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Nail Lacquer lakier do paznokci 465 Never Can Say Good-Bye 15ml - 2836674601

19,32 zł

Nail Lacquer lakier do paznokci 465 Never Can Say Good-Bye 15ml Anny

Make up/Paznokcie /Lakiery i bazyMake up/PaznokcieMake up

Sklep: Perfumeria Oscar

I Can Never Say Enough about the Men - 2854432102

56,62 zł

I Can Never Say Enough about the Men Legend Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A graphic account of the World War I campaign fought in the shadow of Kilimanjaro, East Africa. The battles, the men, the conditions and the extraordinary bravery that ultimately led to victory. Excerpts from personal and military diaries with stunning pictures and maps. Written and compiled by Andrew Kerr, a seventh generation military officer and grandson of Alec Kerr, one of the many heroic officers whose testimonies here will ensure these men are never forgotten. This book seeks to explain the 98% casualty levels endured by the Kashmir Rifles and the resilience of those who survived.


Never Can Say Goodbye - 2839409011

104,99 zł

Never Can Say Goodbye HIGH NOTE




Never Can Say Goodbye - 2839313957

61,99 zł

Never Can Say Goodbye Cherry Red


1. Honey Bee 2. Never Can Say Goodbye 3. Reach Out, I'll Be There (A Tom Moulton Mix) 4. All I Need Is Your Sweet Lovin' 5. Searchin' 6. We Belong Together 7. False Alarm 8. Real Good People 9. Honey Bee (Columbia Single Version) 10. All It Took Boy Was Losing You (B-side) 11. Come Tonight (B-side) 12. Never Can Say Goodbye (Single Version) 13. We Just Can't Make It (B-side) 14. Reach Out, I'll Be There (Single Version) 15. Honey Bee (Mgm Single Version)


Never Can Say Goodbye - 2839528173

67,99 zł

Never Can Say Goodbye MILLENNIUM - UK


1. Sister Sledge:we Are Family 2. The Bombers:get Dancin 3. Rose Royce:car Wash 4. Gloria Gaynor:i Will Survive 5. Kelly Marie:feels Like I'm In Love 6. Odyssey:native New Yorker 7. Sister Sledge:he's The Greatest Dancer 8. Tyrone Ashley:don't Stop Dancing 9. Odyssey:going Back To My Roots 10. The Real Thing:can You Feel The Force 11. Rose Royce:is It Love You're After 12. Odyssey:use It Up Wear It Out 13. Gloria Gaynor:never Can Say Goodbye 14. Harold Melvin & Bluenotes:don't Leave Me This Way


Never Say Can't - 2851408296

75,04 zł

Never Say Can't



Never Say Can't - 2851408295

144,20 zł

Never Say Can't



Never Can Say Goodbye - 2854278826

32,62 zł

Never Can Say Goodbye PIATKUS BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It looks, Frankie thought happily to herself, like a proper fabulous frock shop! Francesca Meredith has always had a penchant for vintage dresses. So when she inherits a retro dress shop in the quaint Berkshire village of Kingston Dapple, it's better than winning the lottery. Life is just perfect for Frankie, but it's about to get complicated when she sees a masculine vision setting up shop outside her door - heart-throb florist Dexter Valentine. As Frankie tries her best to make 'Francesca's Fabulous Frocks' into a success, Dexter's philandering proves the ultimate distraction. That is, until the village medium insists that Frankie's shop is haunted and Frankie starts witnessing some very strange shenanigans. Will Dexter think she's crazy? Will Frankie's terribly ordinary life return to normal ever again? Does she even want it to...?


Never Can Say Goodbye - 2850515939

39,99 zł

Never Can Say Goodbye

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)



Never Say Never - 2854257748

41,27 zł

Never Say Never ARROW

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Sometimes hopes and dreams don't go according to plan - sometimes, real life gets in the way. On a mild May evening, a group of friends on the verge of graduating speculate on what the future holds. Will Leah be a chef? Robin an accountant? And Olivia the one who holds it all together? The one thing they know is that they'll always be friends - no matter what - but they make a pact to meet up in five years, just in case fate intervenes. Years later it's clear that life has not gone according to plan. Why is Robin in New York determined never to go back to Dublin? Why is Olivia grieving? And why does Leah feel so left out as she heads towards the big three-o? When Robin is forced to return, they all find themselves face to face with the past - suddenly nothing can ever be the same again. And they start to realize that sometimes it's best never to say never...


Never Say Die - 2854372745

32,62 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

NEVER SAY DIE Twenty years after her father's plane crashed in the jungles of Southeast Asia, Willy Jane Maitland was finally tracking his last moves. She recognised the dangers, but her search for the truth about that fateful flight was the only thing that mattered. Closing in on the events of that night, Willy realises that she is investigating secrets that people would kill to protect. And without knowing who to trust, the truth can be far from clear cut...PRESUMED GUILTY Guilty - until proven innocent Miranda Wood arrives home to a dark, cold cottage - and a man, stabbed to death, lying in her bed. Miranda is the obvious suspect, and she looks even guiltier when her bail is paid by an anonymous donor. As Miranda fights to clear her name, she unearths a murky history of blackmail, corruption and scandal. As she gets closer to the truth, it becomes clear that someone else wants to kill Miranda - someone with a personal reason for wanting her out of the way..."Gerritsen is tops in her genre. " USA Today


Never Say Goodbye - 2840100357

68,99 zł

Never Say Goodbye


1. Love To You 2. Lonely Avenue 3. Bo Street Runner (Oak Ep Version) 4. Shame, Shame, Shame 5. Bo Street Runner (Single Version) 6. Tell Me 7. Tell Me What You're Gonna Do 8. And I Do Just What I Want 9. Baby Never Say Goodbye 10. Get Out Of My Way 11. Drive My Car 12. So Very Woman 13. Can't Stop Talkin' About My Baby 14. Love 15. Bo Street Runner (Ready Steady Win Version) 16. I Want To Be Loved (Radio Version) 17. Baby Never Say Goodbye (Radio Version)


Can I Say - Dag Nasty (Płyta CD) - 2854109348

57,20 zł

Can I Say - Dag Nasty (Płyta CD)

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Lista utworów - Płyta 1 1. Values Here 2. One To Two 3. Circles 4. Thin Line 5. Justification 6. What Now? 7. I've Heard 8. Under Your Influence 9. Can I Say 10. Never Go Back 11. Another Wrong 12. My Dog's A Cat 13. I've Heard (live) 14. Another Wrong (live) 15. Trying (live) 16. Justification (live) Opis - RE-ISSUE INCL. 6 BONUSTRACKS Nazwa - Can I Say Autor - Dag Nasty Wydawca - Dischord Records Kod EAN - 0718751791923 Rok wydania - 2002 Nośnik - Płyta CD Ilość elementów - 1 Podatek VAT - 23%


Just Can't Say Goodbye - 2840142317

53,99 zł

Just Can't Say Goodbye

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Standing In The Back Row Of Your Heart 2. Wanna Be Where You Are 3. No Time Next Time 4. Love To Last Forever 5. What Kind Of Person Are You 6. Half Of Your Heart 7. It Will Never Be The Same Again 8. You Had To Know 9. Why (Did It Have To End This Way)? 10. You're So Empty (A Strong Wind Could Blow You Away 11. I've Got News For You 12. Your Love Has Brought Me That Far 13. Coins In A Bottle 14. Here's Where Love Begins 15. I Love You Baby 16. Suddenly There Was You 17. Remember 18. Pity For The Children 19. Just Can't Say Goodbye


What Men Say - 2212841532

35,00 zł

What Men Say Arrow

Nauki humanistyczne

It comes as no surprise that men and women see things differently - from the way that they approach problems to how they deal with emotional difficulties - but when it comes to relationships, there is certainly never a dull moment. Just how can we penetrate the language barrier of 'manspeak'? What exactly does he mean when he says 'you have curves'? When he suggests you grab a coffee, does he just want a coffee or does he really want to grab a whole lot more? And why do we ever ask 'Does my bum look big in this?' when no answer on the face of this planet is ever correct?Dr Linda Papadopoulos takes us on a journey through a relationship lifespan from the first-date disasters through to meeting the parents and popping the Big Question and beyond, looking at the common pitfalls and how to avoid them. By utilising the principles of the revolutionary Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, we learn how to identify the problems, how to become more aware of our own thought processes and perceptions and how to analyse them to make communication that bit easier. Funny, frank and extremely accessible, "What Men Say, What Women Hear" is an indispensable guide for the modern woman who may be able to run countries, juggle a hectic household and power walk in high heels but who, no matter how hard she tries, just can't seem to understand what the man in her life means.


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