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Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish - 2846487509

3,10 zł

Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish Wydawca - KUM Kod ISBN - 4064900016314 Kod EAN - 4064900016314 Podatek VAT - 23%


Power of Intent - 2848540423

49,90 zł

Power of Intent BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'[Patricia's] four simple tools will, when used, profoundly change daily experience, enhance awareness and empower changes.' Marilyn Gustin, Ph.D., professional life coach and workshop facilitator, author of A Gate Ajar '[Patricia] has woven her psychotherapy and healing skills all together with finesse and compassion.' Merlin Perkins, certified yoga instructor and wellness coach 'These Four Steps are a healing balm to my mind after a day in our over-stimulating, challenging world.' Deborah Marsteller, MA, psychotherapist 'The inherent wisdom and simplicity of the Four Steps continues to help me. trust. my own creative potential and the power of possibility.' Alicia Mary Smith, quantum healing and transformation practitioner/workshop facilitator, creator of Journeys to Inspire Ltd. Drawing on a wealth of experience and extensive research, Patricia Gallant, a qualified psychotherapist, has created this simple four-step programme to improve mental, physical and spiritual life. Combining simple affirmations with meditative breathing techniques, The Power of Intent will show you the path to complete spiritual fulfillment and harmony.


"Co Bóg złączył..." Geneza i znaczenie klauzul Mateuszowych. Studium egzegetyczno-historyczne - Stanisław Jankowski SDB - 2836916286

67,47 zł

"Co Bóg złączył..." Geneza i znaczenie klauzul Mateuszowych. Studium egzegetyczno-historyczne - Stanisław Jankowski SDB

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - RSB 46 Nazwa - "Co Bóg złączył..." Geneza i znaczenie klauzul Mateuszowych. Studium egzegetyczno-historyczne Autor - Stanisław Jankowski SDB Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Vocatio Kod ISBN - 9788378290667 Kod EAN - 9788378290667 Rok wydania - 2016 Format - 145x208 Ilość stron - 458 Podatek VAT - 5%


Consolations of Philosophy - 2212839584

45,80 zł

Consolations of Philosophy Penguin

Nauki humanistyczne

Alain de Botton, best-selling author of How Proust can Change Your Life, has set six of the finest minds in the history of philosophy to work on the problems of everyday life. Here then are Socrates, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on some of the things that bother us all; lack of money, the pain of love, inadequacy, anxiety, the fear of failure and the pressure to conform.


1998 television series debuts - 2837511510

272,14 zł

1998 television series debuts Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 336. Chapters: Cowboy Bebop, The Powerpuff Girls, Serial Experiments Lain, Trigun, Match Game, Hollywood Squares, Dawson's Creek, Dinnerladies, Sex and the City, Seven Days, Berkeley Square, Charmed, Cold Feet, Princess Pearl, That '70s Show, Will & Grace, Monkey Magic, The King of Queens, Godzilla: The Series, X-Play, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Two Guys and a Girl, Music Bank, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, The Worst Witch, Fantasy Island, Cyber Team in Akihabara, The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, Robot Wars, Histeria!, Kare Kano, Young Hercules, SMTV Live, The Challenge, C.I.D., The Life of Birds, Flint the Time Detective, Meet the Ancestors, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, The Royle Family, The Harveytoons Show, Two of a Kind, Becker, Felicity, The NFL Today, Silver Surfer, Power Rangers in Space, Goodness Gracious Me, Hotel Cćsar, The Wild Thornberrys, Oh Yeah! Cartoons, Schloss Einstein, Martial Law, PB&J Otter, Upright Citizens Brigade, The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs, True Life, Scrapheap Challenge, Airline, Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, The Magnificent Seven, Roger Roger, WWE Heat, Malibu, CA, Sports Night, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, The Water Margin, The Screen Savers, Mythic Warriors, Little Men, Pinky and Perky, Give My Head Peace, First Wave, Brimstone, Invasion: Earth, Rolie Polie Olie, El Privilegio de Amar, Steam Detectives, So Graham Norton, The Hughleys, Emergency Vets, CD:UK, Cousin Skeeter, Love Connection, The Three Friends and Jerry, Call for Help, Donkey Kong Country, Journey to the West, Animorphs, Isidingo, Mad Jack the Pirate, Stressed Eric, Noticias Caracol, Let's Bowl, La usurpadora, World's Wildest Police Videos, Cupid, Renford Rejects, Muńeca Brava, Friday Night Fights, The Magic Hour, Legacy, Konstantinou kai Elenis, A Little Curious, Time Team Extra, History Hunters, Trisha Goddard, Squawk Box Europe, The Duke of Mount Deer, Mad Libs, FANatic, Bug Juice, ITV Nightscreen, Observatório da Imprensa, Prey, Angela, Samantha, Hyperion Bay, V.I.P., The Heaven and Earth Show, Don't Try This at Home, Corpo Dourado, The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer, Microsoap, Archibald the Koala, RoboCop: Alpha Commando, Jellabies, Forgive or Forget, My Date with a Vampire, NFL Live, Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension, Jep!, Verano del '98, Inquizition, Ask Harriet, Mercy Point, Jesse, Ciao Darwin, Europe Tonight, S-Files, La Mentira, Han Liu Bang, Big Train, Oh Baby, Pistvakt - En vintersaga, Dumb Bunnies, Reina de Corazones, Little Monsters, For Your Love, Perla, Significant Others, Comedy Central Presents, Rock & Roll Jeopardy!, Guys Like Us, You're On!, My Generation, Halik Sa Apoy, El País de las mujeres, Damon, Vengeance Unlimited, The FBI Files, Change of Heart, Rude Awakening, Hoy te Vi, Movie Surfers, Camila, Wind on Water, Robinson Ekspeditionen, Monkey Business, The Return of the Condor Heroes, Walter Melon, Welcome to Paradox, Awesome Adventures, Hip Hip Hurray, The Legend of William Tell, That's Life, Ganyan Kita Kamahal, The Closer, Elmopalooza, Luisa Fernanda, The Power of Belief, Aunque me Cueste la Vida, Kiss Me Kate, City Hospital, Liverpool 1, Rencor apasionado, Maggie, A Place of Our Own, The Love Boat: The Next Wave, Comedy Lab, It's a Miracle, Babes in the Wood, Forever Love Song, Judge Mills Lane, Mysteries and Scandals, Azul Tequila, El Gordo y la Flaca, Petals, Guinness World Records Primetime, Is It Bill Bailey?, Heat of the Sun, Karl & Co, Encore! Encore!, How Do You Want Me?, Boiling P...


Thai films (Film Guide) - 2844569199

133,22 zł

Thai films (Film Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 126. Chapters: Tears of the Black Tiger, List of Thai films, The Love of Siam, Ploy, Tom-Yum-Goong, Ong Bak 2, Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior, 13 Beloved, King Naresuan, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Bangkok Traffic Love Story, Monrak Transistor, Syndromes and a Century, The Overture, Pleasure Factory, The Legend of Suriyothai, Noo Hin: The Movie, Bangkok Love Story, Miss Suwanna of Siam, Buppah Rahtree, Final Score, The Eye, Citizen Dog, Bangkok Loco, Phobia 2, Chocolate, Ong Bak 3, The Eye 10, Body, Gunman, Queens of Langkasuka, The Possible, SARS Wars, Salween, Shutter, The Adventure of Iron Pussy, Hormones, The Victim, Handle Me With Care, The Snake King's Child, Ai-Fak, Innocence, 4bia, Last Life in the Universe, 4 Romance, Angulimala, The Red Eagle, Alone, Lucky Loser, The King Maker, Out of the Darkness, Dang Bireley's and Young Gangsters, Ma-Mha, King of the White Elephant, Tropical Malady, Sick Nurses, Dek hor, Jan Dara, The Bodyguard, Opapatika, Invisible Waves, Me ... Myself, Plae Kao, Fan Chan, Yam Yasothon, Muay Thai Chaiya, Dynamite Warrior, Friendship, Bangkok Dangerous, Midnight My Love, Three, Sunset at Chaophraya, Coming Soon, Insee thong, The Letter, The Iron Ladies, Ruang Talok 69, The Unseeable, Raging Phoenix, Metrosexual, Blissfully Yours, Black Silk, Seasons Change, Born to Fight, Tongpan, Power Kids, The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela, Bang Rajan, Monrak luk thung, Mercury Man, Mysterious Object at Noon, Nang Nak, Art of the Devil 2, Mekhong Full Moon Party, Killer Tattoo, Re-cycle, Sai Lor Fah, La-Tha-Pii, Country Hotel, Ghost of Mae Nak, Beautiful Boxer, Hello Stranger, The Tiger Blade, Buppah Rahtree Phase 2: Rahtree Returns, The Eye 2, OK Baytong, Chai Lai, The Eagle Path, Dark Heaven, Body Jumper, Bangkok Haunted, One Take Only, I-San Special, Ghost Station, Sayew, Ahimsa: Stop to Run, Necromancer, The Tesseract, First Love, The Snake King's Wife Part 2, The Bodyguard 2, Omen, Bus Lane, The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. the Monster Army, One Night Husband, Blackbirds at Bangpleng, Secret Sunday, SuckSeed, Fun Bar Karaoke, Cheerleader Queens, Nothing to Lose, Hotel Angel, Butterfly Man, 999-9999, Wonderful Town, The Sperm, Kung Fu Tootsie, Diary, Teng Nong kon maha hia, Butterfly and Flowers, The Coffin, Demonic Beauty, The Tin Mine, Nymph, Thai Thief, Fake, Colic: The Movie, The Kick, Sugar Is Not Sweet, Video Clip, Nong Teng Nakleng-pukaotong, Krasue Valentine, The Colonel, Bangkok Knockout, My Ex, Who Is Running?, Art of the Devil 3, Ruk Jung, Garuda, Mae bia, Hanuman and the Five Riders, The Holy Man, Loveaholic, Pisaj, Legend of Sudsakorn, 303 Fear Faith Revenge, Fireball, Khao Chon Kai, Siyama, The Haunted Drum, Dark Side Romance, February, Jumborg Ace & Giant, Scared, Once Upon a Time, Son of the Northeast, Beautiful Wonderful Perfect, Haunting Me, Luang ta, Butterfly in Grey, Saving Private Tootsie, The Elephant King, The Sin. Excerpt: Tears of the Black Tiger (Thai: , or Fah talai jone, literally, "the heavens strike the thief") is a 2000 Thai western film written and directed by Wisit Sasanatieng. The story of a tragic romance between Dum, a fatalistic, working-class hero, who has become an outlaw, and Rumpoey, the upper-class daughter of a provincial governor, it is equal parts homage to and parody of Thai action films and romantic melodramas of the 1950s and 1960s. The film was the first from Thailand to be selected for competition a...


Release - 2826673149

83,48 zł

Release Essence Publishing (Canada)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Release is the compelling story of a soul's encounter with Destiny and the liberating power of Love. Born of a profound experience, it reveals in deathless words that only love can overcome hatred. Our duty is to let God's Love transform our human love. The more inadequate we feel and the more handicaps we must overcome, the more beautiful the fruit God will bring forth when His Love turns us inside out. This great human document grips the attention and often brings "Release" to those baffled by life and enmeshed in adversity, or seeking a deeper faith grounded in mercy. Dr. George Ritchie, a prominent American M.D. who held positions as President of the Richmond Academy of General Practice, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry of Towers Hospital, and founder and long-time President of the Universal Youth Corps Inc., certainly held both Release and its author in very high esteem. He often recommended the book to his patients. Speaking of Release in his own volume entitled Ordered to Return (1998), Dr. Ritchie declares, "This book and my own experience with the Christ did more to change my life than any other things." "I was so impressed with the book, I decided if I had to travel halfway around the world to meet this man, I would. I did meet him a year later...His book profoundly changed the life of many others to whom I recommended it." Who was Starr Daily? A force to be reckoned with. A modern Dante who in his teens became a major criminal, moving from crime to crime and jail to jail. As he lay in solitary confinement, near death, the Master, Himself, filled his consciousness with an outpouring of Love. Daily began practicing love in action and embarked on a fascinating spiritual adventure. Released during the Great Depression with only ten dollars in his pocket and a fifth-grade education, he overcame incredible odds and became a respected and well-known Christian author and speaker. He spoke with rare authority and perceptiveness.


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