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Stink-o-pedia 2: More Stink-y Stuff from A to Z - 2850429379

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Stink-o-pedia 2: More Stink-y Stuff from A to Z WALKER BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Thought Stink might run out of fun, cool, weird and wacky facts? Hardee-har-har! Make way for a second toe-jam-packed, can't-put-down Stink-O-Pedia! What mammal could fit fifty people on its tongue? Did you know it's impossible to snore in outer space? Or that the first lip balm was made of earwax? From B-for-brainy (take a quiz to prove your cat's a genius) to T-for-treasure hunts (learn the secrets of geocaching) to Z-for-zombie jokes (bad puns to wake the dead), this super-funny compendium is bursting with things to do, things to try and things that are just plain awesome to know. With a guide at the end cross-referencing "Stink" books with relevant entries, this is a must-have for Moody fans, reluctant readers and kids who are crazy for trivia, superlatives and other ephemera. This title extends the "Stink" series, as well as leads readers directly back to the Stink books themselves, since all entries are derived in some way from book content. This is the primer for kids who go on to collect world records, almanacs, lists, weird facts, obscure expertise, offbeat knowledge and statistics. It is suitable for fans of ephemera and any kid who likes gee-whizz-bet-you-didn't-know bragging rights. As with Volume 1, back matter will include list of "Stink" titles and which entries were inspired by them, list of selected sources and answer key.


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