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Marianne lives in New Jersey with her husband John. She is the mother of three children, a son and two daughters. The author has a unique gift of finding humor in everyday events as she chronicles her colorful family's journey through twenty-four years. Through her letters she weaves the events of the year with a comical mix of the past. You will find yourself identifying with many situations you may find in your own family. Her irreverent humor even pokes fun at death . . . "this is the year everything went-the dishwasher went- the washing machine went and-grandma went!" While filling out a form requesting that she check the box pertaining to her age, she finds, to her horror, that after sixty-five there are no more boxes! The letters will have to stop. Her delightfully different Christmas letters are not what you might expect, and friends have asked her to share them. "Enjoyed your letter with your great humor as usual. You are a second Erma Brombeck!" ~ S.B. (NJ) "I just reread your '99 Christmas letter and laughed out loud again. You missed your calling. You should have been a writer!" ~ S.C. (CA) "I read your letter to my friend and she asked what magazine I got it from." ~ C.F. (MI) "We would all rifle through Mom's Christmas cards to find yours . . . they were hilarious." ~ JR (TX) "What a delightful, entertaining and above all genuine Christmas Letter. It was a joy to receive. You truly have a gift." ~ G.D. (CA) "We eagerly look forward to your letters each year - so witty - so philosophical - so wonderful!" ~ G.R. (L.I., NY) "I have just enjoyed a wonderful five minutes of laughter. Thank you so much for your letter." ~ S.H. (FL) "Wanted to let you know that the "Merry Christmas 2003 was one of the funniest Christmas updates I've read in a long time." ~ C.P. (CA)


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