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Modulational Instability and Supercontinuum Generation LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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The goal of this book is to give a physical insight about the various nonlinear effects associated with the optical fiber, with a particular emphasize on Modulational Instability (MI) and Supercontinuum generation (SCG). The interaction between natural phenomena such as linear dispersion due to the frequency-dependent refractive index and the nonlinearity due to the intensity-dependent refractive index generates interesting features which has aroused a great deal of interest and pave the way for the discovery of "Soliton". MI is a phenomena in which a weak perturbation imposed on a continuous wave leads to the exponential growth of the perturbation as a consequence of the interplay between linear and nonlinear e ects. Another manifestation of nonlinear optical effects, which has deserved substantial interest across the photonics community, is the so-called supercontinuum generation. SCG is identi ed as one of the most advanced frontiers of nonlinear optics and it has been recognized by the scientific world as "White-Light Laser". Our viewpoint in this book is particularly on the in uence of nonlinear saturation and relaxation in the dynamics of optical pulse propagation.


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