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Kennedy Space Center - 2826706598

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Kennedy Space Center FIREFLY BOOKS

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NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center set the stage for the American adventure into space and went on to host a succession of rocket launches that have helped to form our understanding of the nature of the universe. The Kennedy Space Center is a major tourist attraction in Florida, but most of its doors remain locked to the public. This abundantly illustrated book is an insider's history of the heart of America's space program, including detailed information on: - The earliest development of rockets in the United States and Germany. - The development of rockets and their launch facilities. - The missile race and the U.S.-Soviet rivalry to be first in space. - The great Apollo programme and the race to the moon. - The shuttle programme , the Space Station and the Hubble Telescope. - The future of space exploration. Kennedy Space Center is clearly written, meticulously researched and packed with more than 150 spectacular images - the one and only complete history of this important site.


Mission Control Center (NASA) - 2842083043

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Mission Control Center (NASA) Alphascript Publishing

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NASA's Mission Control Center (MCC-H), also known by its callsign, Houston, at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, in Houston, Texas manages all manned space flight of NASA, including the U.S. portions of the International Space Station (ISS). From the moment a spacecraft clears its launch tower until it lands on earth, it is in the hands of Mission Control. The Mission Control Center houses several Flight Control Rooms, from which flight controllers coordinate and monitor the spaceflights. The rooms have many computer resources to monitor, command and communicate with spacecraft. When a mission is underway the rooms are staffed around the clock, usually in three shifts. In the United States, the Mission Control Center is associated with manned space flight. A separate organization called the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and its control room manage unmanned space probes. Because Houston is a hurricane sensitive area, NASA has basic back-up facilities for shuttle operations at the Kennedy Space Center as well as a back-up location at MCC Moscow for ISS operations.


Merritt Island Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network station - 2841663130

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Merritt Island Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network station Alphascript Publishing

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The Merritt Island Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network station, known in NASA parlance as MILA, is a radio communications and spacecraft tracking complex located on 61 acres (0.25 km2) at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida. The name MILA is an acronym for the "Merritt Island Launch Annex" to Cape Canaveral, which is how the site was referred to when spacecraft launches were primarily originating from the nearby cape. MILA has 13 antennas to provide various communications services between spacecraft and NASA centers, as well as to track and range moving spacecraft. Currently, MILA serves as the primary voice and data link during the first 7 minutes of a Space Shuttle launch, and the final 13 minutes of a Shuttle landing at KSC. Though it sits on land at KSC, MILA is operated and managed by the Goddard Space Center.


Apollo program - 2826928993

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Apollo program Books on Demand

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 270. Chapters: Moon landing conspiracy theories, Apollo 11, List of Apollo astronauts, Apollo 12, Apollo 17, Lunar Roving Vehicle, Apollo 13, Apollo 15, Apollo 8, Apollo 7, Apollo 10, Apollo 14, Apollo 16, Apollo 9, Apollo Lunar Module, Lunar Laser Ranging experiment, MISTRAM, Trans Lunar Injection, Saturn IB, Saturn V, Apollo 11 goodwill messages, Apollo Guidance Computer, Apollo Command/Service Module, Stolen and missing moon rocks, NASA Research Park, Saturn V Instrument Unit, Examination of Apollo Moon photographs, Third-party evidence for Apollo Moon landings, Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39, British television Apollo 11 coverage, Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package, Boilerplate, ILC Dover, Unified S-Band, Canceled Apollo missions, Apollo Soyuz Test Project, Apollo/Skylab A7L, List of Apollo missions, Apollo 6, David M. Jones, Apollo 11 missing tapes, Apollo 4, ASC-15, Saturn Launch Vehicle Digital Computer, The Blue Marble, Apollo Applications Program, Lunar Escape Systems, Donald J. Atwood Jr., Lunar Landing Research Vehicle, Lunar orbit rendezvous, IBM Information Management System, Little Joe II, Apollo Abort Guidance System, Mobile Launcher Platform, Launch Complex 39 Press Site, AS-201, Vehicle Assembly Building, Manned Venus Flyby, Fallen Astronaut, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 34, USNS Mission San Fernando, Moon tree, ST-124-M3 inertial platform, Apollo TV camera, Earthrise, S-IVB, Apollo 5, Crawler-transporter, S-II, Michoud Assembly Facility, S-IC, Apollo abort modes, Quindar tones, AS-203, Apollo PGNCS, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Space Launch Complex 37, SA-1, Apollo 8 Genesis reading, AS-202, SA-5, A-101, A-003, A-002, A-103, Pad Abort Test-2, Lunar plaque, A-004, A-102, A-105, A-104, A-001, J002E3, SA-4, Mobile Quarantine Facility, Ferenc Pavlics, Saturn INT-20, SA-3, Apollo Telescope Mount, Thomas Baron, SA-2, Pad Abort Test-1, Saturn-Shuttle, Lunar Receiving Laboratory, Earth orbit rendezvous, Peter Bielkowicz, Transposition, docking, and extraction, First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong, List of Apollo mission types, Tranquility Base, Electronic control system for the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle, QTV, Lunar Landing Research Facility, Lost Moon, Apollo 13 Mission Operations Team, Cosmic ray visual phenomena, Direct ascent, Trans-Earth injection, Saturn C-3, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Beta cloth, Saturn MLV, Saturn IB-A. Excerpt: Different Moon landing conspiracy theories claim that some or all elements of the Apollo program and the associated Moon landings were hoaxes staged by NASA and members of other organizations. Various groups and individuals have made such conspiracy claims since the end of the Apollo program in 1975. The most notable claim is that the six manned landings (1969 1972) were faked and that the Apollo astronauts did not walk on the Moon. The conspiracy theorists (henceforth conspiracists) argue that NASA and others knowingly misled the public into believing the landings happened by manufacturing, destroying, or tampering with evidence; including photos, telemetry tapes, transmissions, rock samples, and even some key witnesses. There is much third-party evidence for Apollo Moon landings and detailed rebuttals to the hoax claims. Polls taken in various locations have shown that between 6% and 28% of the people surveyed believed that the manned landings were faked. The first book about the subject, Bill Kaysing's self-publishe...


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