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My Vision Journal: Creating My Purposeful Life with Excitement and Confidence! Celebrating a Life I Love and Deserve. - 2851560197

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My Vision Journal: Creating My Purposeful Life with Excitement and Confidence! Celebrating a Life I Love and Deserve.



My American Journey - 2212825058

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My American Journey Ballantine Book


"A GREAT AMERICAN SUCCESS STORY . . . AN ENDEARING AND WELL-WRITTEN BOOK." --The New York Times Book Review Colin Powell is the embodiment of the American dream. He was born in Harlem to immigrant parents from Jamaica. He knew the rough life of the streets. He overcame a barely average start at school. Then he joined the Army. The rest is history--Vietnam, the Pentagon, Panama, Desert Storm--but a history that until now has been known only on the surface. Here, for the first time, Colin Powell himself tells us how it happened, in a memoir distinguished by a heartfelt love of country and family, warm good humor, and a soldier's directness. MY AMERICAN JOURNEY is the powerful story of a life well lived and well told. It is also a view from the mountaintop of the political landscape of America. At a time when Americans feel disenchanted with their leaders, General Powell's passionate views on family, personal responsibility, and, in his own words, "the greatness of America and the opportunities it offers" inspire hope and present a blueprint for the future. An utterly absorbing account, it is history with a vision. "The stirring, only-in-America story of one determined man's journey from the South Bronx to directing the mightiest of military forces . . . Fascinating."--The Washington Post Book World "Eloquent." --Los Angeles Times Book Review "PROFOUND AND MOVING . . . . Must reading for anyone who wants to reaffirm his faith in the promise of America." --Jack Kemp The Wall Street Journal "A book that is much like its subject--articulate, confident, impressive, but unpretentious and witty. . . . Whether you are a political junkie, a military buff, or just interested in a good story, MY AMERICAN JOURNEY is a book well worth reading." --San Diego Union Tribune "Colin Powell's candid, introspective autobiography is a joy for all with an appetite for well-written political and social commentary." --The Detroit News


Source: Wikipedia - Mattel - 2835878357

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Source: Wikipedia - Mattel Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 140. Chapters: Magic 8-Ball, Barbie, Matchbox, Ghostbusters, Naruto, DC Universe Classics, Hot Wheels, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, Mighty Ducks, Batman action figures, BraveStarr, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Monster High, DC Universe: Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection, Vertibird, Big Jim, King Arthur & the Knights of Justice, She-Ra, DC Superheroes, Kid Acero, Mighty Max, Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys, Planet Heroes, American Girl, Rescue Heroes, Flavas, View-Master, Fisher-Price, HyperBrew, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, Extreme Dinosaurs, Princess of Power, Matchbox Sky Busters, Monchhichi, Ideal Toy Company, Major Matt Mason, Shogun Warriors, The Funny Company, Nickelodeon compounds, Bluebird Toys, GeoTrax Rail and Road Systems, HyperScan, My Child, Liddle Kiddles, Mattel Aquarius, See 'n Say, Tyco Toys, Polly Pocket, Lady Lovely Locks, Barbie Shanghai, Mattel Vidster, Computer Warriors, Imaginext, Ello Creation System, Food Fighters, Xtractaurs, Wizzzer, Matty Mattel, Diva Starz, Elliot Handler, Movie Masters, Pixter, Teen Trends, Pulsar, Manta Force, Slime, Children's Discovery System, Smart Cycle, Peppermint Rose, Secret Wars, Furryville, Poochie, InteracTV. Excerpt: Ghostbusters is a supernatural comedy multi-media franchise created in 1984. Its inception was for the movie Ghostbusters, released on June 8, 1984 by Columbia Pictures. It centered around a group of eccentric New York City parapsychologists who investigate and capture ghosts for a living. For the movie this franchise licensed action figures, novelizations, and other original materials to be produced around the movies theme. After this initial success they released original stories in other fields such as a comic book, a video game, a television series, and a theme park attraction. With the 2009 release of Ghostbusters: The Video Game the characters within the Ghostbusters set up their own fictional version of a Ghostbusters franchise to open Ghostbusters locations in other cities, which in real life was earlier seen in two independent films not officially approved by Columbia Pictures. The concept of the first film was inspired by Dan Aykroyd's own fascination with the paranormal, and it was conceived by Aykroyd as a vehicle for himself and friend and fellow Saturday Night Live alum John Belushi. Aykroyd came up with Ghostbusters after reading an article about quantum physics and parapsychology in the American Society of Psychical Research Journal and then watching movies like Ghostchasers. Aykroyd thought, "Let's redo one of those old ghost comedies, but let's use the research that's being done today. Even at that time, there was plausible research that could point to a device that could capture ectoplasm or materialization; at least visually." The original story as written by Aykroyd was much more ambitious-and unfocused-than what would be eventually filmed; in Aykroyd's original vision, a group of Ghostbusters would travel through time, space and other dimensions taking on huge ghosts (of which the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man was just one of many). Also, the Ghostbusters wore S.W.A.T.-like outfits and used wands instead of Proton Packs to fight the ghosts; Ghostbu


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