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Infiltration (a Relative Invasion, Book 2) - 2844858648

62,03 zł

Infiltration (a Relative Invasion, Book 2) Lightning Source UK Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Infiltration. Two boys, one family, a world at war. Kenneth's invasion of Billy's psychological space continues. Written for adults but suitable for older children. "Every character in the novel comes to life under Minett's insightful prose. Casee Clow, USA ". . .the stark and simple times of wartime Britain superbly evoked with just the simplest of brush strokes . . .gets so well into the mind of a small boy - truly impressive." Frank Kusy, Rupee Millionaires "Historically authentic and psychologically insightful. A future classic." G.Polley, Japan "A delight to read" Historical Novel Society September 1940. Relentless bombing in London and evacuated once again, Billy is billeted with an elderly couple. Luckily, they provide the nurture he needs to develop new talents, for sinister cousin Kenneth is evacuated too and they must both remain for the rest of the war. All through the anxieties and Kenneth's continuing invasion of his psychological territory, Billy protects himself with imaginary power from his icon, the precious Cossack sabre, although now he has only its photograph. Can Billy become a hero when his parents are not? While Kenneth impresses with his outstanding artistic talent, Billy shows other strengths. He becomes a skilled footballer and photographer, a support to those more vulnerable than himself and ultimately proves he is the hero he had longed to be. Then a family catastrophe causes a new threat from Kenneth. This one will affect both their futures permanently. What's more, the precious photograph goes missing. How exciting when Billy learns more about Cossack sabres from the library of the local manor house! But the story foretells of a devastating future. Infiltration tells of childhood resilience despite separation, dislocation, a devious rival, world war and parenting ignorance. It follows a boy's growth into personal responsibility.


Girl Friday - 2826740134

42,52 zł

Girl Friday Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Jane Green, author of the best-sellers "Second Chance" and "Straight Talking", examines love, friendships and their limits in her moving and entertaining novel "Girl Friday". Since her divorce a year ago, Kit Hargrove feels she has finally got her life back on track. Gone is the lonely Wall Street widow she used to be, and in her place is a happier, more fulfilled woman, with a new job she loves - working for uberfamous novelist Robert McClore - a small but cosy new home with her children, and the beginnings of a tentative friendship with her exhusband. She even has time for yoga classes with her new best friend Tracy. The only thing missing is a man. And when Tracy introduces her to Steve - charming, romantic and attentive - Kit wonders if he could be the final piece of the jigsaw. But Kit doesn't know that Tracy is hiding a secret, one that could destroy their friendship, her happiness with Steve, even her new life. Torn between suspicion and love, Kit doesn't know which way to turn. For there are some betrayals that a friendship can't survive...Praise for Jane Green "A densely plotted brew of love and mistakes." ("The Times"). "Green keeps us transfixed until the very last word." ("Heat"). Bestselling author Jane Green has captured the imaginations of readers in the UK and the US with her frank and funny approach to those day-to-day issues that affect women everywhere. Other titles also published by Penguin include "The Other Woman", "Jemima J.", "Babyville", "The Love Verb" (published as "Promises to Keep" in the USA), "Life Swap (Swapping Lives)", "The "Patchwork Marriage (Another Piece of My Heart)", "Spellbound (To Have and to Hold)", "The Beach House", "Mr. Maybe", and "Bookends". "Girl Friday" is published in the USA as "Dune Road".


Invisible City - 2838787167

47,76 zł

Invisible City FRANK R WALKER CO (IL)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This first novel in the action-packed Joshua Files brings Josh to the depths of the Mexican jungle and into a secret society existing beneath an ancient Mayan Pyramid. Can Josh find the missing codex in time to save mankind?


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