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Let The Good Times Roll - 2839333447

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Let The Good Times Roll Go Entertainment Group / GO ENTERTAIN

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Charles, Ray - Let The Good Times Roll 2. Isley Brothers - Shout 3. Clovers - Love Potion No.9 4. Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You 5. Rays - Silhouettes 6. Dells - Oh What A Night 7. Barnes, Jimmy - No Regrets 8. Shirelles - Dedicated To The One I Love 9. Robins - Smokey Joe's Cafno. 10. Wrens - (Will You) Come Back My Love 11. Benton, Brook - Hurtin' Inside 12. Beverley Ann Gibson - Love's Burning Fire 13. Johnson, Marv - Come To Me 14. Bobby Bland - I'm Not Ashamed 15. Little Anthony & The Imperials - Travelling Strang 16. Crests - The Angels Listened In 17. Brown, James - I Want You So Bad 18. Cooke, Sam - Only Sixteen 19. Jerry Butler & The Impressions - For Your Precious 20. Wilson, Jackie - Reet Petite 21. Clyde Mcphatter - A Lover's Question 22. Baker, Lavern - I Cried A Tear 23. Coasters - Poison Ivy 24. Drifters - There Goes My Baby 25. Miracles - Bad Girl 101. Little Walter - My Babe 102. Diddley, Bo - Bo Diddley 103. Berry, Chuck - Maybelline 104. Platters - Only You 105. Penquins - Earth Angel 106. Johnny Ace - Pledging My Love 107. Domino, Fats - Ain't That A Shame 108. Cardinals - The Door Is Still Open To My Heart 109. Drifters - Ruby Baby 110. Cookies - In Paradise 111. Clovers - Devil Or Angel 112. Charles, Ray - Hallelujah I Love You So 113. Baker, Lavern - Jim Dandy 114. Chuck Wills - It's Too Late 115. Ivory Joe Turner - Empty Arms 116. Brown, Ruth - Lucky Lips 117. Roy Hamilton - I Need Your Lovin' 118. Drifters - True Love, True Love 119. Wilson, Jackie - Lonely Teardrops 120. Platters - Twilight Time 121. Coasters - Searchin' 122. Benton, Brook - Thank You Pretty Baby 123. Johnson, Marv - You Got What It Takes 124. Charles, Ray - What'd I Say 125. Brown, James - Please Please Please 201. Thornton, Big Mama - Hound Dog 202. Jackie Brenson - Rocket 88 203. Harris, Wynonie - Good Rockin' Tonight 204. Dominoes - Sixty Minute Man 205. Orioles - Hold Me Squeeze Me 206. Five Keys - The Glory Of Love 207. Mayfield, Percy - Lost Love 208. Chuck Wills - Loud Mouth Lucy 209. Price, Lloyd - Lawdy Miss Clawdy 210. Milton, Roy - So Tired 211. Prisonaires - Just Walkin' In The Rain 212. Domino, Fats - Please Don't Leave Me 213. Lewis, Smiley - Blue Monday 214. Robins - Riot In Cell Block No.9 215. Jewels - Hearts Of Stone 216. Cadillacs - Gloria 217. T Bone Walker - Party Girl 218. Clovers - One Mint Julep 219. Cardinals - Wheel Of Fortune 220. Baker, Lavern - Tweedle Dee 221. Chords - Sh Boom 222. Brown, Ruth - Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean 223. Drifters - Money Honey 224. Turner, Big Joe - Honey Hush 225. Charles, Ray - I Got A Woman Track Listing: CD1 Let The Good Times Roll - Ray Charles Shout - The Isley Brothers Love Potion No 9 - The Clovers I Only Have Eyes For You - The Flamingos Silhouettes - The Rays Oh What A Night - The Dells No Regrets - Jimmy Barnes Dedicated To The One I Love - The Shirelles Smokey Joe's Cafe - The Robins (Will You) Come Back My Love - The Wrens Hurtin' Inside - Brook Benton Love's Burning Fire - Beverly Ann Gibson Come To Me - Mary Johnson I'm Not Ashamed - Bobby Bland Travelling Stranger - Little Anthony & The Imperials The Angels Listened In - The Crests I Want You So Bad - James Brown Only Sixteen - Sam Cooke For Your Precious Love - Jerry Butler & The Impressions Reet Petite - Jackie Wilson A Lover's Question - Clyde McPhatter I Cried A Tear - Lavern Baker Poison Ivy - The Coasters There Goes My Baby - The Drifters Bad Girl - The Miracles CD2 My Babe - Little Walter Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley Maybelline - Chuck Berry Only You - The Platters Earth Angel - The Penguins Pledging My Love - Johnny Ace Ain't That A Shame - Fats Domino The Door Is Still Open To My Heart - The Cardinals Ruby Baby - The Drifters In Paradise - The Cookies Devil Or Angel - The Clovers Hallelujah I Love Her So - Ray Charles Jim Dandy - Lavern Baker It's Too Late - Chuck Willis Empty Arms - Ivory Joe Hunter Lucky Lips - Ruth Brown I Need Your Lovin' - Roy Hamilton True Love, True Love - The Drifters Lonely Teardrops - Jackie Wilson Twilight Time - The Platters Searchin' - The Coasters Thank You Pretty Baby - Brook Benton You Got What It Takes - Mary Johnson What'd I Say - Ray Charles Please, Please Please - James Brown CD3 Hound Dog - Big Mama Thornton Rocket 88 - Jackie Brenston Good Rockin' Tonight - Wynonie Harris Sixty Minute Man - Billy Ward & The Dominoes Hold Me! Squeeze Me! - The Orioles The Glory Of Love - The Five Keys Lost Love - Percy Mayfield Loud Mouth Lucy - Chuck Willis Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Lloyd Price So Tired - Roy Milton Just Walkin' In The Rain - The Prisonaires Please Don't Leave Me - Fats Domino Blue Monday - Smiley Lewis Riot In Cell Block No 9 - The Robins Hearts Of Stone - The Jewels Gloria - The Cadillacs Party Girl - Bone Walker One Mint Julep - The Clovers Wheels Of Fortune - The Cardinals Tweedie Dee - Lavern Baker Sh-Boom - The Chords Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean - Ruth Brown Money Honey - The Drifters Honey Hush - Big Joe Turner I Got A Woman -Ray Charles


Gospel - 2839386243

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Gospel Golden Stars


1. I Saw The Light 2. When God Comes & Gathers His Jewels 3. Jesus Remembered Me (With Audrey Williams) 4. Help Me Understand 5. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul 6. Calling You 7. I Heard My Mother Praying For Me (With Audrey Will 8. Drifting Too Far From The Shore 9. Something Got A Hold Of Me (With Audrey Williams) 10. The Tramp On The Street 11. I'll Have A New Body (I'll Have A New Life) 12. How Can You Refuse Him Now 13. When God Dips His Love In My Heart 14. When The Saints Go Marchin' In 101. Beyond The Sunset 102. The Battle Of Armageddon 103. Thank God 104. Dear Brother (With Audrey Williams) 105. The Prodigal Son 106. Message To My Mother 107. Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies (With Audrey Will 108. I'm Gonna Sing 109. The Pale Horse & His Rider (With Audrey Williams 110. A Home In Heaven (With Audrey Williams) 111. Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine 112. Pictures From Life's Other Side 113. I've Got My One-way Ticket To The Sky 114. Precious Lord, Take My Hand 201. A House Of Gold 202. The Angel Of Death 203. Let The Spirit Descend 204. Are You Walkin' & Talkin' For The Lord 205. The Old Country Church (With Little Jimmy Dickens) 206. I've Just Told Mama Goodbye 207. My Main Trial Is Yet To Come 208. I Heard My Savior Calling Me (With Cedric Rainwate 209. A Beautiful Home 210. Where He Leads Me 211. From Jerusalem To Jericho 212. Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet 213. Farther Along 214. I'll Fly Away


Tantric practices - 2837513522

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Tantric practices Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 88. Chapters: Kundalini, Prayer wheel, The 36 tattvas, Kaula, Chöd, Mahamudra, Pointing-out instruction, Gankyil, Tantra techniques, Sex magic, Seventeen tantras, Subtle body, Tummo, Dream yoga, Ganachakra, Shakti, Ashtamangala, Six Yogas of Naropa, Kapala, Reverberation of Sound, Longchen Nyingthig, Anuyoga, Ösel, Shaktipat, Vamachara, Kum Nye, Lung, Vima Nyingtik, Great Auspicious Beauty, Oddiyana, Prayer flag, Nirvikalpa, Japa, Snow Lion, Prakasa, Rainbow body, Empowerment, Zhitro, Phowa, Siddhi, Union of the Sun and Moon, The Mirror of the Heart of Vajrasattva, Venus Butterfly, Yab-Yum, The Mirror of the Mind of Samantabhadra, Panchamakara, Sand mandala, Shining Relics of Enlightened Body, Maithuna, Self-arising Primordial Awareness, Dakżiżacara, Trikona, Self-existing Perfection, Maha Ati, Array of Jewels, Blazing Lamp, Piled Gems, Direct Introduction, Self-liberated Primordial Awareness, Sixfold Expanse of Samantabhadra, Necklace of Precious Pearls, Lion's Perfect Expressive Power, Jivamala. Excerpt: In Kasmir Saivism, the 36 tattvas describe the Absolute, its internal aspects and the creation including living beings, down to the physical reality. The addition of 11 supplemental tattvas compared to the allows for a richer, fuller vision of the Absolute. Going from siva to we find the process of manifestation, the creation of the universe; going the opposite way we find the process of spiritual evolution culminating with the dissolution in Siva. Tattvas divide into three groups: Ashuddha, or impure (material, sensorial, the organs of action, the mind and the ego), Shuddhashuddha, or pure-impure (the soul and its limitations) and Shudda, or pure (internal aspects of the Absolute). The impure tattvas are the domain of objectivity and duality, the pure-impure tattvas are the domain of knowledge and the pure tattvas are the domain of transcendental unity and non-differentiation. The five mahabhutas are the ingredients of the physical world. They represent the final point of manifestation, where light (Prakasa) is condensed into matter, yet, at the same time, the mahabhutas remain identical with Siva. is produced by gandha tattva (medium for olfactory sensations). It is also the abode of , the energy that resides in potentiality at the base of the spinal column. is identical to Para Sakti when it emerges and rises to the top chakra. According to the material world is created by Prakasa (spiritual light, uncreated light). Kasmir Saivism describes the reflection of the top principle (Siva tattva) right into the lowest principle () - an idealist monistic world view where transcendence is present right in the middle of physical. Thus, there is no dualism between spirit and matter. signifies concreteness, stability, patience, strength, abundance, nurturing and protection. is symbolised by the Mother Earth - a universal symbol for fecundity, inexhaustible creativity and sustenance. 's specific shape is square, the specific color is yellow-brown. Its corresponding force cent


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