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Mr And Mrs Disraeli - 2843692217

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Mr And Mrs Disraeli

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The Daughter Of A Sailor, On Her Second Marriage And 12 Years Older Than Her Husband, Mary Anne Was Highly Eccentric, Liable To Misbehave And (worse Still) Overdressed For Grand Society Dinners. Her Beloved Diz Was Of Jewish Descent, A Mid-ranking Novelist And Frequently Mired In Debt. He Was Fiercely Protective And Completely Devoted To His Wife.


Mr And Mrs Disraeli - 2840255019

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Mr And Mrs Disraeli

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He Was A Debt-ridden Dandy, A Mid-ranking Novelist Armed With Enormous Political Ambition. She Was A Moneyed Widow Twelve Years Older Than Her New Husband, Always Overdressed For Society Dinners And Never One To Hold Her Tongue. Mary Anne And Benjamin Disraeli Made An Unlikely Match, Yet They Rose To The Very Pinnacle Of Victorian Society.


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