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U.S.-China Relations, 1784-1992 - 2826907111

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U.S.-China Relations, 1784-1992 University Press of America

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is a comprehensive historical study of the major events that shaped diplomatic relations between the United States and China. This book traces the major phases and incidents that formed the relationship between the two nations and the critical issues that face them both. This is the first book written from the Chinese viewpoint about these events. ^BContents:^r Preface; Acknowledgments; Introduction; First Contact with the West 1784-1910; The Establishment of the Republic of China 1911-1913; World War I and Postwar Settlements 1914-1920; The Washington Conference and After 1921-1924; The Formative Period of the National Government 1925-1930; The Sino-Japanese Conflicts 1931-1936; The Sino-Japanese War 1937-1941; The Alliance in World War II 1942-1945; The Fall of the Mainland 1946-1949; Redefinition of American Policy 1950-1954; The Period of Close Cooperation 1955-1960; A Decade of Multipolarity 1961-1968; The Period of Innovative Political Maneuvers 1969-1974; The Period of Cooling Relations 1975-1979; A Decade of Pragmatism 1980-1989; Into the Nineties; Conclusion; Appendix I: Chinese Heads of State, Premiers, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Official Representatives Accredited to the U.S.A.; Appendix II: U.S. Presidents, Secretaries of State and Official Representatives Accredited to China; Bibliography.


New Worlds, New Animals - 2835873390

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From King Solomon's collections of "apes and peacocks" to the menageries of English and Hapsburg monarchs, the display of exotic animals has delighted and amazed observers for centuries. Originally prized as symbols of elite wealth and power, such collections have been dramatically transformed since 1800-particularly in terms of audience and purpose. In New Worlds, New Animals, R. J. Hoage and William A. Deiss assemble essays that concentrate on the development of the modern zoo in the nineteenth century. Taking an in-depth look at the social climate of the century, they chart the transition from elaborate menageries for exclusive patrons to public facilities that expressed the power and might of nations to institutions dedicated to public education, wildlife conservation, and biological research. These changes reflect the larger transformation of the West-from the colonial era's desire to "tame" newly discovered continents to today's more egalitarian, conservation-minded world. New Worlds, New Animals begins with an overview of the history of menageries in antiquity and their development in Europe and the United States. Zoos in many countries had quite different origins-including a fish market that became an animal dealership before becoming a zoo and an Australian way station originally designed to acclimate Old World domestic stock to a new continent. The authors also examine the period in the United States between 1830 and 1880, when popular traveling animal shows and circuses gave way to the first public zoos in New York and Philadelphia. They take an in-depth look at the establishment of the National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C.-the first zoo created to preserve endangered species. Illustrated with nearly 100 photographs, New Worlds, New Animals gives readers a new respect for and understanding of the role of zoos in social and cultural history.


A World Transformed - 2834682803

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A World Transformed Vintage Books

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"The most important book yet written about the end of the Cold War." -"The New York Tmes Book Review "Among the finest expositions of modern American foreign policy. . . . An excellent book." -Eugene V. Rostow, "The Wall Street Journal It was a pivotal administration in the history of American foreign policy--for during George Bush's presidency a series of international events took place that had a profound impact on the course of America and on the future of world diplomacy. In A World Transformed, Mr. Bush and his national security advisor, Brent Scowcroft, provide a fascinating account of a president and an administration faced with unprecedented obstacles and unrivaled opportunities as they forged a foreign policy at the end of the Cold War. Solidarity comes to power in Poland. East and West Germans dance on the wall that separated them for half a century. And on Christmas Day, 1991, the hammer-and-sickle flag descends from the Kremlin for the last time. It is also a candid analysis of a new chapter in foreign affairs, when the United States led an international alliance to confront the threat presented by Saddam Hussein and presented a dynamic response to the Tiananmen crisis. Balanced and intelligent, A World Transformed offers a landmark treatise on American foreign policy and international diplomacy from two of its principal architects. "Reveals not only a wealth of detail about the main lines of foreign policy at the highest level during a most portentous period of our history, but also of the truly admirable characters of the men who made it." -"The Philadelphia Inquirer "In a strong new book, the ex-president recalls dangerous days.. . . It should leave little doubt how lucky we were that we had such a seasoned hand on the tiller at a time when foreign policy really counted." -Michael R. Beschloss, "Newsweek


Bubble in Time - 2826843515

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Bubble in Time Ivan R Dee, Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The all-too-brief period of relative tranquility that extended from the end of the Cold War to the beginning of the War on Terror is the subject of William L. O'Neill's brilliant new study of recent American history. Mr. O'Neill's sharp eye for the telling incident and the apt quotation combine with an acute historical judgment to make A Bubble in Time a compellingly readable informal history. The first Gulf War and President Clinton's interventions abroad notwithstanding, American spirits were freer from fear than they had been since the 1920s, the author argues. No world war loomed before the United States, and after the Berlin Wall came down the specter of nuclear annihilation faded as well. A brief recession in the 1990s gave way to the most prosperous years Americans had known for decades. Unlike in the 1980s under Ronald Reagan, the increase in national wealth trickled down to the middle class thanks to an unusual rise in productivity and large infrastructure investments by firms in the "new economy." To general amazement, crime rates began falling after almost thirty years of increases, so that Americans were happier, safer, and materially better off than before. Although the Republican party turned to the dark side, Mr. O'Neill writes, peace and prosperity enabled people to enjoy the finer things in life and to lavish their concerns on political correctness, the decline of the military, the troubles of higher education, and the manifestations of an out-of-control popular culture he calls "Tabloid Nation"-the trials of O.J. Simpson and President Clinton, SUVs, cell phones, and bimbo eruptions. Mr. O'Neill explores them all, and more, with insight and wit. "It was all too good to last," he tells us. "Reality intruded again with the crash in 2000 and the terrorist attacks of 2001. Still, we will always have Paris Hilton." With 8 pages of black-and-white photographs.


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