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International Transactions in Goods - 2826863086

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International Transactions in Goods Oxford University Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

International Transactions in Goods: Global Sales in Comparative Context explains the complex transactional structures common in international sales, from both an international and a domestic legal perspective. In a straightforward, accessible style, this course book sets out typical business models and commercial practices, including sample legal and commercial documents, and outlining the laws that govern them. Closely attuned to practice, this course book covers transactions on a commercial scale and gives full treatment not only to legal topics, but also payment, security, carriage, and insurance, addressing both traditional topics such as letters of credit, bills of lading, and the Incoterms, as well as modern practices like electronic funds transfers, and waybills. Martin Davies and David V. Snyder emphasize the strategic questions that lawyers and businesses face when negotiating and documenting deals, and when litigating transactions that have gone awry. As many of the strategies revolve around choice of governing law, the book treats not only international law, particularly the UN Convention on the International Sales of Goods (CISG), but also exemplary domestic laws from both common law and civil law jurisdictions, including the US Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), English law, French law, and German law. This book is designed to be accessible to students and readers of all levels, whether from common law or civil law backgrounds, by providing basic explanations of fundamental theories and attitudes in international law, common law, civil law, and international business. The format includes the methods of different traditions, with extensive text familiar to civil law readers, case excerpts familiar to common law readers, and a large array of problems-based on real cases and transactions-to demonstrate the concepts and to practice and evaluate what has been learned. The book also tackles current ethical and moral issues in international transactions, particularly the relation of law and contracting to environmental protection, workers' rights, and similar matters.


Westermarck - 2840797446

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Westermarck Sean Kingston Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Occasional Paper No. 44 of the Royal Anthropological Institute Published in association with the Anglo-Finnish Society Westermarck was a remarkable man, but one who has received little credit for the significant part he played in the creation of modern anthropology. He spanned two worlds: the comparative anthropological endeavours of the nineteenth century, and the establishment of social anthropology at the LSE, in which he played a major role. One of Malinowski's principal teachers, he was himself an outstanding fieldworker. His work on Morocco has, even today, hardly been surpassed. Yet, his theories on the nature of human marriage and the origins of the incest taboo place him firmly in the earlier, generalist camp, and the controversies to which they have given rise have hardly settled down to this day. In this volume, Westermarck's place in anthropology is discussed, along with detailed descriptions of his very active academic life in Finland and in Britain, whilst other chapters consider his equally pioneering writings in morals and ethics. Westermarck's own writings are featured by way of illustration of his ideas, including his LSE inaugural lecture, his Huxley lecture, and a hitherto unpublished paper on ritual and survivals. This volume shows, indeed, that Westermarck is a 'missing link' in today's history of anthropology, and our understanding of that history will be profoundly changed by a better appreciation of his role within it.


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