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Shifting Perceptions of Migration in Senegalese Literature, Film, and Social Media - 2854321157

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Shifting Perceptions of Migration in Senegalese Literature, Film, and Social Media Lexington Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In Shifting Perceptions of Migration in Senegalese Literature, Film, and Social Media, Mahriana Rofheart proposes a revised understanding of Senegalese migration narratives by asserting the importance of both local and global connections in recent novels, hip-hop songs, and documentary videos. Much previous research on migration narratives in French from Africa has suggested that contemporary authors often do not consider their countries of origin upon departure and instead focus on life abroad or favor a global perspective. Rofheart instead demonstrates that today's Senegalese novelists and hip-hop artists, whether living in France or Senegal, express connections to communities both in Senegal and abroad to cope with the traumatic experience of emigration and return. Ultimately, Rofheart asserts that Senegalese national identity remains significant to the way these authors and artists respond to migration. In her examination of novels in French, hip-hop songs in French and Wolof, and online documentaries, as well as the social and economic currents that influence the texts' production and circulation, Rofheart engages with scholarship on transnationalism, postcolonialism, popular culture, and new media studies. The study's initial chapters address well-known works from the mid-twentieth century, including Cheikh Hamidou Kane's Ambiguous Adventure, as well as the films of Ousmane Sembene, and Djibril Diop Mambety. This book then demonstrates how novelists such as Aminata Sow Fall and Fatou Diome, as well as hip-hop artists including Simon and Awadi, break with previous tragic depictions of migration in novels and films to present successful responses to the contemporary context of frequent emigration from Senegal.


Alternative Voices: (Re)searching Language, Culture, Identit - 2854307973

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Alternative Voices: (Re)searching Language, Culture, Identit BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This edited volume presents Alternative Voices in the contexts of present-day and historical globalisation, the emergence of the knowledge society, increased global-local or glocal migration flows, the explosion of social media, and disparate regional growth that have both impacted and shaped the sociocultural fabric of geopolitical spaces across t


Networking Futures - 2854284555

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Since November 30, 1999, when 50,000 protesters converged on Seattle to shut down the World Trade Organization meetings, anti-corporate globalization activists have staged protests against multilateral institutions in cities including Prague, Barcelona, Genoa, and Cancun. Barcelona has emerged as a critical hub, as Catalans have played key roles within the anarchist-inspired Peoples' Global Action and the World Social Forum meetings. In 2001 and 2002, the anthropologist Jeffrey R. Juris participated in Barcelona's Movement for Global Resistance. Combining ethnographic research and activist political engagement, he attended hundreds of meetings, gatherings, and protests while also taking part in online discussions and forums. Those experiences are the basis of Networking Futures, the first ethnography of anti-globalization movements and transnational activist networking. In an account full of activist voices and on-the-ground detail, Juris provides a history of anti-corporate globalization movements, an examination of their connections to local dynamics in Barcelona, and an analysis of the movements' networking politics, or organization and decision-making practices. Depicting direct-action protests in Barcelona and other European cities, he describes how far-flung activist networks are embodied during the protests, and how networking politics are performed in urban spaces during these deliberately spectacular events. He explores emerging forms of grassroots media activism within anti-corporate globalization movements, explaining how activists have used e-mail lists, Web pages, and open editing software to organize actions, share information, collectively produce documents, coordinate at a distance, and stage "electronic civil disobedience." Juris argues that anti-corporate globalization activists are not only responding to growing poverty, inequality, and environmental devastation. Through their organizational structures, decision-making practices, and uses of digital technologies, they are also generating social laboratories for the production of alternative democratic values and practices.


Borrowed Identities - 2854465342

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Borrowed Identities Peter Lang Publishing Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Drawing on cultural studies, postcolonial theory, and political economy, Borrowed Identities illustrates how technological changes in the early twenty-first century have enabled media to increasingly access cultural spaces previously bounded by time and space. This increased blurring of boundaries between local and global media has provided youth with additional resources to


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