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Thousands of engineering students and professionals have relied on Digital Video Processing as the definitive, in-depth guide to digital image and video processing technology. Now, Dr. A. Murat Tekalp has completely revamped his guide to reflect today's technologies, techniques, algorithms, and trends. Digital Video Processing, Second Edition, reflects important advances in signal processing and computer vision, and new applications such as 3D, ultra-high-resolution video, and digital cinema. This edition offers rigorous, comprehensive, balanced, and quantitative coverage of image filtering, motion estimation, tracking, segmentation, video filtering, and compression. Now organized and presented as a true tutorial, it contains updated problem sets and new MATLAB projects in every chapter. Coverage includes Multi-dimensional signals/systems: transforms, sampling, and lattice conversion Digital images and video: human vision, analog/digital video, and video quality Image filtering: gradient estimation, edge detection, scaling, multi-resolution representations, enhancement, de-noising, and restoration Motion estimation: image formation; motion models; differential, matching, optimization methods, and transform-domain methods; and 3D motion and shape estimation Video segmentation: color image and motion segmentation, change detection, shot boundary detection segmentation, semantic object segmentation, and performance evaluation Multi-frame filtering: motion-compensated filtering; multi-frame standards conversion, noise filtering, and restoration; and super-resolution Image compression: lossless compression, JPEG, wavelets, and JPEG2000 Video compression: early standards, ITU-T H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC, HEVC, Scalable Video Compression, and stereo/multi-view approaches


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