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My Religion - What I Believe - 2853282713

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My Religion - What I Believe BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'My Confession' is Tolstoy's chronicle of his journey to faith; his account of how he moved from despair to the possibility of living; from unhappy existence to 'the glow and strength of life'. It describes his spiritual and philosophical struggles up until he leaves the Orthodox Church, convinced that humans discover truth not by faith, but by reason. The story begins when at the age of 50, Tolstoy is in crisis. Having found no peace in art, science or philosophy, he is attacked by the black dog of despair, and considers suicide. His past life is reappraised and found wanting; as slowly light dawns within. 'As gradually, imperceptibly as life had decayed in me, until I reached the impossibility of living, so gradually I felt the glow and strength of life return to me... I returned to a belief in God.' Here is a quest for meaning at the close of the 19th century - a time of social, scientific and intellectual turbulence, in which old forms were under threat. Tolstoy looks around at both old and new alike, and like the author of Ecclesiastes, discovers that 'All is vanity'. His spiritual discoveries first take him into the arms of the Orthodox Church; and then force his angry departure from it. 'My Religion' carries on from where 'My Confession' left off. Describing himself as a former nihilist, Tolstoy develops his attack on the church he has left. He accuses them of hiding the true meaning of Jesus, which is to be found in the Sermon on the Mount; and most clearly, in the call not to resist evil. For Tolstoy, it is this command which has been most damaged by ecclesiastical interpretation. 'Not everyone,' he writes, 'is able to understand the mysteries of dogmatics, homilectics, liturgics, hermeneutics, apologetics; but everyone is able and ought to understand what Christ said to the millions of simple and ignorant people who have lived and are living today.' Here is Tolstoy's religion; and non-violence is at its heart. Simon Parke, author of The Beautiful Life


Przyjezdni w strukturze miasta - miasto wobec przyjezdnych: studenci i turyści w mieście w kontekście koncepcji city users - Jacek Kotus - 2853342220

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Przyjezdni w strukturze miasta - miasto wobec przyjezdnych: studenci i turyści w mieście w kontekście koncepcji city users - Jacek Kotus

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Książką tą autorzy chcieli wywołać dyskusję i o istniejących teoriach w zakresie city users, i o ich mocy sprawczej wyjaśniania, i o metodach badania tych zjawisk, i wreszcie o rzeczywistości w przedmiotowym zakresie w latach 2012-2016 w kontekście dwóch poligonów empirycznych: Poznania i Trójmiasta. Nazwa - Przyjezdni w strukturze miasta - miasto wobec przyjezdnych: studenci i turyści w mieście w kontekście koncepcji city users Autor - Jacek Kotus Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe S.C. Kod ISBN - 9788379860845 Kod EAN - 9788379860845 Rok wydania - 2015 Ilość stron - 292 Podatek VAT - 5%


Tiger 3 Zeszyt ćwiczeń - Praca zbiorowa - 2844109737

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Tiger 3 Zeszyt ćwiczeń - Praca zbiorowa

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Seria podręczników do nauki języka angielskiego przeznaczona dla uczniów klas 1-3 szkoły podstawowej. Kurs jest w pełni zgodny z wymaganiami podstawy programowej i odpowiednio dostosowany do zróżnicowanych możliwości edukacyjnych najmłodszych uczniów. Nazwa - Tiger 3 Zeszyt ćwiczeń Autor - Praca zbiorowa Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Macmillan Kod ISBN - 9788376213767 Kod EAN - 9788376213767 Rok wydania - 2016 Język - angielski, polski Format - 21.0x30.0cm Ilość stron - 88 Szkoła - Szkoła podstawowa Typ podręcznika - Podręcznik Przedmiot - Język angielski Podatek VAT - 5%


Encountering Eti - 2844864075

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Encountering Eti Cascade Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Encountering ETI weaves together scientific knowledge and spiritual faith in a cosmic context. It explores consequences of Contact between terrestrial intelligent life (TI) and extraterrestrial intelligent life (ETI). Humans will face cosmic displacement if there are other complex, technologically advanced intelligent beings in the universe; our economic structures and religious beliefs might need substantial revision. On Earth or in space, humans could encounter benevolent ETI (solicitous of our striving for maturity as a species) or malevolent ETI (seeking our land and goods to benefit themselves, claiming that their ""superior civilization"" gives them the right)--or meet both types of species. Earth Encounters of the Third Kind described by credible witnesses (including American Indian elders) suggest that both have arrived already: some shut down U.S. and U.S.S.R. ICBM missiles to promote peace; others mutilated cattle or abducted people, perhaps to acquire physiological data on biota for scientific study or for other, unknown purposes. Sci-fi movies such as Avatar and novels like The Martian Chronicles describe humans as malevolent ETI aliens: we do to others what we fear others will do to us. A shared and evolving spiritual materiality could enable humanity to overcome cosmic displacement, and guide TI and ETI in a common quest for meaning and wellbeing on cosmic common ground. ""We do not yet have any scientific evidence for or against extraterrestrial life. The 'not yet' here is important since the scientific search is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and the anticipation more intense. Encountering ETI manages to raise the level of anticipation significantly while respecting the need for good science, a need not always respected in the public domain."" --George V. Coyne, Director Emeritus, Vatican Observatory; author of Wayfarers in the Cosmos (with Alessandro Omizzolo) ""Encountering ETI goes beyond the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. John Hart presents compelling evidence that humans have already encountered an ETI presence and explores scenarios and considerations for future encounters. He reminds us of our own history of human exploitation and concludes that we must undergo a transformation as we explore extraterrestrial intelligences. I highly recommend this book for serious consideration to questions of universal ethics and behaviors as we begin a new phase in our evolution."" --Robert Salas, USAF (ret.); author of Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon ""Fasten your seatbelts! John Hart will take us for a ride above the stratosphere into the outer cosmos. In the rearview mirror we'll re-examine and re-evaluate our current conduct on our home planet. We'll re-evaluate terrestrial poverty, pollution, and political strife. Holding up the rearview mirror will be UFO experiencers, those who believe they have been contacted by an extraterrestrial civilization. I am delighted to see academic colleagues recognizing the potential value of analyzing the UFO phenomenon for political, moral, and spiritual purposes."" --Ted Peters, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary; author of UFOs--God's Chariots? ""Encountering ETI, together with its predecessor, Cosmic Commons, will bring you right back to Earth and Homo sapiens. Sometimes it takes the exocentric perspective to clear the eyes, see our own habitat, and know ourselves for the first time. John Hart is a good fellow traveler and guide."" --Larry Rasmussen, Reinhold Niebuhr Professor Emeritus of Social Ethics, Union Theological Seminary; author of Earth-Honoring Faith ""I have read hundreds of UFO books since reading my first in 1958. But this is the first one that not only reveals detailed knowledge of the UFO scene, but provides a great deal of food for thought concerning interactions be


Chillout Lounge Classics - 2839311047

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Chillout Lounge Classics Warner Music / ZYX


1. Ultra Lounge - Phazz-ination 2. Erotica Feat. Jaimee - Chillout Now, (Pacha Sax Mi 3. Floatation - Summer Breeze 4. Cafe Ibiza - Playa Pt. 4, (Dub Mix) 5. The Man Behind C. - See You Again 6. Magica Fe - Words, (Original Version) 7. Canis - Una De La Noche, (Cafe Lounge Mix) 8. Starlive Cafe - Playa Del Mar, (Chillout Mix) 9. Pearlcoder - Nighttrain, (Ambiente Mix) 10. Die Elfen - Peace In The Air 11. Strandgut - Wo Bist Du, (Dub) 12. Sol Y Mar - Amazone, (Erotic Lounge Mix) 13. Easy Listening - Trip Hoppin , (K&d Dub) 14. Savanna Feat. Salvador - Acid Beach, (Lounge Mix) 15. Sunset Dub - Waiting For Mr. G 16. El Fuego - Balearic Mind, (Fire Island Lounge Mix) 17. Goa Foundation - Good Vibes, (Rub Club Mix) 101. Silence - I Feel, (Ambient Mix) 102. Signfield - Sunday 3pm, (Reconstructed) 103. Liquid Motion - To The Sky, (Vocal Version) 104. United Allstars - Hope, (Lounge Mix) 105. Indigo Bliss - Shogun, (Remix) 106. Dimitri From London - Panjabi Beats 107. Bhangralution - Buddha Bath, (Dave Neri Rmx) 108. Fight Club Boys - Walking In Faith 109. Voodoo Vibe - Outback, (Shanti Bros Remix) 110. Paco Mendoza - Flamenco Trip 111. Felipe Gonzales - Shaka Chakra, (Tiempo Mix) 112. Les Rythmes Divins - Divini Groove 113. Del Mar - Evening Cafe, (Ibiza Dub) 114. Floatation Feat. Pierre - Beautiful, (Dub) 115. Liquid Motion - Flowmotional, (Blue Metheny Remix) 116. New Age Kings - Illusion, (Instrumental Remix) 201. Correo Nuevo - Vibes & More, (Dub) 202. Tierra Segunda - La Noche Ibicenca 203. Melt - Walking On The Moon, (Live Earth Mix) 204. G8 - An Inconvinient Truth (Oh My Soul) 205. Side Fx - Take Off 206. Chariot Feat. Rob - Aural Echoes, (Space Night Dub 207. Dolphin S Talk - Ocean Of Love 208. Numb Feat. Shelby - Cubism 2 209. En Deavour - Space Night Bubbles, (Eno Motive Rmx) 210. Timecode Feat. Zak - Enigma Machine, (Part 2) 211. Sirius & Nyla - Be Chilled, (Dub Mix) 212. Orient Team - The Quest, (Oscar Salguero Nix) 213. Groove Ascendants - Sensualtiy 214. Mac Sensu - Sonnenstrahl, (Goldtripp Rmx) 215. Reflector - Avenue 7, (Buddha Bar Mix) 216. Love From Above - Paris Mon Amour, (K&d Dub) 217. De Santos - Ojos De Sol, (Exclusive Bonus Version)


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