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Message War Ian Heming Ministries Pty Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

We live in an age of messaging; social media and networking, advertising, email, photographs and video, websites and daily postings of information. Never has the creation and receiving of messages been easier or more freely available or so transportable. This brings the potential to receive blessing and damage through immensely more exposure to messages than any earlier generation has been exposed to. For the strong and insensitive, messaging is a real added power in their hand. For the more sensitive and the immature, messaging creates a vulnerability which has never been present before. We see people, especially the young, readily and deeply damaged by (often anonymous) messaging from their peers and any-one that has a desire to speak into their lives. This book discusses the messaging of this world and the messaging we receive from God. It compares the two sets of messages and discusses them. The intention for writing this book is to bring God's truth and hope into the lives of those who encounter adverse messages from this world, so that they are not dragged down by them but can recover and obtain new hope in God for the future. About the Author: Dr Ian Heming is a respected teacher, businessman and minster of God's love. Starting life as a graduate teacher, he pursued an academic pathway obtaining a Master of Science Degree in Experimental Nuclear Physics and subsequently a PhD in Solid State Physics, which incorporated the creation of world leading infra-red detector devices. Ian has taught in college, been an executive for a leading global oil company, run his own business successfully, been a company doctor for some companies that were struggling and had responsibility for almost a third of the world for a leading global software company. He has also sat on Boards of Directors for Australian companies and for companies overseas. Since retiring from corporate business in 2005 he has been sought out by several companies for advice and leadership - particularly for leadership of people within companies and for direction setting. He has now formally retired completely from worldly business activity but has remained strongly focused on the Kingdom of God. Early on in his business career Ian came to know Jesus and received much healing for all that had gone on in his life up to that point. So grateful was he for his healing that it started a parallel career for God. At first this was in the form of being a prayer minister to the hurting and later he became a teacher of those seeking to be prayer ministers. He is State Director for Victoria and for South Australia for 'Victorious Ministry Through Christ'; a voluntary service arm to the church at large with an international presence. He is also a respected speaker for events both business and Christian and teaches regularly at training schools and summer camps. Dr Heming was born in Gloucester in the UK and migrated to Australia in 1983 with his family and continues to reside in Melbourne. He has travelled very extensively through most of Asia Pacific and has a good understanding of the myriad of cultures which can be found. He has also travelled a good deal in North America and Europe. It is his intention to keep writing, teaching, preaching and ministering into the future as God asks of him.


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