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Twenty-One Laboratory Sessions in Microbiology: A Concise Laboratory Manual to Accompany an Introductory Microbiology Course - 2851277043

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Twenty-One Laboratory Sessions in Microbiology: A Concise Laboratory Manual to Accompany an Introductory Microbiology Course



Microbiology: A Laboratory Manual - 2853324417

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Microbiology: A Laboratory Manual



Manual of Clinical Microbiology - 2827017423

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Manual of Clinical Microbiology American Society for Microbiology

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Revised by a collaborative, international, interdisciplinary team of editors and authors, this seminal reference of microbiology continues to set the standard for state-of-the-science laboratory practice as the most authoritative reference in the field of microbiology.


Manual Of Clinical Microbiology - 2840138388

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Manual Of Clinical Microbiology

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Medicine>Other branches of medicine>Pathology>Medical microbiology & virology

Revised By A Collaborative, International, Interdisciplinary Team Of Editors And Authors, This Seminal Reference Of Microbiology Continues To Set The Standard For State-of-the-science Laboratory Practice As The Most Authoritative Reference In The Field Of Microbiology.


Laboratory Manual of Biomathematics - 2212832370

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Laboratory Manual of Biomathematics Academic Press

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Designed as supplemental material to the textbook, "An Invitation to Biomathematics", this laboratory manual expertly aids students who wish to gain a deeper understanding of solving biological issues with computer programs. This manual provides hands-on exploration of model development, model validation, and model refinement, enabling students to truly experience advancements made in biology by mathematical models. Each of the projects offered can be used as individual module in traditional biology or mathematics courses such as calculus, ordinary differential equations, elementary probability, statistics, and genetics.This manual is a companion to the textbook, "An Invitation of Biomathematics" (sold separately ISBN: 0120887711; or as a set ISBN: 0123740290). It can be used as a computer lab component of a course in biomathematics or as homework projects for independent student work. The biological topics include: Ecology, Toxicology, Microbiology, Epidemiology, Genetics, Biostatistics, Physiology, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology. The mathematical topics include: Discrete and continuous dynamical systems, difference equations, differential equations, probability distributions, statistics, data transformation, risk function, statistics, approximate entropy, periodic components, and pulse-detection algorithms. It includes more than 120 exercises derived from ongoing research studies.


Laboratory Manual in Experimental Biology - 2212841592

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Laboratory Manual in Experimental Biology Alpha Science International Ltd.


Experimental Biology: A Laboratory Manual provides a theoretical basis of various practical in a lucid manner at graduate and postgraduate levels. This includes Immunology, Microbiology, Animal Cell Culture, Biochemical Techniques, Separation Techniques, Analytical Techniques, Hematology, and Physiology. The methods are detailed completely in a step-by-step format that allows the students to perform experiments without reference to any secondary source. The reagents and chemicals are specified with exact methods of preparation so that no further calculations are necessary. The book contains several relevant figures, flow diagrams and charts to aid the students.


Brewing Microbiology - 2852753527

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Brewing Microbiology Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The microbiology of brewing is a diverse subject covering both the production of beer and its stability to spoilage. The third edition of this extremely successful book gives an in-depth coverage of all aspects of brewing microbiology. It includes a new introductory chapter which describes the contribution of microbiology to modern brewing practice and sets the scene for the following, more specialized chapters. In addition, there are new chapters on microbiological methods and microbiology tailored to the microbrewer. Brewing Microbiology serves both as a reference book and a laboratory manual. It is also of value to technical brewers who must keep abreast of current developments, as well as quality controllers and laboratory research workers in the brewing and related food and beverage industries.


Discovering Molecular Genetics Solutions Manual & Workbook - 2212829637

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Discovering Molecular Genetics Solutions Manual & Workbook Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

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This is the companion volume to "Discovering Molecular Genetics: A Case Study Course with Problems and Scenarios" (ISBN 0-87969-475-0), which offers teachers a one-semester course in molecular genetics for use by life science majors (microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology or biology) or pre-med students. This manual offers solutions and strategies for the 140 problems in its companion text, covering scenarios from history, mythology, films and television, which test students' abilities to apply molecular genetic concepts. The case study book is adapted from a course in molecular genetics given by the author at the University of California in Los Angeles, USA.


Microbiological Applications - 2212827995

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Microbiological Applications McGraw-Hill

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The classic resource for undergraduate microbiology laboratory courses just keeps getting better. The self-contained, clearly illustrated exercises and four-color format make Microbiological Applications: A Laboratory Manual in General Microbiology the ideal lab manual. Appropriate for either a majors or non-majors lab course, Benson assumes no prior organic chemistry course has been taken. New author! Alfred E. Brown received his PhD from UCLA. His research has focused on the physiology of photosynthetic bacteria and the mode of action of herbicides on photosynthetic microbial populations in soil. Dr. Brown has also spent over 25 years teaching both lecture and laboratory courses for General Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Methods in Microbiology and (at the Graduate level) courses in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Photosynthesis, and Biomembranes. |The complete version of the lab manual has been streamlined from 90 labs to 77 labs - this was done by removing redundant or outdated labs and the selective addition of new, more modern labs. Every lab has been revised, updated and reviewed for current curriculum relevancy. |New organization: from 14 parts to 13 parts reflects a more modern approach to teaching microbiology |New labs: 26) Phage Plaque Assay, 66) Bacterial Transformation, 67) Electrophoresis of DNA: Isolation of Plasmids, 68) PCR: The Polymerase Chain Reaction for Amplifying DNA: 77) Simulated Epidemic |Extensively revised art program! Many new photos of updated equipment, new illustrations of organisms, etc. have been incorporated into the 9th edition. Updated line art reflects current lab safety requirements and is more colorful and realistic looking. |Enhanced safety precautions support stricter OSHA standards now being applied to educational laboratories. |Cautionary Boxes have been incorporated throughout the manual to increase student awareness of lab safety. |An exercise covering the Winogradsky Column in identifying Photosynthetic Bacteria has been expanded. |Full-colour examples of lab test results appear in the lab exercises so students have an immediate reference against which they can compare their results. |BensonĹźs Complete Version (77 experiments) provides the largest variety of laboratory exercises to accommodate all laboratory curriculaĹźfrom a medical emphasis to an environmental emphasis and everything between. (A shorter version with 60 experiments is also available - 00711125888)|The InstructorĹźs Manual provides a materials list and guidelines for conducting all the experiments, as well as answers to the lab exercises. |Because you may prefer or require a different way to stage a lab exercise, this lab manual includes suggestions for alternative approaches and procedures in the appendixes and in the InstructorĹźs Manual.


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