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Curvy Girls Have Fun Too! Awakening My Sexual Desire (Bbw Threesome Series) - 2826694929

33,02 zł

Curvy Girls Have Fun Too! Awakening My Sexual Desire (Bbw Threesome Series) Speedy Publishing LLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

How does one become sexually aware? What exactly happens after the threshold of virginity has been crossed? It can be a disappointing thing for some and the greatest thing that ever happened for others. The protagonist in "Curvy Girls Have Fun Too!" goes through a lot of self discovery. She has had a lot of negativity hurled at her and, in the long run, she is very trusting of men and what they want from her. After she meets a guy through her best friend, she is faced with yet another life changing decision. This time it is different because he has been one of the nicer guys that she has met. Find out what she decides to do and how things take a positive turn.


Homosexual Desire - 2842364960

107,39 zł

Homosexual Desire Duke University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Originally published in 1972 in France, Guy Hocquenghem's "Homosexual Desire" has become a classic in gay theory. Translated into English for the first time in 1978 and out of print since the early 1980s, this new edition, with an introduction by Michael Moon, will make available this vital and still relevant work to contemporary audiences. Integrating psychoanalytic and Marxist theory, this book describes the social and psychic dynamics of what has come to be called homophobia and on how the 'homosexual' as social being has come to be constituted in capitalist society. Significant as one of the earliest products of the international gay liberation movement, Hocquenghem's work was influenced by the extraordinary energies unleashed by the political upheavals of both the Paris 'May Days' of 1968 and the gay and lesbian political rebellions that occurred in cities around the world in the wake of New York's Stonewall riots of June 1969. Drawing on the theoretical work of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari and on the shattering effects of innumerable gay 'comings-out', Hocquenghem critiqued the influential models of the psyche and sexual desire derived from Lacan and Freud. The author also addressed the relation of capitalism to sexualities, the dynamics of anal desire, and the political effects of gay group-identities. Two decades after its appearance, "Homosexual Desire" remains an exhilarating analysis of capitalist societies' pervasive fascination with, and violent fear of, same-sex desire and addresses issues that continue to be highly charged and productive ones for queer politics. Guy Hocquenghem (1944-1988) taught philosophy at the University of Vincennes, Paris. He was the author of numerous novels, works of theory, and was a staff writer for the French publication Liberation. He was a founding member of le Front Homosexuel d'Action Revolutionnaire (F.H.A.R.). Hocquenghem died of an AIDS-related illness in 1988.


Objects Of Desire - 2839191173

94,99 zł

Objects Of Desire Warner Music / Warner Bros. Records


1. Jealousy 2. Ladies' Nite 3. No-deposit Love 4. Laughing Gas 5. Wonderland 6. Tahitian Moon 7. Flirtation 8. Love Duet 9. No One But You


The Loom's Desire - Live - 2839643620

179,99 zł

The Loom's Desire - Live Rounder


1. Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby 2. Dedicated To The One I Love 3. Wind 4. Lite A Flame (The Animal Rights Song) 5. Walk The Dog & Light The Light (Song Of The Road 6. To A Child 7. And When I Die 8. Japanese Restaurant Song 9. My Innocence / Sophia 10. Wedding Bell Blues 11. Art Of Love 12. Emmie 13. Let It Be Me 101. Angel In The Dark 102. Gardenia Talk 103. Save The Country 104. Louise's Church 105. Wild World 106. A Woman Of The World 107. The Descent Of Luna Rose 108. Broken Rainbow 109. Blowin' Away / Wedding Bell Blues 110. Trees Of The Ages / Emmie 111. Ooh Baby, Baby


In My Prayers with My Legs Wide Open - 2838787423

39,11 zł

In My Prayers with My Legs Wide Open MS THANGS BOOKS AND PUBN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When it comes to matters of love and life, the heart can be the most deceitful device used. Williams chronicles one woman's spiritual journey as she struggles with the desire to give into her flesh, love the man God has given to her, and let go of the people and mistakes from her past.


One Who Really Loves. . - 2839586021

104,99 zł

One Who Really Loves. . KENT SOUL

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. The One Who Really Loves You 2. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right 3. You Beat Me To The Punch 4. I've Got A Notion 5. The Day Will Come 6. Strange Love 7. You're My Desire 8. I'll Still Be Around 9. She Don't Love You 10. Drifting Love 11. Two Lovers 12. Guess Who 13. My 2 Arms - U = Tears 14. Goody-goody 15. Stop Right Here 16. Laughing Boy 17. Looking Back 18. No Love 19. Was It Worth It 20. Operator


Victoria Alexander - One - 2826899986

106,27 zł

Victoria Alexander - One MURDOCH BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"One is a celebration of individuality and life. Author Victoria Alexander writes with humour and wisdom about the importance of believing in and valuing ourselves. She reminds us to trust in ourselves, try things on for size, take risks and ask for what we want - after all, we might just get it. At its heart, this beautifully layered collection of stories, quotes, reflections and evocative images is about the power of choice and about enjoying life, with all its shifts and changes. Its message is universal: accept who you are and who you can be, whether you live alone, or whether you are one of many. From Victoria Alexander: 'One is an affirmation of self. A book about living as one and loving it. My photographs are from everywhere, all over, and mixed up to remind you and me that we are all one. Wherever we're from. Wherever we may be going. We all share a desire to find contentment. My hope is that you too know we have one thing in common: a need to be able to count on ourselves.' "


Tennessee Williams: One Act Plays - 2826691074

83,83 zł

Tennessee Williams: One Act Plays METHUEN DRAMA

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The peak of my virtuosity was in the one- act plays. Some of which are like firecrackers on a rope. Tennessee Williams Tennessee Williams' lesser-known one act plays reveal a tantalising and fascinating perspective to one of the world's most important playwrights. Written between 1934 and 1980, the plays of the very young writer, then of the successful Tennessee Williams, and finally of the troubled man of the 1970s, this volume offers a panoramic yet detailed view of the themes, demons, and wit of this iconic playwright. The volume depicts American life during the Great Depression and after, populated by a hopelessly hopeful chorus girl, a munitions manufacturer ensnared in a love triangle, a rural family that deals "justice" on its children, an overconfident mob dandy, a poor couple who quarrel to vanquish despair, a young "spinster" enthralled by the impulse of rebellion, and, in The Magic Tower, a passionate artist and his wife whose youth and optimism are not enough to protect their 'dream marriage.' This collection gathers some of Williams's most exuberant early work and includes one-acts that he would later expand to powerful full-length dramas: 'The Pretty Trap,' a cheerful take on The Glass Menagerie, and 'Interior: Panic,' a precursor to A Streetcar Named Desire. Plays included are: At Liberty, The Magic Tower, Me, Vashya, Curtains for the Gentleman, In Our Profession, Every Twenty Minutes, Honor the Living, The Cast of the Crushed Petunias, Moony's Kid Don't Cry, The Dark Room, The Pretty Trap, Interior: Panic, Kingdom of Earth, I Never Get Dressed Till After Dark on Sundays and Some Problems for The Moose Lodge. The volume also features a foreword by Terence McNally.


One Who Really Loves You (Spa) - 2840231367

74,99 zł

One Who Really Loves You (Spa)


1. The One Who Really Loves You 2. Two Wrongs Don T Make A Right 3. You Beat Me To The Punch 4. I Ve Got A Notion 5. The Day Will Come 6. Old Love (Let S Try It Again) 7. Two Lovers 8. Strange Love 9. You Re My Desire 10. I Ll Still Be Around 11. She Don T Love You 12. Drifting Love 13. Operator 14. You Lost The Sweetest Boy


Bye Bye Baby / The One Who - 2839390559

36,99 zł

Bye Bye Baby / The One Who REMEMBER-NLD

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Come To Me 2. I Don't Want To Take A Chance 3. Bye Bye Baby 4. Shop Around 5. I Love The Way You Love 6. I'm Gonna Stay 7. Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide 8. Bad Boy 9. I'm So Sorry 10. Please Forgive Me 11. The One Who Really Loves You 12. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right 13. You Beat Me To The Punch 14. I've Got A Notion 15. The Day Will Come 16. Strange Love 17. You're My Desire 18. I'll Still Be Around 19. She Don't Love You 20. Drifting Love 21. Two Lovers 22. Operator 23. Old Love (Let's Try It Again) (First Pressing) 24. Old Love (Let's Try It Again) (Second Pressing)


One Who Really Loves You - 2839580759

49,99 zł

One Who Really Loves You SOUL JAM

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul>Soul

1. The One Who Really Loves You 2. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right 3. You Beat Me To The Punch 4. I've Got A Notion 5. The Day Will Come 6. Strange Love 7. You're My Desire 8. I'll Still Be Around 9. She Don't Love You 10. Drifting Love 11. Two Lovers 12. Old Love (Let's Try It Again) 13. (You Can) Depend On Me 14. Come To Me 15. Shop Around 16. Old Love (Let's Try It Again) ' (Alternate Take) 17. Operator 18. You Lost The Sweetest Boy 19. Bad Boy 20. I've Got A Story


One Who Really Loves You - 2839573649

51,99 zł

One Who Really Loves You HALLMARK

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul>Soul

1. The One Who Really Loves You 2. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right 3. You Beat Me To The Punch 4. I've Got A Notion 5. The Day Will Come 6. Strange Love 7. You're My Desire 8. I'll Still Be Around 9. She Don't Love You 10. Drifting Love


America's Number One Song - 2839357464

12,99 zł

America's Number One Song Cherry Red


1. That's My Desire 2. Jezebel 3. Rose, Rose, I Love You 4. Jealousy (Jalousie) 5. Sugarbush 6. Your Cheatin' Heart 7. Rock Of Gibraltar 8. Where The Winds Blow 9. I Believe 10. Hey! Joe 11. Tell Me A Story 12. Hey, Good Lookin' 13. Blowing Wild 14. Granada 15. Gandy Dancers' Ball 16. Kid's Last Fight 17. Settin' The Woods On Fire 18. Rain, Rain, Rain 19. Love Is A Golden Ring 20. Moment Of Truth 21. Hawk-eye 22. Sixteen Tons 23. Mule Train


One - 2839390456

52,99 zł


Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Struggles & Blessings 2. Root Down 3. Soul Desire 4. S.o.s. Suite/introduction 5. S.o.s. Suite/s.o.s. 6. S.o.s. Suite/take Off & Fly 7. S.o.s. Suite/coming Home 8. Yeah Yeah Yeah 9. Woman & Man 10. Underneath 11. Hamjam(tofu Mix) 12. Light My Fire 13. Horse With No Name Suite/desert Intro 14. Horse With No Name Suite/horse With No Name 15. Horse With No Name Suite/out Of The Rain


With My Body - 2826811790

47,76 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For fans of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY; the author of sensational bestseller THE BRIDE STRIPPED BARE returns with a powerful tale of marriage and desire. '"There's something incredibly erotic about a woman" - his voice drops into breath, he can barely say it - "bound. Hidden," he continues. "Wrapped. Think of Heloise and Abelard. Unwrapping themselves, all their clothes, their known lives - for each other, no one else. The cheongsam...will you wear it? For me?" You nod your obeyance...' You remember a man whose only pleasure was in giving. You escape from the drudgery of married life in memories of that first affair, with a man who thrilled with your desire. Who asked you to try everything in a quest to find the extremes of your love. The story of an education in love with the most compelling hero since Christian Grey; discover passion reawakened in WITH MY BODY...


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