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ACT Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Expanded Edition - 2826844223

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ACT Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Expanded Edition Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The #1 New York Times bestseller in a newly revised, expanded edition. With over two million copies sold, ACT LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A MAN has become a bestseller around the world. In this this exciting expanded edition, Steve shares even more relationship wisdom for any problem you might face. Is your guy a mummy's boy who prefers spending time with her over you? What should you know about being a wife, before you say I DO? Steve provides the answers for all these questions, and more. New material also includes: How to maintain spice in your relationship; 8 sure-fire ways to keep your cool when his ex shows up; A test for you and your partner, to determine if you are actually ready for marriage; A 90-day abstinence calendar, along with advice for making it through this important trial period. Harvey's advice is always spot-on and more often than not very funny. But behind the humour is a sincere desire to help women understand men. With liberal use of his own adventures in love and courtship, ACT LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A MAN is an honest, compelling, and realistic examination of how men think about love and sex and what women need to know so that they can set realistic expectations of the men in their life.


Mike Watt: on and off Bass - 2834159528

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Mike Watt: on and off Bass Three Rooms Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The New Yorker calls it "unusual and beautiful." The LA Weekly raves, "the photos are strikingly inventive, revealing yet another side of this modern-day Renaissance man." MTV calls it "a charming, well-shot document of a the legendary punk rocker's photographic dabbling." Detroit Metrotimes: "A unique insight into Watt's mind." "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass" is getting a lot of buzz. And for good reason, considering the author and photographer is the legendary punk bassist himself. Mike Watt got his musical start thumping the bass with legendary San Pedro punk trio, The Minutemen in 1980 and he has been at it ever since. Over the years, he's toured with Dos, fIREHOSE, his own The Black Gang, The Secondmen, The Missingmen, and others, and he has worked bass as a sideman for Porno for Pyros, J Mascis and the Fog, as well as punk godfathers The Stooges. Off the road, at his beloved San Pedro, CA home base, Watt developed a deep interest in photography. In Spring 2010, Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, CA hosted an exhibit of his photos: "Mike Watt: Eye-Gifts from Pedro." According to Track 16 executive director Laurie Steelink, who curated the exhibit, "He has this knack for finding the early morning sweet spots when venturing out alone on his bike or kayak. The resulting photographs never seem to dry: light, flight, salt, rust, and tide commingle in fiery sunrises, endless heavens, roiling waves and fog." The photos offer another side of Watt that fans of his punk rock music may not be familiar with: While seemingly serene, many have an underlying tension and that often shows the sharp contrast between industry and nature. In "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass," photographs that appeared in the exhibit are punctuated by Watt's poetry and snippets selected from 10 years of his diaries. Watt's writing is insightful, funny, intimate and honest, as he explores topics like John Coltrane, long hauls and overcoming performance fears. "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass" exposes Watt's vision as a photographer, diarist and poet, taking its readers on a trip. And when you stop turning the pages of Watt's story, you start turning the pages of yours, re-ignited. " Mike Watt's photos are the poetry of San Pedro...every time he goes out on that kayak he comes back with gold. These gorgeous images paired with the raw reflections of three decades on the road are sure to blow the minds of all who love punk rock and our beloved vision questing troubadour." - Jack Black " Here is the last stand of the fruited earth and the ship-freighted sea. How lovely America was. God bless San Pedro and Mike Watt." - Iggy Pop " The heart and mind and EYES of Michael Watt, half-brother of us all, in black/white and color. No blue-eyed beatnik Buddhist ever breathed such humility; no jackleg science-fictioneer ever oozed such enchantment. That's right!" - Richard Meltzer "Watt covers the waterfront." - Raymond Pettibon " Susan Sontag wrote that photographs of people are haunted by death. There aren't many people in Mike Watt's photographs so maybe that's why they seem haunted rather by life -- the large operations of man around the harbor and the smaller scale activity of wildlife that puts up with them. Mike is out at sun-up and getting to see SoCal's lands end from his kayak is an unearned privilege, the best kind a book can deliver. Paired with excerpts from his journal which catch him rolling across the continents as a working musician gives a precise idea what besides exercise Mike gets out of it." - Joe Carducci " Mike Watt is poetry. He's like one half of a metaphor. Watt can only be matched in poetry. When you mix pirate, Pedro pix, music, d. boon forever, hard work, weird sincerity, good will, curiosity, love, and an adult moustache, what do you have? Poetry is the answer. Poetry poetry poetry. Watt Watt Watt!" - Richard Hell Reviews The LA Review of Books' Craig Hubert offers a keen and insightful review of "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass" in this week's edition. Hubert notes, "[Watt] has a keen eye for capturing unexpected disruptions within seemingly normal, even mundane situations...Loss is prevalent throughout "On and Off Bass," but it is undercut with hope; there is always the sustaining reservoir of inspiration -- from Boon, from music, from San Pedro itself -- to dip back into. It's the same reservoir that John Coltrane described in a 1966 interview with Nat Hentoff: 'There is never any end. There are always new sounds to imagine, new feelings to get at.'" Rick Moody's extensive interview with Mike Watt on TheRumpus.Net is an essential read for fans of the legendary punk rock bass player, photographer, poet and writer. It starts with major props for the Three Rooms Press book "Mike Watt: On and Bass," which Moody notes, "As with everything that Watt has turned his attention to since he began making art in 1980, On and Off Base is sincere, funny, handmade, beautiful, totally idiosyncratic, and entirely original." MTV Hive writer Austin L. Ray is impressed with the econo nature of the new Three Rooms Press book, "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass" by the legendary punk bassist. The book features photos from Watt's gallery show at Track 16 in Santa Monica, juxtaposed with poetry, reflections and diary snippet from Watt's massive 1,500 page collection of musings on The article features Watt discussing the origins of some of the photos in the book. The New Yorker loves "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass", calling it an "unusual and beautiful photographic memoir." LA Weekly writer Nicholas Pell interviews Mike Watt, revealing exclusive photos from the new book "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass." Pell raves, "His skill lies not in classical composition -- although photo nerds will nonetheless find plenty to like in the book. Rather, Watt's strength comes from his ability to capture everyday scenes. His pictures make the mundane into the sublime." Rockerzine writer Katy Dang raves about "Mike Watt: On and Off Bass," noting that through the photos and text, "Watt brings his world and his experiences into focus, sharing them unabashedly with whoever chooses to come on board. He brings the past into the present, never merely resting on his laurels and always missing D. Boon, his missing friend." Greg Barbrick, on says it's a "collection that rewards repeated viewings and is very well crafted."


Rock Around The Clock - 2839338410

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Rock Around The Clock Membran

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Blue Suede Shoes 2. Boppin' The Blues 3. Honey Don't 4. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby 5. Gone, Gone, Gone 6. Tutti Frutti 7. All Mama's Children 8. Put Your Cat Clothes On 9. Dixie Fried 10. I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry 11. Movie Magg 12. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 13. Sittin' On Top Of The World 14. Matchbox 15. Your True Love 16. Pop, Let Me Have The Car 17. Glad All Over 18. Pink Pedal Pushers 19. Levi Jacket 20. Jive After Five 101. Laura Lee 102. Ring A Rockin' 103. No Vacancy 104. Fly Don't Fly On Me 105. The Diary 106. I Go Ape 107. Stupid Cupid 108. You're Knockin' Me Out 109. You Gotta Learn Your Rhythm And Blues 110. Oh Carol 111. One Way Ticket (To The Blues) 112. I Ain't Hurtin' No More 113. Going Home To Mary Lou 114. All I Need Is You 115. Fallin' 116. Another Sleepless Night 117. Stairway To Heaven 118. You Mean Everything To Me 119. Run Samson Run 120. Calendar Girl 201. Let's Have A Party 202. Hot Dog! 203. That Made Him Mad 204. Don'a Wan'a 205. Cool Love 206. Let Me Explain 207. Fujiyama Mama 208. Honey Bop 209. Please Call Today 210. You've Turned To A Stranger 211. Mean Mean Man 212. You're The One For Me 213. A Date With Jerry 214. Rock Your Baby 215. Making Believe 216. Money Honey 217. Happy Happy Birthday 218. I Wanna Waltz 219. Savin' My Love 220. Long Tall Sally 301. Jambalaya 302. Bigelow 6-200 303. One Step At A Time 304. Dynamite 305. Love You 'Till I Die 306. Ain't That Love 307. Rock-a-bye Baby Blues 308. Rock The Bop 309. Ring-a My Phone 310. Little Jonah (Rock On Your Steel Guitar) 311. Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home 312. Hummin' The Blues Over You 313. Weep No More My Baby 314. Baby Face 315. Just Because 316. When My Dreamboat Comes Home 317. My Baby Likes Western Guys 318. Ballin' The Jack 319. Sweet Nothin's 320. Let's Jump The Broomstick 401. De De Dinah 402. Ginger Bread 403. Blue Betty 404. I'm Broke 405. Shy Guy 406. Oh La La 407. You Excite Me 408. Teacher's Pet 409. At The Hop 410. I'm Walkin' 411. Little Bitty Pretty One 412. Oooh Look-a There Ain't She Pretty 413. Short Fat Fannie 414. Venus 415. Two Fools 416. Just Ask Your Heart 417. I'll Wait For You 418. Shy Guy 419. Bobby Sox To Stockings 420. Why 501. Hula Love 502. Maybelline 503. Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep 504. Party Doll 505. Mary Lou 506. Cause I'm In Love With You 507. Devil Woman 508. Rockhouse 509. Rock Around The Clock 510. Swingin' Daddy 511. I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself 512. C'mon Baby 513. That's Why I Cry 514. Somebody Touched Me 515. All For You 516. Long Lonely Nights 517. Teasable Pleasable 518. Storm Clouds 519. I Ain't Sharin' Sharon 520. Lovey Dovey 601. Mona Lisa 602. I Vibrate 603. I'll Try 604. It's Only Make Believe 605. Shake It Up 606. The Story Of My Love 607. Double Talkin' Baby 608. Don't You Know 609. Sentimental Journey 610. Teasin' 611. Make Me Know You're Mine 612. Heavenly 613. Hey Little Lucy 614. What Am I Living For 615. Lonely Blue Boy 616. Is A Bluebird Blue? 617. Hey Miss Ruby 618. Pretty Eyed Baby 619. She's Mine 620. Danny Boy 701. Leroy 702. My True Love 703. Two Timin' Woman 704. Leroy 705. Goodbye Baby 706. Go Wild Little Sadie 707. I Never Felt Like This 708. The Way I Walk 709. Midgie 710. Save My Soul 711. Geraldine 712. Baby Baby 713. Good Deal Lucille 714. You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar 715. Cruel World 716. Looking For Linda 717. Cool Water 718. Found A Woman 719. Lonesome Mary 720. Down By The Riverside 801. Rockin' Little Angel 802. Rockin' Bandit 803. So Young 804. Right Behind You Baby 805. Little Miss Blue 806. Why Why Why 807. You Made A Hit 808. Sail Away 809. That's All Right 810. Blond Hair Blue Eyes 811. Put Your Arms Around Me 812. One Wonderful Love 813. It Makes Me Feel Good 814. I'll Be Coming Home 815. Rebound 816. After This Night Is Through 817. Turn On The Moonlight 818. I Guess I Better Move On 819. Johnny Lee Hummer 820. Did We Have A Party 901. Splish Splash 902. Pretty Betty 903. Judy Don't Be Moody 904. Queen Of The Hop 905. Mighty Mighty Man 906. Plain Jane 907. Dream Lover 908. Bullmoose 909. Clementine 910. I Ain't Sharin' Sharon 911. Pity Miss Kitty 912. Keep A Walkin' 913. Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey 914. Oo Ee Train 915. You Know How 916. Somebody To Love 917. Now We're One 918. Silly Willie 919. Timber 920. Early In The Morning 1001. La Bamba 1002. Come On Let's Go 1003. That's My Little Suzie 1004. Boney Moroney 1005. Ooh My Head 1006. Framed 1007. Cry, Cry, Cry 1008. Paddi-wack Song 1009. Hurry Up 1010. Dooby-dooby-wah 1011. Bluebirds Over The Mountain 1012. Rockin' All Night 1013. Hi-tone 1014. In A Turkish Town 1015. Little Girl 1016. We Belong Together 1017. Stay Beside Me 1018. Big Baby Blues 1019. Fast Freight 1020. Donna 1101. Bo Diddley 1102. I'm A Man 1103. Diddley Daddy 1104. Bo Diddley 1105. Bring It To Jerome 1106. I'm Looking For A Woman 1107. Who Do You Love 1108. Hey! Bo Diddley 1109. Mona (I Need You Baby) 1110. Before You Accuse Me 1111. The Story Of Bo Diddley 1112. Dearest Darling 1113. Say Man 1114. Hush Your Mouth 1115. You Don't Love Me 1116. Deed And Deed I Do 1117. Cops And Robbers 1118. Run Diddley Daddy 1119. Diddy Wah Diddy 1120. Roadrunner 1201. Peggy Sue 1202. That'll Be The Day 1203. Words Of Love 1204. Peggy Sue 1205. Rock Around With Ollie Vee 1206. Everyday 1207. Oh Boy 1208. Maybe Baby 1209. I'm Gonna Love You Too 1210. You're So Square (Baby, I Don't Care) 1211. Rave On 1212. Listen To Me 1213. Think It Over 1214. Early In The Morning 1215. It's So Easy 1216. Heartbeat 1217. It Doesn't Matter Anymore 1218. Tell Me Now 1219. Ting-a-ling 1220. Peggy Sue Got Married 1301. I'm Walkin' 1302. The Big Beat 1303. Whole Lotta Loving 1304. Lil' Liza Jane 1305. I Want To Walk You Home 1306. I'm Ready 1307. I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday 1308. Blue Monday 1309. Be My Guest 1310. Bo Weevil 1311. Ain't It A Shame 1312. Margie 1313. Ida Jane 1314. I Want You To Know 1315. I Can't Go On (Rosalie) 1316. I'm In Love Again 1317. When My Dreamboat Comes Home 1318. Blueberry Hill 1319. When The Saints Go Marching In 1320. My Girl Josephine 1401. Willie And The Hand Jive 1402. Shake It 1403. Lucy Baby 1404. Hum Ding A Ling 1405. Good Golly 1406. Ring-a-ling 1407. Three Girls Named Molly 1408. Crazy Country Hop 1409. Hey Baby, Don't You Know 1410. Willie Did The Cha Cha Cha 1411. Mumblin' Mosie 1412. Let The Sun Shine In My Life 1413. Bye Bye Baby 1414. Loop De Loop 1415. I'll Do The Same Thing For You 1416. What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? (Feat. Marie Adams) 1417. A Fool In Love (Feat. Marie Adams) 1418. Castin' My Spell (Feat. Marci Lee) 1419. Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me) (Feat. The Three Tons Of Joy) 1420. Telephone Baby (Feat. Marci Lee) 1501. Sweet Little Sixteen 1502. Rock And Roll Music 1503. Roll Over Beethoven 1504. Oh Baby Doll 1505. School Day 1506. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 1507. Too Much Monkey Business 1508. Maybelline 1509. Thirty Days 1510. Back In The Usa 1511. Reelin' And Rockin' 1512. Johnny B. Goode 1513. Around And Around 1514. Beautiful Delilah 1515. Carol 1516. Memphis Tennessee 1517. Sweet Little Rock And Roller 1518. Bye Bye Johnny 1519. Little Queenie 1520. Let It Rock 1601. Tutti Frutti 1602. The Girl Can't Help It 1603. She's Got It 1604. Ready Teddy 1605. Slippin' And Slidin' 1606. Long Tall Sally 1607. Rip It Up 1608. Heebie Jeebies 1609. Can't Believe You Wanna Leave 1610. Lucille 1611. Keep A Knockin' 1612. Send Me Some Lovin' 1613. Miss Ann 1614. Jenny Jenny 1615. Hey Hey Hey 1616. True Fine Mama 1617. Oh My Soul 1618. Baby Face 1619. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon 1620. Good Golly Miss Molly 1701. Summertime Blues 1702. Cut Across Shortly 1703. Somethin' Else 1704. Teenage Heaven 1705. Twenty Flight Rock 1706. Theresa 1707. Skinny Jim 1708. Sittin' In The Balcony 1709. Mean When I'm Mad 1710. Completely Sweet 1711. Stockin's 'N' Shoes 1712. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie 1713. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 1714. Pretty Girl 1715. Sweetie Pie 1716. Hallelujah I Love Her So 1717. Drive-in Show 1718. Boll Weevil Song 1719. Three Steps To Heaven 1720. C'mon Everybody 1801. Poor Little Fool 1802. I'm Walkin' 1803. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 1804. Stood Up 1805. Waitin' In School 1806. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It 1807. Shirley Lee 1808. Down The Line 1809. I'm In Love Again 1810. My Babe 1811. There's Good Rockin' Tonight 1812. Milk Cow Blues 1813. Be-bop Baby 1814. Yes Sir, That's My Baby 1815. Half Breed 1816. Mighty Good 1817. Just A Little Too Much 1818. Honeycomb 1819. Never Be Anyone Else But You 1820. It's Late (Burnette) 1901. Great Balls Of Fire 1902. Breathless 1903. Lewis Boogie 1904. Break Up 1905. Mean Woman Blues 1906. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 1907. It'll Be Me 1908. You Win Again 1909. Pumping Piano Rock 1910. Let's Talk About Us 1911. Big Blon' Baby 1912. Ubangi Stomp 1913. Little Queenie 1914. I'll Sail My Ship Alone 1915. Old Black Joe 1916. Down The Line 1917. Lovin' Up A Storm 1918. Ballad Of Billy Joe 1919. In The Mood 1920. High School Confidential 2001. Move It 2002. High Class Baby 2003. My Feet Hit The Ground 2004. Livin' Lovin' Doll 2005. Steady With You 2006. Mean Streak 2007. Never Mind 2008. Living Doll 2009. Apron Strings 2010. Travellin' Light 2011. Dynamite 2012. Gee Whiz It's You 2013. I Gotta Know 2014. Lamp Of Love 2015. I Cannot Find A True Love 2016. Fall In Love With You 2017. A Voice In The Wilderness 2018. Willie And The Hand Jive 2019. Nine Times Out Of Ten 2020. Please Don't Tease 2101. Be Bop A Lula 2102. Race With The Devil 2103. Woman Love 2104. Gonna Back Up Baby 2105. Blue Jean Bop 2106. Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back 2107. Jumps, Giggles And Shouts 2108. B-i-bickey-bi, Bo-bo-go 2109. Lotta Lovin' 2110. Cat Man 2111. Rocky Road Blues 2112. Git It 2113. Dance In The Street 2114. Say Mama 2115. Wild Cat 2116. Be-bop Boogie Boy 2117. Red Blue Jeans And A Pony Tail 2118. Pink Thunderbird 2119. Crazy Legs 2120. Dance To The Bop 2201. Rock Around The Clock 2202. Crazy Man Crazy 2203. Shake, Rattle And Roll 2204. Mambo Rock 2205. Rock-a-beatin' Boogie 2206. Burn That Candle 2207. Razzle Dazzle 2208. See You Later Alligator 2209. R-o-c-k 2210. Hot Dog Buddy Buddy 2211. The Saints Rock 'N' Roll 2212. Rocket 88 2213. Dim Dim The Lights 2214. Abc Boogie 2215. Birth Of The Boogie 2216. Choo Choo Ch'boogie 2217. Teenager's Mother 2218. Whoa Mabel! 2219. Lean Jean 2220. Skinny Minnie 2301. Heartbreak Hotel 2302. Don't Be Cruel 2303. Hound Dog 2304. Paralyzed 2305. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 2306. Too Much 2307. All Shook Up 2308. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do 2309. Jailhouse Rock 2310. Treat Me Nice 2311. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 2312. Hard Headed Woman 2313. King Creole 2314. One Night 2315. I Got Stung 2316. I Need Your Love Tonight 2317. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 2318. Stuck On You 2319. A Big Hunk O' Love 2320. It's Now Or Never


Collected Cool - Cd + Dvd - - 2839343886

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Collected Cool - Cd + Dvd - Universal Music


1. Dean's Spoken Word Introductions 2. My Own, My Only, My All 3. Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smil 4. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 5. That's Amore 6. If I Could Sing Like Bing 7. Sway 8. Long, Long Ago 9. Memories Are Made Of This 10. Pardners 11. Volare (Nel Blue Di Pinto Di Blu) 12. Rio Bravo 13. On An Evening In Roma 14. Sleep Warm 15. Ain't That A Kick In The Head 16. Just In Time 17. Arrivederci Roma 18. Return To Me 19. A Hundred Years From Today 101. Tik-a-tee, Tik-a-tay 102. Senza Fine 103. Who's Got The Action? 104. Guys & Dolls 105. Marina 106. Everybody Loves Somebody 107. The Door Is Still Open (To My Heart) 108. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You 109. In The Misty Moonlight 110. Sophia 111. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On 112. In The Chapel In The Moonlight 113. Welcome To My World 114. Houston 115. I Will 116. Somewhere There's A Someone 117. My First Country Song 118. La Is My Home 201. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes 202. Almost Like Being In Love 203. I Love Tahoe (Paris) 204. Show Banter No.1 205. My Kind Of Girl 206. Show Banter No.2 207. Show Banter No.3 208. June In January 209. Show Banter No.4 210. Break It To Me Gently 211. Show Banter No.5 212. Rock-a-bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody 213. Instrumental 214. Show Banter No.6 215. Primrose Lane/you Are Too Beautiful/carolina In Th 216. Beautiful Dreamer 217. You Made Me Love You 218. It Had To Be You/nevertheless 219. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter 220. Volare 221. On An Evening In Roma 222. Show Banter No.7 223. I Love Paris (Tahoe) 224. Outro 301. Introduction 302. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/when You?re Smili 303. L-o-v-e 304. Everybody Loves Somebody 305. Where Or When 306. Welcome To My World 307. Drinking Champagne 308. That?s Amore 309. Medley 310. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 311. For The Good Times 312. Here Comes My Baby 313. Little Ole Wine Drinker Me 314. Bumming Around 315. One Hour With You 316. Credits


Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad - 2846246553

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Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Pierwsze na świecie świadectwo ofiary zbrodni honorowej. Miała siedemnaście lat i zakochała się: zhańbiła rodzinę. Więc rodzina wydała na nią wyrok śmierci... Pokochała go pierwszą miłością. Myślała, że się z nią ożeni. Ale ukochany zniknął, a ona odkryła, że jest w ciąży. A w jej świecie to najcięższa zbrodnia... W zapomnianej przez Boga wiosce w Cisjordanii kobiety są warte mniej niż zwierzęta domowe. Tu mężczyzna jest panem życia i śmierci żony, córki, siostry. Brat może bezkarnie zabić siostrę, matka - córkę, kolejną bezużyteczną dziewczynkę, jaka się urodzi. Tu kobiecie odbiera się godność, a nawet życie zgodnie z odwiecznym obyczajem i uświęconą tradycją. A śmierć jest karą dla dziewczyny, która zhańbi rodzinę. Tak jak Souad. Wyrok wydaje jej ojciec. Szwagier dokonuje egzekucji. Oblewa Souad benzyną i podpala... SOUAD przeżyła - cudem, ale rodzina usiłowała zabić ją nawet w szpitalu. Na zawsze jednak pozostanie straszliwie okaleczona - na ciele i duszy. I wciąż musi się ukrywać; dopóki żyje, jej rodzinę okrywa hańba. Spalona żywcem, opublikowana pod pseudonimem szokująca opowieść o piekle, jakim było jej dzieciństwo i młodość, stała się międzynarodowym bestsellerem. Wydana w 37 w krajach książka przerywa tabu milczenia wobec istniejącej nadal w krajach muzułmańskich barbarzyńskiej tradycji. Nieludzkiego obyczaju, prawa mężczyzn, na mocy którego co najmniej pięć tysięcy kobiet pada co roku ofiarą zbrodni honorowej. Nazwa - Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe Autor - Souad Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Amber Kod ISBN - 9788324159406 Kod EAN - 9788324159406 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2016 Tłumacz - 31182,maria rostworowska; Format - 110 x 175 x 14 Ilość stron - 224 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2016-06-23


Nothing Changes Until You Do - 2826722784

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Nothing Changes Until You Do HAY HOUSE PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bestselling author Mike Robbins had a life that many little boys dream of. Drafted by the New York Yankees directly out of high school, Mike decided instead to postpone his professional baseball career until he finished college. After a successful stint at Stanford, he began life in the minor leagues as a pitcher with the Kansas City Royals organization, where he played for three years until an injury benched him for good. This devastating disappointment changed his life in wonderful ways that he could have never imagined. He now teaches and speaks around the world about teamwork, emotional intelligence and the value of appreciation and authenticity. In Nothing Changes Until You Do, Mike's third book, he looks at one of the most important and challenging aspects of life - our relationship with ourselves. Even the most successful person struggles with this delicate relationship, which has created an epidemic of self-criticism, self-doubt and thinking that our value is directly connected to the external world - our jobs, our finances, our appearance, our accomplishments, and so on. Through 40 short essays, Mike shows readers that none of this is true, and brings to light a new way to look at life. With themes spanning from the importance of trusting yourself to the benefits of vulnerability to the strength inherent in embracing powerlessness and change, Mike will help readers get out of their own way, so they can live a good life. He shows that with a little self-compassion and a healthy dose of self-acceptance, anyone can turn away from the negatives that manifest because of a critical self-perception- things like unkindness, addictions, sabotaged relationships, unnecessary drama and more.


You Don't Know Ninja Cuts - 2839231074

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You Don't Know Ninja Cuts Warner Music Poland


1. Poirier, Ghislan / Face-t - Blazin' (Modeselektor 2. Roots Manuva / Ranking, Ricky - Seat Yourself 3. Bonobo / Bajka - Nightlife (Zero Db Reconstruction 4. Daedalus - Fair Weather Friends 5. Mr Scruff / Quantic - Donkey Ride 6. Pop Levi - Dita Dimone 7. Herbaliser, The - Gadget Funk 8. Cadence Weapon - Getting Dumb 9. Spank Rock - Bump (Switch Remix) 10. Heavy, The - Coleen 11. Diplo - Epistemology Suite 1: Don't Fall 12. King Geedorah - Next Levels 13. Fink - Pretty Little Thing 14. Cinematic Orchestra, The - To Build A Home (Radio 15. Tobin, Amon - Bloodstone 16. Matthias, John - Evermore 101. Roots Manuva - Chin High (Manuvadelics Version) 102. Wiley / Re-fox / Chipmunk / Jme / Skepta - No Qual 103. Hexstatic / Juice Aleem - Distorted Minds (Zero Db 104. Qemist, The / Id - Drop Audio 105. Nms - Brave New World 106. Ladd, Mike - Blah Blah 107. Dj Shadow - Bring Madlib Up 108. Cinematic Orchestra, The - Rites Of Spring (Live A 109. Max / Harvey - Thieves 110. Clouddead - Physics Of A Unicycle 111. Bug, The - Poison Dart 112. Coldcut - Just For The Kick (Original Version) 113. Coldcut - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Tiga Mix) 114. Pest - Pat Pong (Solid Groove Mix) 115. Ttc - Travailler (Orgasmic Remix) 116. Thedeathest - Around The World 117. Yppah - Again With The Subtitles 201. Coldcut - Atomic Moog (The Qemists Remix) 202. Rjd2 - True Confession 203. Kid Koala - Slew Test 2 204. Two Fingers / Durrty Goodz - Have It Like That 205. Dj Kentaro / Spank Rock - Free (Armani Xxxchange R 206. Ty - Wait A Minute (Dwele Remix) 207. Homelife - Seedpod 208. One Self - Fear The Labour 209. Cinematic Orchestra, The - Breathe (Susumu Yokota 210. Loka - Beginningless 211. Bonobo / Triana, Andreya - Hatoa 212. Ammoncontact - Infinity Of Rhythm Instrumental 213. Long Lost, The - The Art Of Kissing 214. Fog - Melted Crayons 215. Blockhead - Sunday Seance 216. Jaga - Swedenborgske Rom 217. Bigg Jus - Say Goodbye


World's Biggest Soul Anth - 2839318754

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World's Biggest Soul Anth Union Square Music


1. Withers, Bill - Ain't No Sunshine 2. Paul, Billy - Me & Mrs. Jones 3. Melvin, Harold / Blue Notes, The - If You Don't Kn 4. Simone, Nina - My Baby Cares For Me 5. Jarreau, Al - Lean On Me 6. Riperton, Minnie - Come To My Garden 7. Dells, The - Oh, What A Night 8. Jackson 5, The - Big Boy 9. Gray, Dobie - The 'In' Crowd 10. Ike / Turner, Tina - River Deep Mountain High 11. Bob & Earl - Harlem Shuffle 12. Capitols, The - Cool Jerk 13. Quarterman, Sir Joe / Free Soul - (I Got) So Much 14. Harris, Betty - Ride Your Pony 15. Meters, The - Hand Clapping Song 16. First Choice - Smarty Pants 17. Scott-heron, Gil - The Bottle 101. Terence Trent D'arby - If You Let Me Stay 102. Pasadenas, The - I'm Doing Fine Now 103. Des'ree - You Gotta Be 104. Mayfield, Curtis - Tripping Out 105. Hutson, Leroy - Lucky Fellow 106. Womack, Bobby - California Dreamin' 107. Jones Girls, The - Will You Be There 108. Delfonics, The - Can't Go On Living 109. Neville, Aaron - Tell It Like It Is 110. Longmire, Wilbert - Love's Holiday 111. Hathaway, Donny / Conquest, June - I Thank You 112. Knight, Gladys / Pips, The - Stop & Get A Hold Of 113. Chandler, Gene - Duke Of Earl 114. Dorsey, Lee - Working In A Coal Mine 115. Cooke, Sam - Cain Hang 116. Robinson, Smokey / Miracles, The - Shop Around 117. Pickett, Wilson - If You Need Me


The Reprise Years Boxed Set - 2839271488

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The Reprise Years Boxed Set Universal Music


1. Ring-a-ding-ding 2. Let's Fall In Love 3. Be Careful, It's My Heart 4. A Foggy Day 5. A Fine Romance 6. In The Still Of The Night 7. The Coffee Song 8. When I Take My Sugar To Tea 9. Let's Face The Music & Dance 10. You'd Be So Easy To Love 11. You & The Night & The Music 12. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 101. Falling In Love With Love 102. The Curse Of An Aching Heart 103. Don't Cry Joe 104. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone 105. Love Walked In 106. Granada 107. I Never Knew 108. Don't Be That Way 109. Moonlight On The Ganges 110. It's A Wonderful World 111. Have You Met Miss Jones? 112. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You 201. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You 202. Imagination 203. There Are Such Things 204. East Of The Sun 205. Daybreak 206. Without A Song 207. I'll Be Seeing You 208. Take Me 209. It's Always You 210. Polka Dots & Moonbeams 211. It Started All Over Again 212. The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else) 213. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (Reprise) 301. I Hadn't Anyone Till You 302. Night & Day 303. Misty 304. Stardust 305. Come Rain Or Come Shine 306. It Might As Well Be Spring 307. Prisoner Of Love 308. That's All 309. All Or Nothing At All 310. Yesterdays 401. Goody Goody 402. They Can't Take That Away From Me 403. At Long Last Love 404. I'm Beginning To See The Light 405. Don'cha Go 'Way Mad 406. I Get A Kick Out Of You 407. Tangerine 408. Love Is Just Around The Corner 409. Ain't She Sweet 410. Serenade In Blue 411. I Love You 412. Pick Yourself Up 501. The Very Thought Of You 502. We'll Gather Lilacs In The Spring 503. If I Had You 504. Now Is The Hour 505. The Gypsy 506. Roses Of Picardy 507. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 508. A Garden In The Rain 509. London By Night 510. We'll Meet Again 511. I'll Follow My Secret Heart 601. All Alone 602. The Girl Next Door 603. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 604. Charmaine 605. What'll I Do? 606. When I Lost You 607. Oh, How I Miss You Tonight 608. Indescreet 609. Remember 610. Together 611. The Song Is Ended (But The Medlody Lingers On) 701. Pennies From Heaven 702. Please Be Kind 703. (Love Is) The Tender Trap 704. Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses 705. My Kind Of Girl 706. I Only Have Eyes For You 707. Nice Work If You Can Get It 708. Learnin' The Blues 709. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself A Lette 710. I Won't Dance 801. I Have Dreamed 802. My Heart Stood Still 803. Lost In The Stars 804. Ol' Man River 805. You'll Never Walk Alone 806. Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered 807. This Nearly Was Mine 808. Soliloquy 901. I've Got You Under My Skin 902. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning 903. The Second Time Around 904. Nancy 905. Witchcraft 906. Young At Heart 907. All The Way 908. (How Little It Matters) How Little We Know 909. Pocketful Of Miracles 910. Oh! What It Seemed To Be 911. Call Me Irresponsible 912. Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day) 1001. Days Of Wine & Roses 1002. Moon River 1003. The Way You Look Tonight 1004. Three Coins In The Fountain 1005. In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening 1006. Secret Love 1007. Swinging On A Star 1008. It Might As Well Be Spring 1009. The Continental 1010. Love Is A Many-splendored Thing 1011. All The Way 1101. America I Hear You Singing 1102. This Is A Great Country 1103. The House I Live In 1104. Hills Of Home 1105. This Land Is Your Land 1106. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor 1107. You're A Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith 1108. A Home In The Meadow 1109. Early American 1110. You Never Had It So Good 1111. Let Us Break Bread Together 1112. Stars & Stripes Forever 1201. Fly Me To The Moon 1202. I Wish You Love 1203. I Believe In You 1204. More (Theme From Mondo Cane) 1205. I Can't Stop Loving You 1206. Hello, Dolly! 1207. I Wanna Be Around 1208. The Best Is Yet To Come 1209. The Good Life 1210. Wives & Lovers 1301. Emily 1302. Here's To The Losers 1303. Dear Heart 1304. Come Blow Your Horn 1305. Love Isn't Just For The Young 1306. I Can't Believe I'm Losing You 1307. Pass Me By 1308. Softly, As I Leave You 1309. Then Suddenly Love 1310. Available 1311. Talk To Me Baby 1312. The Look Of Love 1401. Tell Her (You Love Her Each Day) 1402. Any Time At All 1403. Stay With Me 1404. I Like To Lead When I Dance 1405. You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me 1406. My Kind Of Town 1407. When Somebody Loves You 1408. Somewhere In Your Heart 1409. I've Never Been In Love Before 1410. When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love 1411. Luck Be A Lady 1501. The September Of My Years 1502. How Old Am I? 1503. Don't Wait Too Long 1504. It Gets Lonely Early 1505. This Is All I Ask 1506. Last Night When We Were Young 1507. The Man In The Looking Glass 1508. It Was A Very Good Year 1509. When The Wind Was Green 1510. Hello, Young Lovers 1511. I See It Now 1512. Once Upon A Time 1513. September Song 1601. Ev'rybody Has The Right To Be Wrong (At Least Once 1602. Golden Moment 1603. Luck Be A Lady 1604. Lost In The Stars 1605. Hello, Dolly! 1606. I'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her 1607. They Can't Take That Away From Me 1608. Yesterdays 1609. Nice Work If You Can Get It 1610. Have You Met Miss Jones? 1611. Without A Song 1701. Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day) 1702. All Or Nothing 1703. I'll Never Smile Again 1704. There Are Such Things 1705. I'll Be Seeing You 1706. The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else) 1707. Polka Dots & Moonbeams 1708. Night & Day 1709. Oh! What It Seemed To Be 1710. Soliloquy 1711. Nancy (With The Laughing Face) 1712. The House I Live In 1713. From Here To Eternity 1801. Come Fly With Me 1802. (How Little It Matters) How Little We Know 1803. Learnin' The Blues 1804. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning 1805. Young At Heart 1806. Witchcraft 1807. All The Way 1808. Love & Marriage 1809. I've Got You Under My Skin 1810. Ring-a-ding Ding 1811. The Second Time Around 1812. The Summit 1813. The Oldest Established (Permanent Floating Crap Ga 1814. Luck Be A Lady 1815. Call Me Irresponsible 1816. Fly Me To The Moon 1817. Softly, As I Leave You 1818. My Kind Of Town 1819. The September Of My Years 1901. Strangers In The Night 1902. Summer Wind 1903. All Or Nothing At All 1904. Call Me 1905. You?re Driving Me Crazy! 1906. On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) 1907. My Baby Just Cares For Me 1908. Downtown 1909. Yes Sir, That?s My Baby 1910. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 2001. Moonlight Becomes You 2002. Moon Song 2003. Moonlight Serenade 2004. Reaching For The Moon 2005. I Wished On The Moon 2006. Oh, You Crazy Moon 2007. The Moon Got In My Eyes 2008. Moonlight Mood 2009. Moon Love 2010. The Moon Was Yellow (And The Night Was Young) 2101. That's Life 2102. I Will Wait For You 2103. Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme) 2104. Sand & Sea 2105. What Now My Love 2106. Winchester Cathedral 2107. Give Her Love 2108. Tell Her (You Love Her Each Day) 2109. The Impossible Dream (The Quest) 2110. You're Gonna Hear From Me 2201. The Girl From Ipanema 2202. Dindi 2203. Change Partners 2204. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) 2205. Meditation (Meditacno.o) 2206. If You Never Come To Me (Inutil Paisagen) 2207. How Insensitive (Insensatez) 2208. I Concentrate On You 2209. Baubles, Bangles & Beads 2210. Once I Loved (O Amor En Paz) 2301. The World We Knew (Over & Over) 2302. Somethin' Stupid 2303. This Is My Love 2304. Born Free 2305. Don't Sleep In The Subway 2306. This Town 2307. This Is My Song 2308. You Are There 2309. Drinking Again 2310. Some Enchanted Evening 2401. Follow Me 2402. Sunny 2403. All I Need Is The Girl 2404. Indian Summer 2405. I Like The Sunrise 2406. Yellow Days 2407. Poor Butterfly 2408. Come Back To Me 2501. I Wouldn't Trade Christmas 2502. It's Such A Lonely Time Of Year 2503. Some Children See Him 2504. O Bambino (One Cold & Blessed Winter) 2505. The Bells Of Christmas (Greensleeves) 2506. Whatever Happened To Christmas? 2507. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 2508. Kids 2509. The Christmas Waltz 2510. The Twelve Days Of Christmas 2601. Rain In My Heart 2602. Both Sides Now 2603. Little Green Apples 2604. Pretty Colors 2605. Cycles 2606. Wandering 2607. By The Time I Get To Phoenix 2608. Moody River 2609. My Way Of Life 2610. Gentle On My Mind 2701. Watch What Happens 2702. Didn't We 2703. Hallelujah, I Love Her So 2704. Yesterday 2705. All My Tomorrows 2706. My Way 2707. A Day In The Life Of A Fool 2708. For Once In My Life 2709. If You Go Away 2710. Mrs. Robinson 2801. A Man Alone 2802. Night 2803. I've Been To Town 2804. From Promise To Promise 2805. The Single Man 2806. The Beautiful Strangers 2807. Lonesome Cities 2808. Love's Been Good To Me 2809. Empty Is 2810. Out Beyond The Window 2811. Some Traveling Music 2812. A Man Alone (Reprise) 2901. Watertown 2902. Goodbye (She Quietly Says) 2903. For A While 2904. Michael & Peter 2905. I Would Be In Love (Anyway) 2906. Elizabeth 2907. What A Funny Girl (You Used To Be) 2908. What's Now Is Now 2909. She Says 2910. The Train 3001. Drinking Water (Agua De Beber) 3002. Someone To Light Up My Life 3003. Triste 3004. Don't Ever Go Away (Por Causa De Voce) 3005. This Happy Madness (Estrada Branca) 3006. Wave 3007. One Note Samba 3008. I Will Drink The Wine 3009. (They Long To Be) Close To You 3010. Sunrise In The Morning 3011. Bein' Green 3012. My Sweet Lady 3013. Leaving On A Jet Plane 3014. Lady Day 3101. You Will Be My Music 3102. You're So Right (For What's Wrong In My Life) 3103. Winners 3104. Nobody Wins 3105. Send In The Clowns 3106. Dream Away 3107. Let Me Try Again (Laisse Moi Le Temps) 3108. There Used To Be A Ballpark 3109. Noah 3201. You Turned My World Around 3202. Sweet Caroline 3203. The Summer Knows 3204. I'm Gonna Make It All The Way 3205. Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree 3206. Satisfy Me One More Time 3207. If 3208. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life 3209. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? 3210. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 3301. The Song Is You 3302. But Not For Me 3303. I Had The Craziest Dream 3304. It Had To Be You 3305. Let's Face The Music & Dance 3306. Street Of Dreams 3307. My Shining Hour 3308. All Of You 3309. More Than You Know 3310. They All Laughed 3311. You & Me (We Wanted It All) 3312. Just The Way You Are 3313. Something 3314. Macarthur Park 3315. Theme From New York, New York 3316. Summer Me, Winter Me 3317. Song Sung Blue 3318. For The Good Times 3319. Love Me Tender 3320. That's What God Looks Like To Me 3401. What Time Does The Next Miracle Leave? 3402. World War None! 3403. The Future 3404. The Future (Continued): I've Been There 3405. The Future (Continued): Song Without Words 3406. Before The Music Ends (Finale) 3501. Good Thing Going (Going Gone) 3502. Hey Look, No Cryin' 3503. Thanks For The Memory 3504. A Long Night 3505. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 3506. Monday Morning Quarterback 3507. South - To A Warmer Place 3508. I Loved Her 3509. Medley: The Gal That Got Away/it Never Entered My 3601. L.a. Is My Lady 3602. The Best Of Everything 3603. How Do You Keep The Music Playing? 3604. Teach Me Tonight 3605. It's All Right With Me 3606. Mack The Knife 3607. Until The Real Thing Comes Along 3608. Stormy Weather 3609. If I Should Lose You 3610. A Hundred Years From Today 3611. After You've Gone 3701. I've Got You Under My Skin 3702. Without A Song 3703. Don't Worry 'Bout Me 3704. I Get A Kick Out Of You 3705. Nancy With The Laughing Face 3706. My Kind Of Town 3707. Medley 3708. Come Fly With Me 3709. The Lady Is A Tramp 3710. I've Got The World On A String 3711. Witchcraft 3712. You Make Me Feel So Young 3713. Angel Eyes 3714. Put Your Dreams Away 3715. Fly Me To The Moon 3716. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 3717. Moonlight In Vermont 3718. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You 3719. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 3720. On Broadway 3721. Yes Sir, That's My Baby 3722. Medley 1 3723. Medley 2 3724. Luck Be A Lady 3725. That's Life 3726. Granada 3727. My Kind Of Town 3728. Angel Eyes 3729. Put Your Dreams Away 3730. Day In, Day Out 3731. Get Me To The Church On Time 3732. What Now My Love? 3733. Ol' Man River 3734. All I Need Is The Girl 3735. Body & Soul 3736. It's All Right With Me 3737. Medley 3738. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars 3739. Change Partners 3740. I Concentrate On You 3741. The Girl From Ipanema 3742. The Song Is You/ They Can't Take That Away From Me 3743. Stompin' At The Savoy 3744. At Long Last Love 3745. Don't Be That Way 3746. The Lady Is A Tramp 3747. Angel Eyes 3748. Put Your Dreams Away Ekskluzywny, Limitowany Boks Zawierający Albumy Studyjne Franka Sinatry Nagrane Dla Wytwórni Reprise. Współpraca Z Wytwórnią Zapewniła Sinatrze Wolność Artystyczną, Która Zaowocowała Płytami Należącymi Do Najwybitniejszych Osiągnięć Artystycznych Wokalisty. W Efektownie Wydanym Zestawie Znalazły Się Klasyczne Albumy Nagrane W Latach 1962-1984, "Swing Along With Me", "Sinatra '65", "September Of My Years", "Strangers In The Night" Oraz Płyty Nagrane W Duetach Z Antonio Carlosem Jobimem ("Sinatra Jobim") Oraz Countem Basie ("Sinatra Basie"). Nagrania Zostały Na Nowo Zremasterowane. Na Dołączonym DVD Zamieszczono Występy Telewizyjne Franka Sinatry Z Lat 60-tych Z Cyklu "A Man And His Music" (w Tym Unikatowe Duety Z Ellą Fitzgerald, Antonio Carlosem Jobimem Oraz Nancy Sinatrą). Frank Sinatra - The Reprise Years Boxed Set Lista Płyt: Ring A Ding Ding Swing Along With Me I Remember Tommy Sinatra & Strings Sinatra And Swingin Brass Great Songs From Great Britain All Alone Sinatra Basie Concert Sinatra Sinatra's Sinatra Days Of Wine And Roses, Moon River And Other Academy Award Winners America I Hear You Singing It Might As Well Be Swing Softly, As I Leave You Sinatra '65 September Of My Years My Kind Of Broadway A Man And His Music (2CD) Strangers In The Night Moonlight Sinatra That's Life Sinatra Jobim The World We Knew Francis A. & Edward K. The Sinatra Family Wish You A Merry Christmas Cycles My Way A Man Alone Watertown Sinatra And Company Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back Some Nice Things I've Missed Trilogy: Past, Present & Future (2CD) She Shot Me Down LA Is My Lady DVD: A Man And His Music - Trilogy Czas Trwania: 2 H 37 Min Format: 1 X DVD-9 Format Audio: PCM Uncompressed Stereo Region: 0 (Worldwide) Menu: Język Angielski


Nine Lives (9 Cd + 1 Dvd) - 2839220496

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Nine Lives (9 Cd + 1 Dvd) Warner Music


1. Burning Down One Side (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 2. Moonlight In Samosa (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 3. Pledge Pin (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 4. Slow Dancer (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 5. Worse Than Detroit (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 6. Fat Lip (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 7. Like I've Never Been Gone (2006 Remastered Lp Vers 8. Mystery Title (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 9. Far Post (2006 Remastered 12 Single) 10. Like I've Never Been Gone (Live In Houston, Texas 101. Other Arms (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 102. In The Mood (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 103. Messin' With The Mekon (2006 Remastered Lp Version 104. Wreckless Love (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 105. Thru' With The Two Step (2006 Remastered Lp Vers 106. Horizontal Departure (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 107. Stranger Here...than Over There (2006 Remastered 108. Big Log (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 109. In The Mood (Live In Houston, 1983) 110. Thru' With The Two Step (Live In Houston, 1983) 111. Lively Up Yourself (Live In Houston, Texas, 1983) 112. Turnaround (Previously Unissued Studio Version) 201. I Get A Thrill (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 202. Sea Of Love (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 203. I Got A Woman (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 204. Young Boy Blues (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 205. Rockin' At Midnight (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 206. Rockin' At Midnight (Live Bootleg Recording, Birmi 301. Hip To Hoo (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 302. Kallalou Kallalou (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 303. Too Loud (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 304. Trouble Your Money (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 305. Pink & Black (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 306. Little By Little (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 307. Doo Doo A Do Do (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 308. Easily Lead (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 309. Sixes & Sevens (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 310. Little By Little (2006 Remixed Long Version) 401. Heaven Knows (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 402. Dance On My Own (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 403. Tall Cool One (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 404. The Way I Feel (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 405. Helen Of Troy (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 406. Billy's Revenge (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 407. Ship Of Fools (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 408. Why (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 409. White, Clean & Neat (2006 Remastered Lp Version 410. Walking Towards Paradise (2006 Remastered Lp Vers 411. Billy's Revenge (Live Bootleg Recording, Los Angel 412. Ship Of Fools (Live Bootleg Recording, Amsterdam 413. Tall Cool One (Live Bootleg Recording, Los Angeles 501. Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You) (2006 Remas 502. Big Love (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 503. S S S & Q (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 504. I Cried (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 505. She Said (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 506. Nirvana (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 507. Tie Dye On The Highway (2006 Remastered Lp Versio 508. Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night ( 509. Anniversary (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 510. Liars Dance (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 511. Watching You (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 512. Oompa (Watery Bint) (2006 Remastered Single Versio 513. One Love (2006 Remastered Single Version) 514. Don't Look Back (2006 Remastered Single Version) 601. Calling To You (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 602. Down To The Sea (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 603. Come Into My Life (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 604. I Believe (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 605. 29 Palms (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 606. Memory Song (Hello Hello) (2006 Remastered Lp Vers 607. If I Were A Carpenter (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 608. Promised Land (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 609. The Greatest Gift (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 610. Great Spirit (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 611. Network News (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 612. Colours Of A Shade (2006 Remastered Single Version 613. Great Spirit (2006 Remastered Acoustic Mix) 614. Rollercoaster (Demo) (Previously Unissued) 615. 8:05 (2006 Remastered Single Version) 616. Dark Moon (2006 Remastered Acoustic Single Version 701. Funny In My Mind (I Believe I'm Fixin' To Die) (20 702. Morning Dew (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 703. One More Cup Of Coffee (2006 Remastered Lp Version 704. Last Time I Saw Her (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 705. Song To The Siren (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 706. Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky) (2006 707. Darkness, Darkness (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 708. Red Dress (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 709. Hey Joe (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 710. Skip's Song (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 711. Dirt In A Hole (Previously Unissued In The United 712. Last Time I Saw Her (2006 Remastered Remix Version 801. Another Tribe (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 802. Shine It All Around (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 803. Freedom Fries (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 804. Tin Pan Alley (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 805. All The Kings Horses (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 806. The Enchanter (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 807. Takamba (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 808. Dancing In Heaven (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 809. Somebody Knocking (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 810. Let The Four Winds Blow (2006 Remastered Lp Versio 811. Mighty Rearranger (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 812. Brother Ray (2006 Remastered Lp Version) 813. Red, White & Blue 814. All The Money In The World (2006 Remastered Single 815. Shine It All Around (Girls Remix) 816. Tin Pan Alley (Girls Remix) 817. The Enchanter (Unkle Reconstruction) 901. Nine Lives Documentary (Video) 902. Burning Down One Side (Video) 903. Big Log (Video) 904. In The Mood (Video) 905. Rockin' At Midnight (Video) 906. Sea Of Love (Video) 907. Little By Little (Video) 908. Pink & Black (Video) 909. Heaven Knows (Video) 910. Tall Cool One (Video) 911. Ship Of Fools (Video) 912. Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You) (Video) 913. Nirvana (Video) 914. Tie Dye On The Highway (Video) 915. 29 Palms (Video) 916. Calling To You (Video) 917. If I Were A Carpenter (Video) 918. I Believe (Video) 919. Morning Dew (Video) 920. Darkness, Darkness (Video) 921. Shine It All Around (Video) Dziesięciopłyowy Box (9 CD I 1DVD) Legendarnego Wokalisty Roberta Planta Dokumentujący Jego Post-Led Zeppelin'owskie Albumy Solowe (9 W Pełni Zremasterowanych Płyt Z Dodatkowymi, Rzadkimi Trackami) Plus Godzinny Dokument Video, Zawierający Wywiad Z Robertem, A Także Klipy I Występy Live. Dodatkowo Wywiady Z Tori Amos, Philem Collinsem, Nigelem Kennedy, Lennym Kravitzem I Benicio Del Toro. Dołączona 60-stronicowa Książeczka Z Rzadko Publikowanymi I Nieznanymi Zdjęciami. Disc 1 Burning Down One Side (3.58) Moonlight In Samosa (4.10) Pledge Pin (4.30) Slow Dancer (7.47) Worse Than Detroit (5.59) Fat Lip (5.80) Like I've Never Been Gone (6.00) Mystery Title (5.22) Far Post (4.42) Like I've Never Been Gone (7.31) Disc 2 Other Arms (4.21) In The Mood (5.22) Messin' With The Mekon (4.39) Wreckless Love (5.17) Thru' With The Two Step (5.34) Horizontal Departure (4.20) Stranger Here... Than Over There (4.20) Big Log (5.10) In The Mood (7.35) Thru' With The Two Step (11.11) Lively Up Yourself (3.40) Turnaround (4.55) Disc 3 I Get A Thrill (2.42) Sea Of Love (3.50) I Got A Woman (3.00) Young Boy Blues (3.33) Rockin' At Midnight (6.40) Rockin' At Midnight (4.14) Disc 4 Hip To Hoo (4.53) Kallalou Kallalou (4.19) Too Loud (4.10) Trouble For Money (4.15) Pink And Black (3.49) Little By Little (4.46) Doo Doo A Do Do (5.11) Easily Lead (4.39) Sixes And Sevens (6.80) Little By Little (5.12) Disc 5 Heaven Knows (4.50) Dance On My Own (4.30) Tall Cool One (4.40) Way I Feel (5.42) Helen Of Troy (5.10) Billy's Revenge (3.34) Ship Of Fools (5.00) Why (4.14) White Clean And Neat (5.30) Walking Towards Paradise (4.49) Billy's Revenge (6.00) Ship Of Fools (10.35) Tall Cool One (5.70) Disc 6 Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You) (4.11) Big Love (4.35) S S S And Q (4.38) I Cried (4.54) She Said (5.13) Nirvana (4.30) Tie Dye On The Highway (5.16) Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night (4.17) Anniversary (5.20) Liars Dance (2.34) Watching You (4.26) Oompah (Watery Bint) (5.47) One Love (3.14) Don't Look Back (3.10) Disc 7 Calling To You (5.48) Down To The Sea (4.00) Come Into My Life (6.32) I Believe (4.32) 29 Palms (4.50) Memory Song (Hello Hello) (5.22) If I Were A Carpenter (3.45) Promised Land (4.59) Greatest Gift (6.52) Great Spirit (5.27) Network News (6.42) Colours Of A Shade (4.45) Great Spirit (3.54) Rollercoaster (4.10) 8.05 (1.49) Dark Moon (4.57) Disc 8 Funny In My Mind (4.45) Morning Dew (4.27) One More Cup Of COffee (4.50) Last Time I Saw Her (4.43) Song To The Siren (5.54) Win My Train Fare Home (6.30) Darkness Darkness (7.11) Red Dress (5.24) Hey Joe (7.60) Skip's Song (4.54) Dirt In A Hole (4.48) Last Time I Saw Her (3.24) Disc 9 Another Tribe (3.15) Shine It All Around (4.30) Freedom Fries (2.52) Tin Pan Valley (3.46) All The King's Horses (4.19) Enchanter (5.27) Takamba (4.50) Dancing In Heaven (4.25) Somebody Knocking (3.46) Let The Four Winds Blow (4.52) Mighty Rearranger (4.25) Brother Ray (1.19) Red White And Blue (3.10) All The Money In The World (3.12) Shine It All Around (7.35) Tin Pan Valley (6.20) Enchanter (6.49) Disc 10 Burning Down One Side (DVD) Big Log (DVD) In The Mood (DVD) Rockin' At Midnight (DVD) Sea Of Love (DVD) Little By Little (DVD) Pink And Black (DVD) Heaven Knows (DVD) Tall Cool One (DVD) Ship Of Fools (DVD) Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You) (DVD) Nirvana (DVD) The Dye On The Highway (DVD) 29 Psalms (DVD) Calling To You (DVD) If I Were A Carpenter (DVD) I Believe (DVD) Morning Dew (DVD) Darkness Darkness (DVD) Shine It All Around (DVD)


Broadway In A Box - The Essential Broadway Musicals Collection - 2839293712

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Broadway In A Box - The Essential Broadway Musicals Collection Sony Music Entertainment


1. Howard, Peter - Annie 2. Act I: Overture 3. Maybe 4. It's The Hard-knock Life 5. Tomorrow 6. We'd Like To Thank You Herbert Hoover 7. Little Girls 8. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here 9. N.y.c 10. Easy Street 11. You Won't Be An Orphan For Long 12. Act Ii: You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile 13. Tomorrow (Reprise) 14. Something Was Missing 15. I Don't Need Anything But You 16. Annie 17. A New Deal For Christmas 18. Strouse, Charles - Introductory Remarks - Voice 19. Strouse, Charles - Apples - Voice 20. Strouse, Charles - Lead-in & Song We Got Annie - 21. Strouse, Charles - Lead-in To Just Wait - Voice 22. Strouse, Charles - Just Wait - Voice 23. Strouse, Charles - Lead-in To That's The Way It Go 24. Strouse, Charles - That's The Way It Goes - Voice 25. Strouse, Charles - Lead-in To Parents - Voice 26. Strouse, Charles - Parents - Voice 27. Strouse, Charles - Lead-in & Song I've Never Been 28. Strouse, Charles - Tomorrow (First Performance) - 101. Porter, Cole - Prelude (From 'Anything Goes') 102. Porter, Cole - I Get A Kick Out Of You (From 'Anyt 103. Porter, Cole - There's No Cure Like Travel; Bon Vo 104. Porter, Cole - You're The Top (From 'Anything Goes 105. Porter, Cole - Easy To Love (From 'Anything Goes') 106. Porter, Cole - I Want To Row On The Crew; Sailor's 107. Porter, Cole - Friendship (From 'Anything Goes') 108. Porter, Cole - It's De-lovely (From 'Anything Goes 109. Porter, Cole - Anything Goes (From 'Anything Goes' 110. Porter, Cole - Entr'acte (From 'Anything Goes') 111. Porter, Cole - Public Enemy Number One (From 'Anyt 112. Porter, Cole - Blow, Gabriel, Blow (From 'Anything 113. Porter, Cole - Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye (Fro 114. Porter, Cole - Be Like The Bluebird (From 'Anythin 115. Porter, Cole - All Through The Night (From 'Anythi 116. Porter, Cole - The Gypsy In Me (From 'Anything Goe 117. Porter, Cole - Buddie, Beware (From 'Anything Goes 118. Porter, Cole - I Get A Kick Out Of You / Anything 201. Lenya, Lotte / Haworth, Jill / Gilford, Jack / - C 202. Act I. Willkommen 203. So What? 204. Dont' Tell Mama 205. Telephone Song 206. Perfectly Marvelous 207. Two Ladies 208. It Couldn't Please Me More (A Pineapple) 209. Tomorrow Belongs To Me 210. Why Should I Wake Up? 211. The Money Song (Sitting Pretty) 212. Married 213. Meeskite 214. Act Ii. Entr'acte 215. If You Could See Her (The Gorilla Song) 216. What Would You Do? 217. Cabaret 218. Finale 219. Berlin Songs Intro 220. I Don't Care Much 221. Roomates Intro 222. Roomates 223. Goodtime Charlie Intro 224. Goodtime Charlie 225. It'll All Blow Over Intro 226. It'll All Blow Over 301. Allers, Franz - Camelot - Voice 302. Act I: Overture 303. March 304. I Wonder What The King Is Doing Tonight - Voice 305. The Simple Joys Of Maidenhood - Voice 306. Camelot - Voice 307. Follow Me - Voice 308. C'est Moi - Voice 309. The Lusty Month Of May - Voice 310. Then You May Take Me To The Fair - Voice 311. How To Handle A Woman - Voice 312. Before I Gaze At You Again - Voice 313. Act Ii: If Ever I Would Leave You - Voice 314. The Seven Deadly Virtues - Voice 315. What Do The Simple Folk Do? - Voice 316. Fie On Goodness - Voice 317. I Loved You Once In Silence - Voice 318. Guenevere - Voice 319. Finale Ultimo - Voice 401. Rodgers, Richard - Prologue: The Carousel Waltz 402. Allers, Franz - You're A Queer One, Julie Jordan; 403. Allers, Franz - If I Loved You 404. Allers, Franz - June Is Bustin' Out All Over 405. Allers, Franz - Mister Snow (Reprise) 406. Allers, Franz - Blow High, Blow Low 407. Allers, Franz - When The Children Are Asleep 408. Raitt, John - Soliloquy 409. Allers, Franz - A Real Nice Clambake 410. Allers, Franz - What's The Use Of Wond'rin' 411. Rodgers, Richard - You'll Never Walk Alone 412. Allers, Franz - The Highest Judge Of All 413. Allers, Franz - Finale Ultimo: You'll Never Walk 501. Orchestra - Overture - Digitally Remastered 1996 502. Rivera, Chita / Company - All That Jazz 503. Verdon, Gwen / Korthaze, Richard / Martin, Barn - 504. Rivera, Chita / Clark, Cheryl / Peacock, Michon - 505. Mccarty, Mary - When You're Good To Mama - Digital 506. Orbach, Jerry / Company - All I Care About - Digit 507. O'haughey, M. - A Little Bit Of Good - Digitally R 508. Orbach, Jerry / Verdon, Gwen / O'haughey, M. / - W 509. Verdon, Gwen / Boys - Roxie - Digitally Remastered 510. Rivera, Chita - I Can't Do It Alone 511. Rivera, Chita / Verdon, Gwen - My Own Best Friend 512. Verdon, Gwen - Me & My Baby - Digitally Remastered 513. Martin, Barney - Mr. Cellophane 514. Rivera, Chita / Boys - When Velma Takes The Stand 515. Orbach, Jerry / Company - Razzle Dazzle - Digitall 516. Rivera, Chita / Mccarty, Mary - Class 517. Verdon, Gwen / Rivera, Chita - Nowadays 518. Rivera, Chita / Company - All That Jazz Reprise - 601. Pippin, Don - Opening: I Hope I Get It - Album Ver 602. Pippin, Don - I Can Do That - Album Version 603. Pippin, Don - At The Ballet - Album Version 604. Pippin, Don - Sing! - Album Version 605. Pippin, Don - Montage Part 1: Hello Twelve, Hello 606. Pippin, Don - Montage Part 2: Mother 607. Pippin, Don - Montage Part 3: Gimme The Ball 608. Pippin, Don - Nothing - Album Version 609. Pippin, Don - Dance: Ten; Looks: Three - Album Ver 610. Pippin, Don - The Music & The Mirror - Album Versi 611. Pippin, Don - One 612. Pippin, Don - What I Did For Love 613. Pippin, Don - One (Reprise) / Finale - Album Versi 701. Hastings, Harold - Company - Original Broadway Cas 702. Company - Voice 703. The Little Things You Do Together - Voice 704. Sorry - Grateful - Voice 705. You Could Drive A Person Crazy - Voice 706. Have I Got A Girl For You - Voice 707. Someone Is Waiting - Voice 708. Another Hundred People - Voice 709. Getting Married Today - Voice 710. Side By Side By Side / What Would We Do Without Yo 711. Poor Baby - Voice 712. Tick-tock - Voice 713. Barcelona - Voice 714. The Ladies Who Lunch - Voice 715. Being Alive - Voice 716. Finale - Voice 717. Being Alive - Voice 801. Bock, Jerry - Prologue - Tradition (From 'Fiddler 802. Bock, Jerry - Matchmaker (From 'Fiddler On The Roo 803. Bock, Jerry - If I Were A Rich Man (From 'Fiddler 804. Bock, Jerry - Sabbath Prayer (From 'Fiddler On The 805. Bock, Jerry - To Life (From 'Fiddler On The Roof') 806. Bock, Jerry - Miracle Of Miracles (From 'Fiddler O 807. Bock, Jerry - The Dream (From 'Fiddler On The Roof 808. Bock, Jerry - Sunrise, Sunset (From 'Fiddler On Th 809. Bock, Jerry - Wedding Dance (From 'Fiddler On The 810. Bock, Jerry - Now I Have Everything (From 'Fiddler 811. Bock, Jerry - Do You Love Me? (From 'Fiddler On Th 812. Bock, Jerry - The Rumor (From 'Fiddler On The Roof 813. Bock, Jerry - Far From The Home I Love (From 'Fidd 814. Bock, Jerry - Anatevka (From 'Fiddler On The Roof' 901. Loesser, Frank - Runyonland (From 'Guys & Dolls') 902. Loesser, Frank - Fugue For Tinhorns (From 'Guys & 903. Loesser, Frank - Follow The Fold (From 'Guys & Dol 904. Loesser, Frank - The Oldest Established (From 'Guy 905. Loesser, Frank - I'll Know (From 'Guys & Dolls') 906. Loesser, Frank - A Bushel & A Peck (From 'Guys & D 907. Loesser, Frank - Adelaide's Lament (From 'Guys & D 908. Loesser, Frank - Guys & Dolls (From 'Guys & Dolls' 909. Loesser, Frank - Havana (From 'Guys & Dolls') 910. Loesser, Frank - If I Were A Bell (From 'Guys & Do 911. Loesser, Frank - My Time Of Day (From 'Guys & Doll 912. Loesser, Frank - I've Never Been In Love Before (F 913. Loesser, Frank - Entr'acte / Take Back Your Mink ( 914. Loesser, Frank - Adelaide's Lament (Reprise) (From 915. Loesser, Frank - More I Cannot Wish You (From 'Guy 916. Loesser, Frank - The Crapshooters' Dance (From 'Gu 917. Loesser, Frank - Luck Be A Lady (From 'Guys & Doll 918. Loesser, Frank - Sue Me (From 'Guys & Dolls') 919. Loesser, Frank - Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat 920. Loesser, Frank - Marry The Man Today (From 'Guys & 921. Loesser, Frank - Guys & Dolls (Reprise) (From 'Guy 1001. Rosenstock, Milton - Gypsy 1002. Overture 1003. Let Me Entertain You 1004. Some People 1005. Small World 1006. Baby June & Her Newsboys 1007. Mr. Goldstone, I Love You 1008. Little Lamb 1009. You'll Never Get Away From Me 1010. Dainty June & Her Farmboys 1011. If Momma Was Married 1012. All I Need Is The Girl 1013. Everything's Coming Up Roses 1014. Together Wherever We Go 1015. You Gotta Have A Gimmick 1016. Let Me Entertain You 1017. Rose's Turn 1018. Merman, Ethel / Merman, Ethel - Some People - Bonu 1019. Merman, Ethel / Merman, Ethel - Mr. Goldstone / Li 1020. Leslie, Laura / Leslie, Laura - Momma's Talkin' So 1021. Knee, Bernie / Knee, Bernie - Nice She Ain't - Bon 1022. Leslie, Laura - Who Needs Him - Bonus Track 1023. Styne, Jule - Michael Feinstein Interviews Jule St 1024. Gypsy Rose Lee - Gypsy Rose Lee Remembers Burlesqu 1101. Macdermot, Galt - Aquarius (From 'Hair') 1102. Macdermot, Galt - Donna (From 'Hair') 1103. Macdermot, Galt - Hashish (From 'Hair') 1104. Macdermot, Galt - Sodomy (From 'Hair') 1105. Macdermot, Galt - Colored Spade (From 'Hair') 1106. Macdermot, Galt - Manchester England (From 'Hair') 1107. Macdermot, Galt - I'm Black (From 'Hair') 1108. Macdermot, Galt - Ain't Got No (From 'Hair') 1109. Macdermot, Galt - I Believe In Love (From 'Hair') 1110. Macdermot, Galt - Ain't Got No (Reprise) (From 'Ha 1111. Eaton, Sally / Plimpton, Shelley / Moore, Melba - 1112. Ragni, Gerome - Initials (From 'Hair') 1113. Ragni, Gerome - I Got Life (From 'Hair') 1114. Ragni, Gerome - Going Down (From 'Hair') 1115. Ragni, Gerome - Hair (From 'Hair') 1116. Ragni, Gerome - My Conviction (From 'Hair') 1117. Ragni, Gerome - Easy To Be Hard (From 'Hair') 1118. Ragni, Gerome - Don't Put It Down (From 'Hair') 1119. Ragni, Gerome - Frank Mills (From 'Hair') 1120. Macdermot, Galt - Be--in (From 'Hair') 1121. Ragni, Gerome - Where Do I Go? (From 'Hair') 1122. Ragni, Gerome - Electric Blues (From 'Hair') 1123. Ragni, Gerome - Manchester England (Reprise) (From 1124. Macdermot, Galt - Black Boys (From 'Hair') 1125. Macdermot, Galt - White Boys (From 'Hair') 1126. Macdermot, Galt - Walking In Space (From 'Hair') 1127. Ragni, Gerome - Abie Baby (From 'Hair') 1128. Macdermot, Galt - Three-five-zero-zero (From 'Hair 1129. Macdermot, Galt - What A Piece Of Work Is Man (Fro 1130. Macdermot, Galt - Good Morning Starshine (From 'Ha 1131. Ragni, Gerome - The Bed (From 'Hair') 1132. Ragni, Gerome - The Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshi 1201. Herman, Jerry - Prologue (From 'Hello, Dolly!') - 1202. Herman, Jerry - I Put My Hand In (From 'Hello, Dol 1203. Herman, Jerry - It Takes A Woman (From 'Hello, Dol 1204. Herman, Jerry - Put On Your Sunday Clothes (From ' 1205. Herman, Jerry - Ribbons Down My Back (From 'Hello, 1206. Herman, Jerry - Motherhood (From 'Hello, Dolly!') 1207. Herman, Jerry - Dancing (From 'Hello, Dolly!') - 1 1208. Herman, Jerry - Before The Parade Passes By (From 1209. Herman, Jerry - Elegance (From 'Hello, Dolly!') - 1210. Herman, Jerry - Hello, Dolly! (From 'Hello, Dolly! 1211. Herman, Jerry - It Only Takes A Moment (From 'Hell 1212. Herman, Jerry - So Long Dearie (From 'Hello, Dolly 1213. Herman, Jerry - Finale (From 'Hello, Dolly!') - Re 1301. Lawrence, Elliot - Overture 1302. Morse, Robert - How To 1303. Lawrence, Elliot - Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm 1304. Reilly, Charles Nelson / Sutherland, Claudette - C 1305. Morse, Robert / Smith, Sammy - The Company Way 1306. Reilly, Charles Nelson / Company - The Company Way 1307. Reed, Paul / Company - A Secretary Is Not A Toy 1308. Sutherland, Claudette / Scott, Bonnie / Morse, - B 1309. Morse, Robert / Vallee, Rudy - Grand Old Ivy 1310. Scott, Bonnie / Sutherland, Claudette / Landi, - P 1311. Morse, Robert / Scott, Bonnie - Rosemary 1312. Morse, Robert / Scott, Bonnie / Reilly, Charles - 1313. Sutherland, Claudette / Company / Scott, Bonnie - 1314. Vallee, Rudy / Martin, Virginia - Love From A Hear 1315. Morse, Robert / Company - I Believe In You 1316. Morse, Robert / Smith, Sammy / Kobart, Ruth / C - 1317. Morse, Robert / Company / Scott, Bonnie - Finale 1401. Sondheim, Stephen - Into The Woods (Prologue) (Fro 1402. Sondheim, Stephen - Cinderella At The Grave (From 1403. Sondheim, Stephen - Hello, Little Girl (From 'Into 1404. Sondheim, Stephen - I Guess This Is Goodbye / Mayb 1405. I Guess This Is Goodbye (From 'Into The Woods') 1406. Maybe They're Magic (From 'Into The Woods') 1407. Sondheim, Stephen - I Know Things Now (From 'Into 1408. Sondheim, Stephen - A Very Nice Prince / First Mid 1409. A Very Nice Prince (From 'Into The Woods') 1410. First Midnight (From 'Into The Woods') 1411. Giants In The Sky (From 'Into The Woods') 1412. Sondheim, Stephen - Agony (From 'Into The Woods') 1413. Sondheim, Stephen - It Takes Two (From 'Into The W 1414. Sondheim, Stephen - Stay With Me (From 'Into The W 1415. Sondheim, Stephen - On The Steps Of The Palace (Fr 1416. Sondheim, Stephen - Ever After (From 'Into The Woo 1417. Sondheim, Stephen - Act II Prologue: So Happy (Fro 1418. Sondheim, Stephen - Agony (Reprise) (From 'Into Th 1419. Sondheim, Stephen - Lament (From 'Into The Woods') 1420. Sondheim, Stephen - Any Moment / Moments In The Wo 1421. Any Moment (From 'Into The Woods') 1422. Moments In The Woods (From 'Into The Woods') 1423. Sondheim, Stephen - Your Fault / Last Midnight (Fr 1424. Your Fault (From 'Into The Woods') 1425. Last Midnight (From 'Into The Woods') 1426. Sondheim, Stephen - No More (From 'Into The Woods' 1427. Gemignani, Paul - No One Is Alone 1428. Sondheim, Stephen - Finale: Children Will Listen ( 1429. Mitchell, John Cameron - Giants In The Sky 1430. Crosby, Kim - Back To The Palace 1431. Moore, Maureen - Boom Crunch 1501. Allers, Franz - Overture (From 'The King & I') 1502. Stevens, Rise / Harvey, James / Orchestra - I Whis 1503. Venora, Lee / Orchestra - My Lord & Master (From ' 1504. Stevens, Rise / Orchestra - Hello, Young Lovers (F 1505. Allers, Franz - March Of The Siamese Children (Fro 1506. Mcgavin, Darren / Orchestra - A Puzzlement (From ' 1507. Stevens, Rise / Chorus / Orchestra - Getting To Kn 1508. Venora, Lee / Porretta, Frank / Orchestra - We Kis 1509. Stevens, Rise / Orchestra - Shall I Tell You What 1510. Neway, Patricia / Orchestra - Something Wonderful 1511. Neway, Patricia / Chorus / Orchestra - Western Peo 1512. Venora, Lee / Porretta, Frank / Orchestra - I Have 1513. Venora, Lee / Chorus / Orchestra - The Small House 1514. Stevens, Rise / Mcgavin, Darren / Orchestra - Shal 1515. Allers, Franz - Something Wonderful (Reprise) (Fro 1601. Leigh, Mitch - Opening 1602. Leigh, Mitch - Man Of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote) 1603. Leigh, Mitch - It's All The Same 1604. Leigh, Mitch - Dulcinea 1605. Leigh, Mitch - I'm Only Thinking Of Him 1606. Leigh, Mitch - We're Only Thinking Of Him 1607. Leigh, Mitch - I Really Like Him 1608. Leigh, Mitch - What Does He Want Of Me? 1609. Leigh, Mitch - Little Bird, Little Bird 1610. Leigh, Mitch - Barber's Song 1611. Leigh, Mitch - Golden Helmet Of Mambrino 1612. Leigh, Mitch - To Each His Dulcinea (To Every Man 1613. Leigh, Mitch - The Impossible Dream (The Quest) 1614. Leigh, Mitch - Knight Of The Woeful Countenance 1615. Leigh, Mitch - Aldonza 1616. Leigh, Mitch - The Knight Of The Mirrors 1617. Leigh, Mitch - I'm Only Thinking Of Him (Reprise) 1618. Leigh, Mitch - A Little Gossip 1619. Leigh, Mitch - Final Sequence: The Death Of Alons 1620. Dulcinea (Reprise) 1621. The Impossible Dream (The Quest) (Reprise) 1622. Man Of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote) (Reprise) 1623. The Psalm 1624. Leigh, Mitch - Finale 1701. Allers, Franz - Overture 1702. Allers, Franz - Why Can't The English? 1703. Allers, Franz - Wouldn't It Be Loverly 1704. Allers, Franz - With A Little Bit Of Luck 1705. Allers, Franz - I'm An Ordinary Man 1706. Allers, Franz - Just You Wait 1707. Allers, Franz - The Rain In Spain 1708. Allers, Franz - I Could Have Danced All Night 1709. Allers, Franz - Ascot Gavotte 1710. Allers, Franz - On The Street Where You Live 1711. Allers, Franz - You Did It 1712. Allers, Franz - Show Me 1713. Loewe, Frederick - Get Me To The Church On Time 1714. Allers, Franz - A Hymn To Him 1715. Allers, Franz - Without You 1716. Allers, Franz - I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face 1717. Spoken Word - A Post-recording Conversation 1718. Spoken Word - Playback: Alan Jay Lerner & Frederic 1801. Rodgers, Richard - Overture (From 'Oklahoma!') 1802. Rodgers, Richard - Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin' (F 1803. Rodgers, Richard - Laurey's Entrance (From 'Oklaho 1804. Rodgers, Richard - The Surrey With The Fringe On T 1805. Rodgers, Richard - Kansas City (From 'Oklahoma!') 1806. Rodgers, Richard - I Cain't Say No (From 'Oklahoma 1807. Rodgers, Richard - Many A New Day (From 'Oklahoma! 1808. Rodgers, Richard - It's A Scandal; It's A Outrage! 1809. Rodgers, Richard - People Will Say We're In Love ( 1810. Rodgers, Richard - Pore Jud Is Daid (From 'Oklahom 1811. Rodgers, Richard - Lonely Room (From 'Oklahoma!') 1812. Rodgers, Richard - Out Of My Dreams (From 'Oklahom 1813. Rodgers, Richard - The Farmer & The Cowman (From ' 1814. Rodgers, Richard - All Er Nuthin' (From 'Oklahoma! 1815. Rodgers, Richard - People Will Say We're In Love ( 1816. Rodgers, Richard - Oklahoma - Finale: Oh, What A B 1901. Bart, Lionel - Overture - Food, Glorious Food (Fro 1902. Overture (From 'Oliver') 1903. Food, Glorious Food (From 'Oliver') 1904. Bart, Lionel - Oliver! (From 'Oliver') 1905. Bart, Lionel - I Shall Scream (From 'Oliver') 1906. Bart, Lionel - Boy For Sale; Where Is Love? (From 1907. Bart, Lionel - Consider Yourself (From 'Oliver') 1908. Bart, Lionel - You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two 1909. Bart, Lionel - It's A Fine Life (From 'Oliver') 1910. Bart, Lionel - I'd Do Anything (From 'Oliver') - ( 1911. Bart, Lionel - Be Back Soon (From 'Oliver') 1912. Bart, Lionel - Oom-pah-pah (From 'Oliver') 1913. Bart, Lionel - My Name (From 'Oliver') 1914. Bart, Lionel - As Long As He Needs Me (From 'Olive 1915. Bart, Lionel - Who Will Buy? (From 'Oliver') 1916. Bart, Lionel - Reviewing The Situation (From 'Oliv 1917. Bart, Lionel - As Long As He Needs Me (Reprise) (F 1918. Bart, Lionel - Reviewing The Situation (Reprise) ( 1919. Bart, Lionel - Finale (From 'Oliver') 2001. Kern, Jerome - Overture (From 'Showboat') 2002. Kern, Jerome - Cotton Blossom (From 'Showboat') 2003. Kern, Jerome - Make Believe (From 'Showboat') 2004. Kern, Jerome - Old Man River (From 'Showboat') 2005. Kern, Jerome - Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (From 'Sh 2006. Kern, Jerome - Life Upon The Wicked Stage (From 'S 2007. Kern, Jerome - You Are Love (From 'Showboat') 2008. Allers, Franz - At The Chicago World's Fair (From 2009. Kern, Jerome - Why Do I Love You? (From 'Showboat' 2010. Kern, Jerome - Bill (From 'Showboat') 2011. Kern, Jerome - Good Bye My Lady Love (From 'Showbo 2012. Kern, Jerome - After The Ball (From 'Showboat') 2013. Kern, Jerome - Finale: Ol' Man River (From 'Showbo 2101. Martin, Mary / Howell, Elizabeth / Shepard, Kar - 2102. Act I: Preludium 2103. The Sound Of Music 2104. Maria 2105. My Favorite Things 2106. Do-re-mi 2107. Sixteen Going On Seventeen 2108. The Lonely Goatherd 2109. How Can Love Survive? 2110. The Sound Of Music (Reprise) 2111. Laendler 2112. So Long, Farewell 2113. Climb Ev'ry Mountain 2114. Act Ii: No Way To Stop It 2115. An Ordinary Couple 2116. Processional 2117. Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Reprise) 2118. Edelweiss 2119. Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Reprise) 2120. Andrews, Julie / Burnett, Carol / Chorus - From Sw 2121. Kraus, Michael / Pires, Sandra / Bernhard, Dagm - 2122. Rodgers, Richard - Sok Dig Till Bergen - Climb Eve 2201. Dell'isola, Salvatore - South Pacific - Original B 2202. Act I: Overture (Orchestra) 2203. Dites-moi (Barbara Luna, Michael Deleon) - Voice 2204. A Cockeyed Optimist (Mary Martin) - Voice 2205. Twin Soliloquies (Mary Martin, Ezio Pinza) - Voice 2206. Some Enchanted Evening (Ezio Pinza) - Voice 2207. Bloody Mary (Sailors, Seabees, Marines) - Voice 2208. There Is Nothin' Like A Dame (Myron Mccormick, Sai 2209. Bali Ha'i (Juanita Hall) - Voice 2210. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair - Voice 2211. A Wonderful Guy (Mary Martin, Nurses) - Voice 2212. Younger Than Springtime (William Tabbert) - Voice 2213. Act Ii: Happy Talk (Juanita Hall) - Voice 2214. Honey Bun (Mary Martin) - Voice 2215. You've Got To Be Carefully Taught (William Tabbert 2216. This Nearly Was Mine (Ezio Pinza) - Voice 2217. Finale: Dites Moi (Reprise) (Mary Martin, Barbara 2218. Engel, Lehman - Loneliness Of Evening 2219. Engel, Lehman - My Girl Back Home 2220. Engel, Lehman - Bali Ha'i 2221. Kostelanetz, Andre - South Pacific (Symphonic Scen 2301. Gemignani, Paul - Prelude: The Ballad Of Sweeney T 2302. Gemignani, Paul - No Place Like London/the Barber 2303. No Place Like London 2304. The Barber & His Wife 2305. Sondheim, Stephen - The Worst Pies In London (From 2306. Gemignani, Paul - My Friends; The Ballad Of Sweene 2307. Gemignani, Paul - Johanna (From 'Sweeney Todd') 2308. Original Soundtrack / Company / Lansbury, Angel - 2309. Sondheim, Stephen - Kiss Me; Ladies In Their Sensi 2310. Sondheim, Stephen - Pretty Women, Epiphany 2311. Sondheim, Stephen - A Little Priest (From 'Sweeney 2312. Sondheim, Stephen - God, That's Good! (From 'Sween 2313. Sondheim, Stephen - Johanna (From 'Sweeney Todd') 2314. Sondheim, Stephen - By The Sea (From 'Sweeney Todd 2315. Sondheim, Stephen - Not While I'm Around (From 'Sw 2316. Gemignani, Paul - Final Sequence (Excerpt); The Ba 2401. Goberman, Max - West Side Story - Original Broadwa 2402. Act I: Prologue 2403. Jet Song 2404. Something's Coming 2405. The Dance At The Gym 2406. Maria 2407. Tonight 2408. America 2409. Cool 2410. One Hand, One Heart 2411. Tonight (Quintet & Chorus) 2412. The Rumble 2413. Act Ii: I Feel Pretty 2414. Somewhere (Ballet) 2415. Gee, Officer Krupke 2416. A Boy Like That / I Have A Love 2417. Finale 2418. Bernstein, Leonard - Symphonic Dances From 'West S 2419. Prologue (Allegro Moderato) 2420. Somewhere (Adagio) 2421. Scherzo (Vivace Leggiero) 2422. Mambo (Meno Presto) 2423. Cha-cha (Andantino Con Grazia) 2424. Meeting Scene (Meno Mosso) 2425. Cool Fugue (Allegretto) 2426. Rumble (Molto Allegro) 2427. Finale (Adagio)


Beginning ASP.NET 4 - 2826646383

191,38 zł

Beginning ASP.NET 4 Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to build rich and interactive web sites that run on the Microsoft platform. With the knowledge you gain from this book, you create a great foundation to build any type of web site, ranging from simple hobby-related web sites to sites you may be creating for commercial purposes. Anyone new to web programming should be able to follow along because no prior background in web development is assumed although it helps if you do have a basic understanding of HTML and the web in general. The book starts at the very beginning of web development by showing you how to obtain and install Visual Web Developer. The chapters that follow gradually introduce you to new technologies, building on top of the knowledge gained in the previous chapters. Do you have a strong preference for Visual Basic over C# or the other way around? Or do you think both languages are equally cool? Or maybe you haven't made up your mind yet and want to learn both languages? Either way, you'll like this book because all code examples are presented in both languages! Even if you have some experience with prior versions of ASP.NET, you may gain a lot from this book. Although many concepts from previous versions are brought forward into ASP.NET 4, you'll discover there's a lot of new stuff to be found in this book, including an introduction to the ADO.NET Entity Framework, the inclusion of jQuery, ASP.NET AJAX, the many changes to the ASP.NET 4 Framework, and much more. This book teaches you how to create a feature-rich, data-driven, and interactive web site called Planet Wrox. Although this is quite a mouthful, you'll find that with Visual Web Developer 2010, developing such a web site isn't as hard as it seems. You'll see the entire process of building a web site, from installing Visual Web Developer 2010 in Chapter 1 all the way up to putting your web application on a live server in Chapter 19. The book is divided into 19 chapters, each dealing with a specific subject.* Chapter 1, "Getting Started with ASP.NET 4" shows you how to obtain and install Visual Web Developer 2010. You'll get instructions for downloading and installing the free edition of Visual Web Developer 2010, called the Express edition. You are also introduced to HTML, the language behind every web page. The chapter closes with an overview of the customization options that Visual Web Developer gives you.* Chapter 2, "Building an ASP.NET Web Site" shows you how to create a new web site and how to add new elements like pages to it. Besides learning how to create a well-structured site, you also see how to use the numerous tools in Visual Web Developer to create HTML and ASP.NET pages.* Chapter 3, "Designing Your Web Pages." Visual Web Developer comes with a host of tools that allow you to create well-designed and attractive web pages. In this chapter, you see how to make good use of these tools. Additionally, you learn about CSS, the language that is used to format web pages.* Chapter 4, "Working with ASP.NET Server Controls." ASP.NET Server Controls are one of the most important concepts in ASP.NET. They allow you to create complex and feature-rich web sites with very little code. This chapter introduces you to the large number of server controls that are available, explains what they are used for, and shows you how to use them.* Chapter 5, "Programming Your ASP.NET Web Pages." Although the built-in CSS tools and the ASP.N ET Server Controls can get you a long way in creating web pages, you are likely to use a programming language to enhance your pages. This chapter serves as an introduction to programming with a strong focus on programming web pages. Best of all: all the examples you see in this chapter (and the rest of the book) are in both Visual Basic and C#, so you can choose the language you like best.* Chapter 6, "Creating Consistent Looking Web Sites." ASP.NET helps you create consistent-looking pages through the use of master pages, which allow you to define the global look and feel of a page. Skins and themes help you to centralize the looks of controls and other visual elements in your site. You also see how to create a base page that helps to centralize programming code that you need on all pages in your site.* Chapter 7, "Navigation." To help your visitors find their way around your site, ASP.NET comes with a number of navigation controls. These controls are used to build the navigation structure of your site. They can be connected to your site's central site map that defines the pages in your web site. You also learn how to programmatically send users from one page to another.* Chapter 8, "User Controls." User controls are reusable page fragments that can be used in multiple web pages. As such, they are great for repeating content such as menus, banners, and so on. In this chapter, you learn how to create and use user controls and enhance them with some programmatic intelligence.* Chapter 9, "Validating User Input." A large part of interactivity in your site is defined by the input of your users. This chapter shows you how to accept, validate, and process user input using ASP.NET Server Controls. Additionally, you see how to send e-mail from your ASP.NET web application and how to read from text files.* Chapter 10, "ASP.NET AJAX." Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX allows you to create good-looking, flicker-free web pages that close the gap between traditional desktop applications and web applications. In this chapter you learn how to use the built-in Ajax features to enhance the presence of your web pages, resulting in a smoother interaction with the web site.* Chapter 11, "jQuery." jQuery is a popular, open source and cross-browser JavaScript library designed to make it easier to interact with web pages in the client's browser. In this chapter you learn the basics of jQuery and see how to add rich visual effects and animations to your web pages.* Chapter 12, "Introducing Databases." Understanding how to use a database is critical to building web sites, as most modern web sites require the use of a database. You'll learn the basics of SQL, the query language that allows you to access and alter data in a database. In addition, you are introduced to the database tools found in Visual Web Developer that help you create and manage your SQL Server databases.* Chapter 13, "Displaying and Updating Data." Building on the knowledge you gained in the previous chapter, this chapter shows you how to use the ASP.NET data-bound and data source controls to create a rich interface that enables your users to interact with the data in the database that these controls target.* Chapter 14, "LINQ and the ADO.NET Entity Framework." LINQ is Microsoft's solution for accessing objects, databases, XML, and more. The ADO.NET Entity Framework (EF) is Microsoft's new technology for database access. This chapter shows you what LINQ is all about, how to use the visual EF designer built into Visual Studio, and how to write LINQ to EF queries to get data in and out of your SQL Server database.* Chapter 15, "Working with Data-Advanced Topics." While earlier chapters focused mostly on the technical foundations of working with data, this chapter looks at the same topic from a front-end perspective. You see how to change the visual appearance of your data through the use of control styles. You also see how to interact with the data-bound controls and how to speed up your application by keeping a local copy of frequently accessed data.* Chapter 16, "Security in Your ASP.NET 4 Web Site." Although presented quite late in the book, security is a first-class, important topic. This chapter shows you how to make use of the built-in ASP.NET features related to security. You learn about a number of application services that facilitate security. You also learn how to let users sign up for an account on your web site, how to distinguish between anonymous and logged-on users, and how to manage the users in your system.* Chapter 17, "Personalizing Web Sites." Building on the security features introduced in Chapter 16, this chapter shows you how to create personalized web pages with content targeted at individual users. You see how to configure and use ASP.NET Profile that enables you to store personalized data for known and anonymous visitors.* Chapter 18, "Exception Handling, Debugging, and Tracing." In order to understand, improve, and fix the code you write for your ASP.NET web pages you need good debugging tools. Visual Web Developer ships with great debugging support that enables you to diagnose the state of your application at run time, helping you find and fix problems before your users do.* Chapter 19, "Deploying Your Web Site." By the end of the book, you should have a web site that is ready to be shown to the world. But how exactly do you do that? What are the things you need to know and understand to put your web site out in the wild? This chapter gives the answers and provides you with a good look at configuring different production systems in order to run your final web site. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


101 Christmas Songs - 2839576253

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101 Christmas Songs EMI


1. Dean Martin - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! 2. Judith Durham - White Christmas 3. Al Martino - Silver Bells 4. Jo Stafford - Winter Wonderland 5. Bing Crosby - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 6. Vera Lynn - Away In A Manger 7. Wayne Newton - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 8. Ella Fitzgerald - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 9. John Farnham - The First Noel 10. Anne Murray - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas 11. Dion - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree 12. Crystal Gayle - I'll Be Home For Christmas 13. Jan & Dean - Frosty The Snowman 14. Les Paul - Jingle Bells 15. The Spinners - The Twelve Days Of Christmas 16. Lou Rawls - Merry Christmas, Baby 17. Carnie & Wendy Wilson - Jingle Bell Rock 18. Ferrante & Teicher - Sleigh Ride 19. Stacie Orrico - O Come, All Ye Faithful 20. Matt Monro - Mary's Boy Chi Ld 21. Eternal - Amazing Grace 22. Kenny Rogers - When A Child Is Born 23. Jamelia - Last Christmas 24. Celtic Woman - O Holy Night 25. Sin Ad O'connor - Silent Night 26. Aled Jones - Walking In The Air 27. Shirley Bassey - Ave Maria 101. Cliff Richard - Mistletoe And Wine 102. Sarah Brightman - I Believe In Father Christmas 103. The Bird And The Bee - Carol Of The Bells 104. Amy Grant - Grown-up Christmas List 105. Glen Campbell - Blue Christmas 106. Deniece Williams - Do You Hear What I Hear? 107. Willie Nelson Feat. Norah Jones - Baby It's Cold Outside 108. Bobby Goldsboro - Look Around You 109. Andy Williams - Christmas Holiday 110. Barry Blue - Christmas Moon 111. Keith Marshall - Another Christmas 112. Aaron Neville - Christmas Prayer 113. Dianne Reeves - Christmas Time Is Here 114. Bebe & Cece Winans - Joy To The World 115. Faith Evans - Mistletoe And Holly 116. Julie London - I'd Like You For Christmas 117. Gilbert O'sullivan - Christmas Song 118. Nancy Wilson - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? 119. June Christy - Christmas Heart 120. The O'jays - Christmas Time In The City 121. The Kings Singers - While Shepherds Watched 122. The Lettermen - What Child Is This? 123. The Kingston Trio - We Wish You A Merry Christmas 124. Kurt Elling - Cool Yule 125. Norah Jones - Peace 201. Wizzard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday 202. Kt Tunstall - Fairytale Of New York 203. Everclear - Santa Baby 204. These Kids Wear Crowns - Red White And You 205. The Band - Christmas Must Be Tonight 206. Pat Benatar - Please Come Home For Christmas 207. Mud - Lonely This Christmas 208. Billy Squier - Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You 209. George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Rock And Roll Christmas 210. Jimmy Eat World - Christmas Card 211. Caesars - New Years Day 212. Canned Heat - Christmas Blues 213. Marcy Playground - Keegan's Christmas 214. The Smithereens - Rudolph, The Red- Nosed Reindeer 215. Billy Idol - Mark Of Caine 216. The Thrills - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus 217. The Decemberists - Please Daddy 218. Jona Lewie - Stop The Cavalry 219. Troggs - Let's Drink A Toast 220. Shane Macgowan & The Popes - Christmas Lullaby 221. The Alarm - Happy Xmas 222. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love 301. Rolf Harris - Six White Boomers 302. Chas & Dave - Good King Wenceslas 303. Adam Faith - Lonely Pup 304. Alma Cogan - Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo 305. Mike Berry - Oh No, It's Christmas 306. Hank Thompson - Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Cla 307. Eve Boswell - The Christmas Tree 308. Showaddywaddy - Hey Mr. Christmas 309. Kay Starr - The Man With The Bag 310. Mel Blanc - The Hat I Got For Christmas Is Too Beeg 311. Big Dee Irwin - Swinging On A Star 312. Les Baxter - Santa Claus' Party 313. The Dinning Sisters & Bob Atcher - Christmas Island 314. Bobby Vee - Christmas Vacation 315. Trace Adkins - The Christmas Song 316. Tanya Tucker - Christmas To Christmas 317. Chris Ledoux - Santa Claus Is Coming\ To Town 318. Deana Carter - Boogie Woogie Santa 319. Darius Rucker - Candy Cane Christmas 320. Steve Wariner - Christmas In Your Arms 321. Hot Chocolate - Brand New Christmas 322. Bert Jansch - In The Bleak Mid Winter 323. Jethro Tull - Ring Out Solstice Bells 324. Steeleye Span - Gaudete 325. The Seekers - Morningtown Ride 326. Kate Winslet - What If 327. The Party Poppers - Auld Lang Syne


Dean Martin - Die frühen Aufnahmen - 200 Hits & Raritäten, 8 Audio-CDs (Limited Ed.) - 2826920290

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Dean Martin - Die frühen Aufnahmen - 200 Hits & Raritäten, 8 Audio-CDs (Limited Ed.) KNM Home Entertainment

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

200 Musiktitel aus den 40er- und 50er-Jahren auf 8CDs:CD 1001 Oh, Marie002 Walkin' My Baby Back Home003 Santa Lucia004 Hold Me005 Memory Lane006 Louise007 One Foot In Heaven008 The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful009 The Money Song010 That Certain Party011 Tarra Ta-Larra Ta-Lar012 Once In Love With Amy013 You Was! (& PEGGY LEE)014 Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile!)015 Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder016 Have A Little Sympathy017 Johnny, Get Your Girl018 Dreamy Old New England Moon019 Three Wishes020 Just For Fun021 My Own, My Only, My All022 That Lucky Old Sun023 Vieni Su (Say You Love Me Too!)024 Rain025 Zing-A-Zing-A Zing BoomCD 2001 I'm Gonna Paper All My Walls With Your Love002 Muskrat Ramble003 I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine004 Choo'n Gum005 Be Honest With Me006 I Still Get A Thrill007 Bye Bye Blackbird008 Happy Feet009 Baby, Obey Me010 I'll Always Love You (Day After Day)011 The Darktown Strutters' Ball012 I'm In Love With You (& MARGARET WHITING)013 Don't Rock The Boat, Dear(& MARGARET WHITING)014 Tonda Wanda Hoy015 Who's Sorry Now?016 Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma'am!017 The Peddler's Serenade018 If019 Beside You020 I Love The Way You Say Goodnight021 You And Your Beautiful Eyes022 We Never Talk Much,We Just...(& H. O'CONNELL)023 How D'ya Like Your Eggs In...(& H. O'CONNELL)024 In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening025 Bonne Nuit (Goodnight)CD 3001 Which Way Did My Heart Go?002 All Of Me003 I Got The Sun In The Morning004 The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi005 Luna Mezzo Mare006 Go Go Go Go007 Aw C'Mon008 Hangin' Around With You009 Solitaire010 My Heart Has Found A Home Now011 (Ma Come Bali) Bella Bimba012 The Sailors' Polka013 I Ran All The Way Home014 Meanderin'015 As You Are016 Blue Smoke (Kohu-Auwahi)017 Night Train To Memphis018 Until019 Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!020 Come Back To Sorrento (Torna A Surriento)021 Never Before022 When You're Smiling023 Won't You Surrender024 All I Have To Give You025 Oh, MarieCD 4001 I Passed Your House Tonight002 Bet-I-Cha003 You Belong To Me004 Kiss005 What Could Be More Beautiful006 Little Did We Know007 I Know A Dream When I See One008 Second Chance009 Hominy Grits010 Just One More Chance011 I'm Yours012 With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming013 There's My Lover014 'til I Find You015 Don't You Remember?016 If I Could Sing Like Bing017 Love Me, Love Me018 That's Amore019 You're The Right One020 Where Can I Go Without You?021 If I Should Love Again022 Hey, Brother, Pour The Wine023 Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket024 Moments Like This025 That's What I LikeCD 5001 I Want You002 I'd Cry Like A Baby003 How Do You Speak To An Angel004 Ev'ry Street's A Boulevard In Old New York005 Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket006 That's What I Like007 Belle From Barcelona (O-O-Lč, Mu-Cha-Cha)008 Sway009 Under The Bridges Of Paris010 The Peddlar Man (Ten I Loved)011 I Never Had A Chance012 Confused013 One More Time014 Try Again015 Let Me Go, Lover016 The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane017 Mambo Italiano018 That's All I Want From You019 Young And Foolish020 In Napoli021 The Lady With The Big Umbrella022 I Like Them All023 Chee Chee-Oo Chee (Sang The Little Bird)024 Love Is All That Matters025 SimpaticoCD 6001 Ridin' Into Love002 Relax-Ay-Voo (& LINE RENAUD)003 Two Sleepy People (& LINE RENAUD)004 Memories Are Made Of This (& THE EASY RIDERS)005 Change Of Heart006 The Lucky Song007 When You Pretend008 You Look So Familiar009 Innamorata (Sweetheart)010 Just For Fun011 A Song In The Air012 My One, My Only, My All013 Here's To Love014 The Look015 Mississippi Dreamboat016 Standing On The Corner017 Street Of Love (Rue De Mon Amour)018 Watching The World Go By019 The Test Of Time020 Me 'n' You 'n' The Moon021 The Wind, The Wind022 I'm Gonna Steal You Away023 Bamboozled024 Give Me A Sign025 CapturedCD 7001 I Know I Can't Forget002 I Never Had A Chance003 It Looks Like Love004 Let's Be Friendly005 Just Kiss Me006 A Day In The Country007 Hollywood Or Bust008 The Man Who Plays The Mandolino009 I Can't Give You Anything But Love010 Money Is A Problem011 You I Love012 Ten Thousand Bedrooms013 Only Trust Your Heart014 Beau James015 Promise Her Anything (But Give Her Love)016 The Tricche Tracche (The Tree-Kay Trah-Kay)017 Write To Me From Naples018 Good Mornin', Life019 Makin' Love Ukelele Style020 Return To Me (Ritorna A Me)021 Buona Sera022 Forgetting You023 Tu Sei Bella, Signorina024 Angel Baby025 You Were Made For LoveCD 8001 Once Upon A Time (It Happened)002 Outa My Mind003 The Magican004 Volare (Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu)005 Rio Bravo006 It Takes So Long (To Say Goodbye)007 On An Evening In Roma (Sott'er Celo de Roma)008 My Rifle, My Pony And Me009 Sogni D'Oro010 You Can't Love 'em All011 How Sweet It Is012 Humdinger013 I Ain't Gonna Lead This Life No More014 Love Me, My Love015 Buttercup A Golden Hair016 Professor! Professor!017 Napoli018 (Love Is A) Career019 Who Was That Lady?020 Ain't That A Kick In The Head021 Just In Time022 Giuggiola023 Sparklin' Eyes024 All In A Night's Work025 The Story Of Life


Complete Stax/volt..3-ltd - 2840096368

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Complete Stax/volt..3-ltd

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul>Soul

1. Floyd, Eddie - Yum Yum Yum (I Want Some) 2. Denimal, B. - Carry On 3. Hayes, Isaac - Do Your Thing 4. Weaver, Jerry - I've Been Lonely For So Long 5. May, Charles - Nothing Is Everlasting 6. Colbert, J. - Hearsay 7. Banks - Angel Of Mercy 8. Hester, Anthony - In The Rain 9. Moore, Leon - She's My Old Lady Too 10. Fultz, Jenny - Explain It To Her Mama 11. Derouen, Earl - Right On 12. Snyder, Arthur - Doing My Own Thing (Part 1) 13. Ingram, Luther - My Honey & Me 14. Mitchell, Willie - Let's Stay Together 15. Allen, Na - Bring It Home (And Give It To Me) 16. Torrence, Dane - Look Around You 17. Pauling, Lowman - Don't Do It / I'm With You 18. Isbell, Alvertis - I'll Take You There 19. March, Myrna - Which Way 20. Robinson, Larry - Living A Life Without Love 21. Scales, Harvey - What's Good For You (Don't Have T 22. Scales, Harvey - Let Me Repair Your Heart 23. Smith, William - What's Usual Ain't Natr'l 24. Scales, Harvey - I Wanna Make Up (Before We Break 101. Banks, Homer - Ain't That Loving You (For More Rea 102. Jones, Jr., Sandy - Walking The Back Streets & Cry 103. Bell, William - Save Us 104. Thomas, Jr., Rufus - 6-3-8 (That's The Number To P 105. Mitchell, Phillip - Starting All Over Again 106. Wilson, Cam - Keep On Loving Me 107. Magidson, Herbert - I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is O 108. Oden, James - Goin' Down Slow, Pt. 1&2 109. Banks, Homer - I Could Never Be Happy 110. Banks, James - Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness 111. Beach, Jerry Marlon - I'll Play The Blues For You 112. Hatcher, Roger - I Dedicate My Life To You 113. Parker, Deanie - Do The Sweetback 114. Matthews, Johnnie Mae - Gettin' Funky 'Round Here 115. Porter, David - When The Chips Are Down 116. Rice - Sugar 117. Floyd, Eddie - You're Good Enough (To Be My Baby) 118. Friedman - This World 119. Harris, J. - Helping Man 120. Kasandra, John - Ain't I Good? 201. Jones, Allen - Dance, Dance, Dance, Pt. 1 202. Bass, Ralph - Dedicated To The One I Love (45 Vers 203. Davis, Don - Toast To The Fool 204. Crutcher, Bettye - Stop Doggin' Me 205. Varnell, Aaron - Trouble 206. Davis, Donald - I'm Gonna Cry A River 207. Thomas, Jr., Rufus - Itch & Scratch (Part 1) 208. Moore, Leon - What Would I Do 209. Robinson, Larry - I Know It's Not Right (To Be In 210. Toussaint, Allen - Holy Cow 211. Mccoy, Darnell - What Goes Around (Must Come Aroun 212. Hayes, Isaac - Theme From The Men 213. Benton - Endlessly 214. Rice, Mack - You Hurt Me For The Last Time 215. Harrison, George - My Sweet Lord 216. Jackson, Jr., Al - Breaking Up Somebody's Home 217. Porter, David - How Can You Mistreat The One You L 218. Banks, Homer - From Toys To Boys 219. Williamson, Ronald - The Dryer 220. Banks, Homer - I May Not Be All You Want (But I'm 221. Mayfield, Curtis - Ain't No Sweat 222. Hamilton, L. - Do Me 223. Smith, Adolph - Rainy Day 301. Jackson, Raymond M. - It Ain't Always What You Do 302. Mel & Tim - I May Not Be What You Want 303. Dortch, Donald E. - Funky Robot (Part 1) 304. Taylor, Johnnie - Don't You Fool With My Soul 305. Mitchell, Leroy Philip - Oh La De Da 306. Johnson, Tony - What Do You See In Her? 307. Sheppard, James - A Thousand Miles Away 308. Hester, Tony - Hey You! Get Off My Mountain (Singl 309. Hilliard, Jacqueline - Rolling Down A Mountainside 310. Thigpen, Henderson - You're Still My Brother 311. Lewis, Jimmy - Stop Half Loving These Women 312. Shamwell, Joe - Lovin' On Borrowed Time 313. Floyd, Eddie - Lay Your Loving On Me 314. Washington, Jeanette Baby - The Time 315. Hampton, Carl - Heaven Knows 316. Davis, Don - I Believe In You (You Believe In Me) 317. Crutcher, Bettye - Short Stopping 318. Banks - Be What You Are 319. Porter, David - I've Got To Love Somebody's Baby 320. Rice, Mack - Playing On Me 321. Williams, Ronnie - Long As You're The One Somebody 401. Knight, Frederick - This Is My Song Of Love To You 402. Madden, David - Sugarcane (Instrumental) 403. Linden, Dave - Love Is A Hurtin' Thing 404. Cropper, Steve - Baby, Lay Your Head Down (Gently 405. Floyd, Eddie - Check Me Out 406. Floyd, Eddie - Runnin' Back (And Forth) 407. Rice, Mack - Crossing Over The Bridge 408. Scott, Harold H. - Love's Maze 409. Marion, Eddie - It Ain't Easy 410. Shelby, Ernie - Love Among People 411. Campbell, Milton - What It Is 412. Mcintosh, Larry - I've Got To Go On Without You 413. Rice, Mack - Love Is Taking Over 414. Hicks, Joe - Ruby Dean 415. Brown, William - I'm So Glad I Fell In Love With Y 416. The Dramatics - Fell For You 417. Rice, Mack - Cheaper To Keep Her 418. George, Barbara - I Know You Don't Want Me No More 419. Banks, Homer - If You're Ready (Come Go With Me) 420. Williams, Ronnie - Slipped & Tripped 421. Public Domain - Peace Be Still 422. Banks, Homer - I'll Be The Other Woman 501. Rappaport, Steve - The Martian Hop 502. Caston, Leonard - I Had A Talk With My Man 503. Gordon, Mack - At Last 504. Hayes, Isaac - Joy (Part 1) 505. Robinson, Rudolph Victor - Good Woman Turning Bad 506. Anderson, John - Mose, Pt. 3 507. Thomas, Jr., Rufus - I'll Be Your Santa Baby 508. Rice, Mack - I Wanna Do Things For You 509. Patterson, Robert - That's What The Blues Is All A 510. Townsend, Ed - One Way Love Affair 511. Geddins, Robbert - Tin Pan Alley 512. Bridges, Jo - The Funky Bird 513. Davis, Donald - We're Getting Careless With Our Lo 514. Banks, H. - What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas? 515. Rogel, Carl - Season's Greetings 516. Rice, Mack - Don't Lose Faith In Me Lord 517. Smith, Carl - Don't Start Loving Me (If You're Gon 518. Jackson, Raymond - Touch A Hand, Make A Friend 519. Roach, Jimmy - & I Panicked 520. Bemo, A. Baldan - Change It All 601. Bell, William - Gettin' What You Want (Losin' What 602. Verdell, Jacqui - He's Mine 603. Crutcher, Bettye - My Woman Is Good To Me 604. Williams, Ronnie - I Got You & I'm Glad 605. Lambert, Dennis - Put A Little Love Away 606. Knight, Frederick - Suzy 607. Mitchell, Phillip - The Same Folks 608. Moore, Leon - You Make The Sunshine (45 Version) 609. Williams, John Gary - The Whole Damn World Is Goin 610. Thigpen, Henderson - Circuit's Overloaded 611. Hayes, Isaac - Wonderful 612. O'dell, Kenny - Behind Closed Doors 613. Belvin, Jesse - Guess Who 614. Lane, Joseph - Dirty Tricks 615. Staples, Roebuck Pop - Whicha Way Did It Go 616. Rice, Mack - Talking To The People 617. Davis - I've Been Born Again 618. Whitsett, Carson - Neckbone 619. Johnson, Frank - Wounded Woman 620. Crutcher, Bettye - Stop Doggin' Me 621. Moore, Andre - Goodness Gracious 701. Chalmers - City In The Sky 702. Hayes, Isaac - Title Theme Three Tough Guys 703. Floyd, Eddie - Soul Street 704. King, Albert - Flat Tire 705. Hampton, Carl - Love Makes It Right 706. Crutcher, Bettye - Mr. Cool That Ain't Cool 707. Thomas, Jr., Rufus - Boogie Ain't Nuttin' (But Get 708. Gilmore, Dennis - Highway To Heaven 709. Mcduffie, James - Get It While It's Hot 710. Knight, Frederick - Passing Thru 711. Banks, Homer - Keep An Eye On Your Close Friends 712. Crutcher, Bettye - My Main Man / There Is A God 713. Mitchell, Phillip - That's The Way I Want To Live 714. Clements, Billy - Forever & A Day 715. Hutchinson, Joe - Baby, I'm Through 716. Gilmore, Dennis - It's September 717. Thigpen, Henderson - Woman To Woman 718. Bush, Henry - Did You Hear Yourself, Pt. 1 719. Knight, Frederick - You Need A Friend Like Mine 720. Phillips, Jasper - I Love, I Love 721. Dollison, Morris - Let Me Back In 801. Ford, R.g. - Crosscut Saw 802. Collins, Lewis - Coldblooded 803. Rice, Mack - Bump Meat 804. Banks, Homer - (Too Little In Common To Be Lovers) 805. Stewart, Randall - Bump & Boogie, Pt. 1 806. Banks, Homer - What's Happening Baby (Part 1) 807. Rice, Mack - Who Made The Man 808. Otis, Clyde - I Keep Thinking To Myself 809. Weatherspoon, David - I Got A Reason To Smile (Cau 810. Green, Frank - Try To Leave Me If You Can (I Bet Y 811. Rice, Bonny - Burning On Both Ends 812. Nash, Johnny - There Are More Questions Than Answe 813. Rice, Mack - Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin' 814. Robinson, Rudolph Victor - I Can't Let You Go 815. Dees, Sam - I Betcha Didn't Know That 816. Wyrick, Barbara - Lovin' You, Lovin' Me 817. Thomas, Jr., Rufus - Do The Double Bump 818. Vegas, Lolly - Come & Get Your Love 819. Rice, Mack - Dark Skin Woman, Pt. 1 820. Knight, Frederick - It Ain't No Fun 821. West, Bobby - If You Talk In Your Sleep 822. Floyd, Eddie - Talk To The Man 901. Shamwell, Joe - You're Astounding 902. Dunn, Donald Duck - Dy-no-mite (Did You Say My L 903. Dees, Sam - Boom-a-rang 904. Hall, Willie - Come What May 905. Davis, Don - Try Me Tonight 906. Holmes, Robert - Groovin' On My Baby's Love 907. Stewart, Randy - I Can't Shake Your Love (Can't Sh 908. Knight, Frederick - I Wanna Play With You 909. Clanton, Erma - I'm Doing Fine 910. Crutcher, Bettye - No Way (I Can Live Without You) 911. Mcclinton, Obie Burnett - Back Road Into Town 912. Floyd, Eddie - I'm So Glad I Met You 913. Rice, Mack - Packed Up & Took My Mind 914. Taylor, Johnnie - Just Keep On Lovin' Me 915. Hudmon, R.b. - How Can I Be A Witness 916. Thomas, Jr., Rufus - Jump Back '75, Pt. 1 917. Jones, Marshall - I Got To Be Myself 918. Crutcher, Bettye - It's Worth A Whippin' 919. Thigpen, Henderson - Holy Ghost (Part 1)


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