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Music Class - 2852641298

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Music Class Sterling Juvenile

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This work presents a delightful story that children will adore, with beautiful illustrations throughout. It is part of the "I'm Going to Read" series that ties in with children's reading levels at school, building on their skills. It includes up to 200 words for ages 7-8 years, the Level 3 books match perfectly Year 3 at school covering Key Stage 2. Do re mi - what can that be? It's the sound of children preparing for class. Take out the violin and show the teacher what you know. Make pretty music fill the air. Bravo! Making music looks like such fun, ever young reader will want to play. Developed to grow the new reader, "I'm Going to Read[trademark]" offers children entertaining stories and spectacular artwork. The books are a strong complement to whatever reading programme your child is using at school - whether it be phonics, literature based or a combination of the two. It gives your child a richer vocabulary of up to 200 different words, a varied sentence structure, and offers high-interest stories with longer plots and is designed to promote independent reading.


Il Primo Libro Delle Canzoni A Quqttro Voci - 2840478456

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Il Primo Libro Delle Canzoni A Quqttro Voci Brilliant Classics


1. Come La Vaga Aurora (Xii) 2. Cantando Gia La Vaga Pastorella (I) 3. Donna, Sei Pur Crudele (Ii) 4. Giva Cogliendo Fior Una Mattina (X) 5. Rinova, Amor, Questa Fenice Altiera (Iv) 6. A La Dolce Ombra Degli Ameni Faggi (Xi) 7. Se D'amoroso Foco (Iii) 8. Udite, Amanti, Come Suol Amore (Vii) 9. Il Cor Languisce Ognora (Xiv) 10. Vola Nel Bel Sereno (Xx) 11. Un Novo Sol Al Cielo (Xviii) 12. A Guisa Di Smarrita Pecorella (Xvii) 13. Fiorite Valli Amene (Ix) 14. A Guisa Di Nocchier Afflitto E Stanco (Xvi) 15. La Vita Nostra


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