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Mechanical Engineering - 2826790674

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Mechanical Engineering Narosa Publishing House

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MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Emerging Vistas discusses the recent developments in the ever-expanding areas of Mechanical Engineering viz. Material and Composites, Advanced Manufacturing Process, Computer Aided Design and Analysis, Ergonomics, Alternative Energy Sources and Thermal Engineering are opening up new vistas of venture and exploration. The studies included in this volume brew with Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems, Aerospace Engineering, Bio-Engineering and Energy which are multidisciplinary fields that hold enormous opportunities for Mechanical Engineers. Finite Element Methods, Human Body Vibration, Soft Computing Techniques like Fuzzy Decision Theory; Artificial Neural Network etc. make this volume a good exposition of knowledge. It is hoped that this will help young research and academics to adopt a holistic and sustainable approach to the development of modern world of which we are an integral part.


Design Thinking - 2826832031

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Design Thinking Springer, Berlin

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Everybody loves an innovation, an idea that sells. But how do we arrive at such ideas that sell? And is it possible to learn how to become an innovator? Over the years Design Thinking a program originally developed in the engineering department of Stanford University and offered by the two D-schools at the Hasso Plattner Institutes in Stanford and in Potsdam has proved to be really successful in educating innovators. It blends an end-user focus with multidisciplinary collaboration and iterative improvement to produce innovative products, systems, and services. Design Thinking creates a vibrant interactive environment that promotes learning through rapid conceptual prototyping. In 2008, the HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Research Program was initiated, a venture that encourages multidisciplinary teams to investigate various phenomena of innovation in its technical, business, and human aspects. The researchers are guided by two general questions:§1. What are people really thinking and doing when they are engaged in creative design innova-tion? How can new frameworks, tools, systems, and methods augment, capture, and reuse successful practices?§2. What is the impact on technology, business, and human performance when design thinking is practiced? How do the tools, systems, and methods really work to get the innovation you want when you want it? How do they fail?§In this book, the researchers take a system s view that begins with a demand for deep, evidence-based understanding of design thinking phenomena. They continue with an exploration of tools which can help improve the adaptive expertise needed for design thinking. The final part of the book concerns design thinking in information technology and its relevance for business process modeling and agile software development, i.e. real world creation and deployment of products, services, and enterprise systems.


Renewable Hydrogen Technologies - 2844385706

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Renewable Hydrogen Technologies Elsevier Science & Technology

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The fields covered by the hydrogen energy topic have grown rapidly, and now it has become clearly multidisciplinary. In addition to production, hydrogen purification and especially storage are key challenges that could limit the use of hydrogen fuel. In this book, the purification of hydrogen with membrane technology and its storage in "solid" form using new hydrides and carbon materials are addressed. Other novelties of this volume include the power conditioning of water electrolyzers, the integration in the electric grid of renewable hydrogen systems and the future role of microreactors and micro-process engineering in hydrogen technology as well as the potential of computational fluid dynamics to hydrogen equipment design and the assessment of safety issues. Finally, and being aware that transportation will likely constitute the first commercial application of hydrogen fuel, two chapters are devoted to the recent advances in hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines for transport vehicles. Hydrogen from water and biomass considered Holistic approach to the topic of renewable hydrogen production Power conditioning of water electrolyzers and integration of renewable hydrogen energy systems considered Subjects not included in previous books on hydrogen energy Micro process technology considered Subject not included in previous books on hydrogen energy Applications of CFD considered Subject not included in previous books on hydrogen energy Fundamental aspects will not be discussed in detail consciously as they are suitably addressed in previous books Emphasis on technological advancements Chapters written by recognized experts Up-to date approach to the subjects and relevant bibliographic references


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