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Methods and Techniques in Plant Physiology - 2843288091

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Methods and Techniques in Plant Physiology New India Publishing Agency

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Techniques related to various physiological phenomenon are subject of tremendous interest and importance to plant physiologist, agronomist, horticulturist, ecologist, and biochemists. This book is intended to provide recognized methods related various plant processes in a comprehensive form. Techniques on crop physiology such as hydroponics and plant nutrition, test for various stresses, water potential and water flow in plants, canopy gas measurements (Photosynthesis, Respiration and Transpiration), basic equations for growth studies and methods for estimations of plant products, microclimate. Efforts were also made to incorporate the topic like Climate Change and theory of phytotron as well as rhizotron in this book. The book will make the reader familiar with latest procedure to elucidate the problems. The validity of the results based on fundamentals principles of physics. This book is meant to be used in conjunction with a standard text of plant physiology though elementary principles relating to the techniques are briefed. The subjects on hormones, tissue culture and seed technology are useful for students. Hope this book shall serve the need of students, teachers and researchers.


Turfgrass Physiology And Ecology - 2839918944

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Turfgrass Physiology And Ecology

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Explaining The Physiological Needs Of Turfgrass Plants, This Book Outlines The Management Techniques That Help Supply Those Needs. It Discusses A Range Of Practices And Methods To Cope With Stress Under Both Normal And Less Than Optimum Conditions, Provid


Plant Allometry - 2847569263

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Plant Allometry University of Chicago Press

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Allometry, the study of the growth rate of an organism's parts in relation to the whole, has produced various results in research on animals. This text applies allometry to studies of the evolution, morphology, physiology and reproduction of plants. The author covers a broad spectrum of plant life, from unicellular algae to towering trees, including fossil as well as extant taxa. He examines the relation between organic size and variations in plant form, metabolism, reproduction and evolution, and draws on the zoological literature to develop allometric techniques for the peculiar problems of plant height, the relation between body mass and body length, and size-correlated variations in rates of growth. For readers unfamiliar with the basics of allometry, an appendix explains basic statistical methods. This text should be useful reading for botanists interested in an original, quantitative approach to plant evolution and function, and for zoologists who want to learn more about the value of allometric techniques for studying evolution.


Chlamydomonas Sourcebook - 2826694323

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Chlamydomonas Sourcebook Academic Press Inc

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In recent years Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (C. reinhardtii) has proved to be an outstanding model for investigation of signal transduction, rhodopsin-based vision, and the evolution of sexual processes. The Chlamydomonas Sourcebook, first published in 1989, summarized the development of this alga as a laboratory system beginning in the 1940s. Since the first edition published, Chlamydomonas research has grown significantly. This revised three-volume set, which includes the Sourcebook, Chlamydomonas Metabolic Processes, and Chlamydomonas Motility and Taxis Responses stands as the most comprehensive reference for this important research organism. This set retains historical material, and culture methods and illustrations from the original book, while adding molecular techniques, analysis of the recently sequenced genome, and reviews of the current status of the diverse fields in which Chlamydomonas is used as a model organism. * Edited by the leading researcher in chlamydomonas science * Includes best practices for applications in research, including methods for culture, preservation of cultures, preparation of media, lists of inhibitors, and more * Aids researchers with common laboratory problems such as contamination and details on properties of particular strains and mutants * The latest advances in research including completion of the genome * A broad perspective for studies in cell and molecular biology, genetics, plant physiology and related fields * Companion Website with videos that illustrate the marvels of the Chlamydomonas flagella in action


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