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My Contemporaries in Fiction - 2840904296

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My Contemporaries in Fiction



My Contemporaries in Fiction - 2838596333

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My Contemporaries in Fiction



My Contemporaries - 2839879516

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My Contemporaries

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Biography & True Stories>Biography: general>Biography: literary>Autobiography: literaryKsiążki Obcojęzy...


Stranger in My Own Country - 2826739482

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Stranger in My Own Country Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons...

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"I lived the same life as everyone else, the life of ordinary people, the masses." Sitting in a prison cell in the autumn of 1944, Hans Fallada sums up his life under the National Socialist dictatorship, the time of "inward emigration". Under conditions of close confinement, in constant fear of discovery, he writes himself free from the nightmare of the Nazi years. His frank and sometimes provocative memoirs were thought for many years to have been lost. They are published here for the first time. The confessional mode did not come naturally to Fallada the writer of fiction, but in the mental and emotional distress of 1944, self-reflection became a survival strategy. In the "house of the dead" he exacts his political revenge on paper. "I know that I am crazy. I'm risking not only my own life, I'm also risking the lives of many of the people I am writing about", he notes, driven by the compulsion to write. And write he does: about spying and denunciation, about the threat to his livelihood and his literary work, about the fate of many friends and contemporaries such as Ernst Rowohlt and Emil Jannings. To conceal his intentions and to save paper, he uses abbreviations. His notes, constantly exposed to the gaze of the prison warders, become a kind of secret code. He finally succeeds in smuggling the manuscript out of the prison, although it remained unpublished for half a century. These revealing memoirs by one of the best-known German writers of the 20th century will be of great interest to all readers of modern literature.


Under the Duvet - 2212824601

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Under the Duvet Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

'When people ask me what I do for a crust and I tell them that I'm a novelist, they immediately assume that my life is a non-stop carousel of limos, television appearances, hair-dos, devoted fans, stalkers and all the glitzy paraphernalia of being a public figure. It's time to set the record straight. I write alone, in a darkened bedroom, wearing my PJs, eating bananas, my laptop on a pillow in front of me ...' Her novels are adored by millions around the world


Old Meerschaum (Dodo Press) - 2826696033

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Old Meerschaum (Dodo Press) Dodo Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

David Christie Murray (1847-1907) was an English novelist. His works include Aunt Rachel (1886), Schwartz: A History, (1889), In Direst Peril (1894), The Making of a Novelist (1894), My Contemporaries in Fiction (1897), Despair's Last Journey (1901), V.C. : A Chronicle of Castle Barfield and of the Crimea (1904), Recollections (1908), Bulldog and Butterfly, Julia and Her Romeo: A Chronicle of Castle Barfield, An Old Meerschaum, The Romance of Giovanni Calvotti and Young Mr. Barter's Repentance.


Muscial Verbalization in the Narrative Diction of Anthony Burgess - 2827068576

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Muscial Verbalization in the Narrative Diction of Anthony Burgess GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Scientific Essay from the year 2013 in the subject English - Literature, Works, grade: 74, University of Salford, course: Anthony Burgess and his Contemporaries, language: English, comment: Dr. Glyn White, author of Reading the Graphic Surface: The Presence of the Book in Prose Fiction (2005) exclaimed as concerns my submission: "1.Specialist Knowledge of Material: Excellent knowledge of musical terminology and a range of nevels. Very good. 2. Competence in critically evaluating and discussing theoretical works. Very good. 3. Logical develepment of argument and coherence of discussion.Very good, but occasionally overlong sentences and florid use of language making points harder to follow. 4. Independent critical thinking and original employment of research methods. , abstract: This essay demonstrates that instrumentation may be not suggestive. Be it an incidental music, or a formal text, the very nature of authorship may permit a Pyrrhic 'pun', by means of which its analogical 'devices' -in general- may work against their 'own' means of duality.As a preliminary approach to such self-destructive duality in specific, we are being proposed to 'devices' being repressed a midst two denominations namely;the transcendental realm of the octa-tonic scale and the narrative diction of Anthony Burgess. These devices include but not restricted to ;'the evasive cadence', 'petro-musicology','elevator music', 'the chromatic scale' and 'the diatonic cycle'. It gratifies the schematic approach of Anthony Burgess towards his understanding of music, but exclusively traces the wayward musicality of misunderstanding.


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