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Nashville Was The Roughes - 2839413329

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Nashville Was The Roughes Bear Family Records


1. King Of A Lonely Castle 2. Someone Waiting For You 3. To Make A Long Story Short 4. I Never Cared For You 5. You Left Me A Long, Long Time Ago 6. I Feel That Old Feeling 7. King Og A Lonely Castle 8. Pretty Paper 9. What A Merry Christmas This Could Be 10. Healing Hands Of Time 11. Talk To Me 12. Whisky Walzer 13. Little Darling 14. Permanently Lonely 15. Healing Hands Of Time 16. Ashamed 17. She's Not For You 18. Are You Sure 19. Night Life 20. Mr. Record Man 21. Funny How Time Slips Away 22. My Own Peculiar Way 23. On Day At A Time 24. It Should Be Easier Now 25. Darkness On The Face Of The Earth 26. Buddy 27. Hello Walls 28. So Much To Do 29. Within Your Crowd 30. Cd2 Did I Ever Love You 31. And So Will You My Love 32. I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye 33. Down To Our Last Goodbye 34. Fraulein 35. I Love You Because 36. I'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows 37. Making Believe 38. Home In San Antone 39. Don't You Ever Get Tired 40. Columbus Stockade Blues 41. Seasons Of My Heart 42. Heartaches By The Number 43. Go On Home 44. My Window Faces The South 45. San Antonio Rose 46. I'm Still Not Over You 47. He Sits At My Table 48. A Wonderful Yesterday 49. The Party's Over 50. One In A Row 51. Make Way For A Better Man 52. Did I Ever Love You 53. And So Will You My Love 54. I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye 55. Down To Our Last Goodbye 56. A Wonderful Yesterday 57. The Party's Over 58. One In A Row 59. Make Way For A Better Man 60. Cd3 Have I Stayed Away Too Long 61. Some Other World 62. If It's Wrong To Love You 63. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 64. You Made Me Live, Love And Die 65. Born To Lose 66. What Now My Love 67. Lovin' Lies 68. Teach Me To Forget 69. Tender Years 70. A Mansion On The Hill 71. Something To Think About 72. Blackjack County Chain 73. Don't Say Love Or Nothing 74. You Ought To Hear Me Cry 75. I Don't Feel Anything 76. Hold Me Tighter 77. I'll Stay Around 78. A Moment Isn't Very Long 79. The Ghost 80. No Tomorrow In Sight 81. There Goes A Man 82. Go Away 83. Once Alone 84. The End Of Understanding 85. To Make A Long Story Short 86. Suffer In Silence 87. Truth Number One 88. When I Don't Have You 89. Cd4 Someday You'll Call My Name 90. Wild Memories 91. December Day 92. Pages 93. Little Things 94. Good Times 95. She's Still Gone 96. Sweet Memories 97. Johnny One Time 98. Jimmy's Road


Returned - 2826669786

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Returned Mira Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A family given a second chance at life. A world where nothing - not even death - is certain.Lucille Hargrave's son Jacob has been dead for over forty years. Now he's standing on her doorstep, still eight years old. Still looking for her to welcome him with open arms.This is the beginning of the Returned. Praise for Jason Mott 'With fine craftsmanship and a deep understanding of the human condition, Jason Mott has woven a tale that is in turns tragic and humorous and terrifying' - Eowyn Ivey, Author of The Snow Child 'Could be the next Lovely Bones' - Entertainment Weekly 'Fantastically readable' - The Times 'Gripping' - Shortlist 'Mott tackles some big themes here, especially the vagaries of spirituality, and scores with one of the most emotionally resonant works in many seasons' - Essence Magazine 'It will...make you question what it means to be human and what you'd do in a similar situation'-The Sun'Get in early before the hype begins' - Star Magazine 'The Returned transforms a brilliant premise into an extraordinary and beautifully realized novel. My spine is still shivering from the memory of this haunting story. Wow.' -Douglas Preston, #1 bestselling author of The Monster of Florence 'A deft meditation on loss that plays out levels of consequence on both personal and international stages. Mott allows the magic of his story to unearth a full range of feelings about grief and connection.' - Aimee Bender, New York Times bestselling author of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake 'Mott brings a singularly eloquent voice to this elegiac novel, which not only fearlessly tackles larger questions about mortality but also insightfully captures life's simpler moments...A beautiful meditation on what it means to be human.' -Booklist


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