardian and Gramophone has taken him around the world and left him with an endless source of fascinating material. Here for the first time he has brought together a lifetime of memories in this absorbing and fascinating memoir. Greenfield has worked with such renowned singers as Joan Sutherland and Elizabeth Schwarzkof, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti; he has interviewed luminaries including Yehudi Menuhin, George Martin and Colin Davis; and he has forged enduring friendships with the likes of Jacqueline du Pre, Daniel Barenboim and Edward Heath. His is a career steeped in classical music and his Portrait Gallery brings that vividly to life.


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