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Modern Labor Economics: Theory and Public Policy, Global Edi - 2826666896

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Modern Labor Economics: Theory and Public Policy, Global Edi PEARSON

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For one-semester courses in labor economics at the undergraduate and graduate levels An overview of labor market behavior that emphasizes how theory drives public policy Modern Labor Economics: Theory and Public Policy, Twelfth Edition gives students a thorough overview of the modern theory of labor market behavior, and reveals how this theory is used to analyze public policy. Designed for students who may not have extensive backgrounds in economics, the text balances theoretical coverage with examples of practical applications that allow students to see concepts in action. Experienced educators for nearly four decades, co-authors Ronald Ehrenberg and Robert Smith believe that showing students the social implications of the concepts discussed in the course will enhance their motivation to learn. As such, the text presents numerous examples of policy decisions that have been affected by the ever-shifting labor market. This text provides a better teaching and learning experience-for you and your students. It will help you to: * Demonstrate concepts through relevant, contemporary examples: Concepts are brought to life through analysis of hot-button issues such as immigration and return on investment in education. * Address the Great Recession of 2008: Coverage of the current economic climate helps students place course material in a relevant context. * Help students understand scientific methodology: The text introduces basic methodological techniques and problems, which are essential to understanding the field. * Provide tools for review and further study: A series of helpful in-text features highlights important concepts and helps students review what they've learned.


Labor Economics: Modern Views - 2826688269

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Labor Economics: Modern Views Springer Netherlands

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Reflections on the State of the Art in Labor Economics 3 William Darity, Jr. /I 21 ESSAYS 1 The Methodology and Practice of Modern Labor 23 Economics: A Critique Rhonda M. Williams 2 Discrimination Against Women: Theory and Evidence 53 Francine D. Blau 3 Theoretical Explanations of the Persistence of Racial 91 Unemployment Differentials Julianne Malveaux 4 The Effect of Racial Differences in Background 119 on Schooling: A Survey Linda P. Datcher 5 133 Occupational Safety and Health Regulation and Economic Theory William T. Dickens v vi CONTENTS 6 Structure, Process, and the Labor Market 175 Samuel Friedman 7 The Phillips Curve Controversy and Orthodox 219 Visions of the Labor Market Kathryn E. Allen 11/ COMMENTS 239 Comment on Chapters by Blau and Datcher 241 Saul D. Hoffman Labor Economics, Preferences, and the 257 Rationality Assumption: A Comment on Blau, Dickens, and Malveaux Samuel L. Myers, Jr. Occupational Safety and Health Regulation and 269 Economic Theory: A Comment Stephen A. Woodbury A Comment on the Market in Labor Power 279 Paul Zarembka Author Index 285 Subject Index 289 Contributing Authors 295 I INTRODUCTION REFLECTIONS ON THE STATE OF THE ART IN LABOR ECONOMICS William Darity, Jr. Preliminary Remarks As Rhonda Williams observes in the lead chapter in this volume, modern labor economics has become, for the most part, an extensive branch of ap plied microeconomics. Williams' observation has been echoed by Paul McNulty (pp.


Modern Labor Economics: Theory And Public Policy, Global Edition - 2849504271

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Modern Labor Economics: Theory And Public Policy, Global Edition

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Economics>Labour economics


Fundamentals Of Labor Economics - 2849500722

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Fundamentals Of Labor Economics

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Covers The Essential Aspects Of Modern Labor Economics From An International Perspective. This Title Provides Numerous Examples, Key Terms, And Class-tested End-of-chapter Questions.


Labor Economics - 2849917294

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Labor Economics

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The First Text In Labor Economics To Systematically Cover Both Classic Labor Economics And The New Labor Economics, Which Includes Topics Like Job Design, Incentives, And Modern Human Resources Issues.


Labor Supply And Taxation - 2840251568

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Labor Supply And Taxation

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Presents Richard Blundell's Outstanding Research On The Modern Economic Analysis Of Labour Markets And Public Policy Reforms And Brings Together, In Revised And Integrated Form, A Number Of The Author's Key Papers.


Economics - 2212828770

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Economics McGraw-Hill


The second edition of this well-received text blends coverage of traditional topics with modern theory and developments into a superb text by one of our top Labor Economists. The author's current experience at the Kennedy School of Government allows him to incorporate new policy examples and a leaner presentation of the theory.


It Started In Wisconsin - 2840060715

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It Started In Wisconsin

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First-hand Account Of The Largest Pro-labor Mass Mobilization In Modern American History.


Jacob Mincer - 2850430414

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Jacob Mincer Oxford University Press

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The original book published with the IZA, this work presents and analyzes the work of one of the most important economists of the 20th century - Jacob Mincer. Known as the founder of modern labor economics, Mincer made huge contributions to the field including introducing the concept of human capital.


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