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Monument Rock - 2839139438

31,73 zł

Monument Rock Random House

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This priceless collection of newly discovered stories brings to life a time of desperate violence and true courage in a wide-open country of fortune seekers and dreamers, lawbreakers and pioneers. A newly sworn-in marshal must outwit a mysterious killer who's fleecing his neighbors while secretly cutting their throats....A young drifter, wounded in a gunfight, finds a chance to change his ways--but he must be willing to pay with his life....A fiercely independent woman and a mysterious stranger take a desperate stand against those out to drive her from her home....And in the haunting short novel Monument Rock, a shadowy horseman delivers a terrifying message to an innocent young woman--the shocking truth about the two men closest to her heart. History, humor, action, and adventure fill the pages of these masterpieces, told by one of the foremost storytellers of our time.


Apartment Building Next Door - 2835279322

57,27 zł

Apartment Building Next Door AuthorHouse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A collection of six macabre short stories set in apartments, each separated by a brief, haunting poem . In the first story the apartment building is a malevolent, hungry entity that preys upon the human soul. Jamie's friend told him that the town was bad--the Native Americans knew about it and avoided lit. A dancer casts spells on those who obstruct her goals; an encounter with a sinister psychic telephone network; insanity, ghostly faces that appear on everyday objects; an incubus, and a mysterious intense stranger who is very popular with the widows . Toxic places draw toxic personalities and threaten the well-being of the innocent. All the while, cold neighbors either look away or are as wicked as the ground they live on.


Three Cats Tales - 2837899133

76,31 zł

Three Cats Tales iUniverse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Take your young ones to the make-believe world of Yellowcat, Alleycat and Tomcat! Each of the sixty stories in this collection are perfect for a bedtime or anytime story. Children will have fun coloring the lively illustrations too! Enjoy the happy and surprising lives of Centerville's most curious citizens- The Three Cats! Fun reading and life lessons along the way such as... "A mama cat is sort of like us humans. She can kill a bird for supper with her powerful jaws and sharp teeth. Likewise, we can use our mouths to help and comfort others, or we can use them to hurt and gossip about others. Just as the mama cat would never harm her kittens, we should be very careful that we don't harm our family, or friends, or neighbors with careless words or actions."


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