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Simply Being - 2845293587

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Simply Being O Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Essentially, the whole of humanity asks the same questions about life and living. What is truth? How do i handle stress? Can i forgive? How do i heal my fears? Now "Simply Being" leads us through the answers in a way that is accessible, timely and absent of religious doctrine and dogma. Spirit's voice is persistant here, teaching all that indeed everyone can easily access and remember the inner wisdom of God's love. "Simply Being" has been assembled as a progressive workbook. It contains 52 weeks of inspired material followed by prompts for insight. These prompts encourage the reader to journal, ask questions and receive their own answers. Additionally, each weekly reading, includes practical exercises for hands on use of the material and affirmations to keep insights fresh daily.Writing this journal each day, the author found herself happier, more peaceful and willing to offer herself and others love, understanding and peace. In the practice of this book's material, she offers the same joy, hope and practical knowledge to whomever crosses its path. Pamela Silberman has been a recreation therapist and group counselor since 1994. She is currently the Executive Director for an international self-development conference for 2008. She has written for "Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul", "Miracles Magazine" and "The Christ Consciousness Journal". Her blog chronicles her experiences.


Nature Connection - 2853284847

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Nature Connection Storey Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"The Nature Connection" is an interactive workbook chock-full of creative exercises for kids ages 8 to 13. Leslie begins simply by encouraging children to look out the window and record what they observe: What colour is the sky? What shapes are the clouds? Are there any birds? What kind? Are there signs of what season it is? Once outdoors, kids are prompted to record the sounds they hear, the ground plants they see, the direction of the wind, the shape and direction of their own shadows, and how each of these change from day to day, season to season. "The Nature Connection" offers dozens of fun things to do during every season: write a poem; make a sketch; tell a story; record the daily sunrise and sunset times for the next month; draw a local map and mark the spots where trees, rocks, animals, and other nature sights reside (and identify each one); keep a moon journal; learn the constellations; or collect leaves and bring them home to sketch and identify. Sure to engage the whole family in outdoor fun and year-round nature activities, "The Nature Connection" will also stand as a permanent record of a child's unique sightings and experience with nature.


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