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Tales from the New Jersey Devils Locker Room - 2826772083

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Tales from the New Jersey Devils Locker Room Sports Publishing LLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In "Tales from the New Jersey Devils Locker Room," former New Jersey goalie Chico Resch and coauthor Mike Kerwick bring readers along for a wild ride from the lean early seasons to the three Stanley Cup championships of this beloved team.


New Jersey Devils - 2837311465

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New Jersey Devils Weigl Pub Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


2006 in ice hockey - 2836098323

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2006 in ice hockey Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 104. Chapters: 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs, 2006-07 New York Rangers season, 2005-06 Edmonton Oilers season, 2006-07 Anaheim Ducks season, 2006-07 NHL transactions, 2006-07 Philadelphia Flyers season, 2005-06 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim season, 2006-07 Vancouver Canucks season, 2007 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships, 2006-07 Buffalo Sabres season, 2006-07 NHL season, 2005-06 Philadelphia Flyers season, 2006-07 Ottawa Senators season, 2006-07 New York Islanders season, 2005-06 Ottawa Senators season, 2006-07 Pittsburgh Penguins season, 2006-07 Nashville Predators season, 2006-07 Calgary Flames season, 2006-07 Edmonton Oilers season, 2006 NHL Entry Draft, 2005-06 Calgary Flames season, 2005-06 New Jersey Devils season, 2006 IIHF World U18 Championships, 2006-07 San Jose Sharks season, 2005-06 Toronto Maple Leafs season, 2006-07 Detroit Red Wings season, 2006-07 Minnesota Wild season, 2006-07 Columbus Blue Jackets season, 2006-07 Atlanta Thrashers season, 2006-07 Los Angeles Kings season, 2006-07 Tampa Bay Lightning season, 2006-07 Victoria Salmon Kings season, 2006-07 Boston Bruins season, 2006-07 Dallas Stars season, 2006-07 Chicago Blackhawks season, 2005-06 New York Rangers season, 2006-07 St. Louis Blues season, 2005-06 Detroit Red Wings season, 2006-07 Las Vegas Wranglers season, 2005-06 Phoenix Coyotes season, 2005-06 Pittsburgh Penguins season, 2006-07 Colorado Avalanche season, 2006-07 Carolina Hurricanes season, 2005-06 Nashville Predators season, 2006-07 Montreal Canadiens season, 2005-06 Boston Bruins season, 2005-06 Washington Capitals season, 2006-07 Toronto Maple Leafs season, 2006-07 Washington Capitals season, 2005-06 NHL season, 2006-07 ECHL season, 2006-07 Phoenix Coyotes season, 2006-07 Florida Panthers season, 2005-06 Buffalo Sabres season, 2005-06 San Jose Sharks season, 2005-06 Dallas Stars season, 2005-06 Colorado Avalanche season, 2006 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships, 2005-06 OHL season, 2006-07 OHL season, 2005-06 Los Angeles Kings season, 2005-06 Columbus Blue Jackets season, 2005-06 Carolina Hurricanes season, 2005-06 St. Louis Blues season, 2005-06 Chicago Blackhawks season, 2005-06 Vancouver Canucks season, 2005-06 Montreal Canadiens season, 2005-06 New York Islanders season, 2005-06 Victoria Salmon Kings season, 2005-06 Atlanta Thrashers season, 2006-07 WHL season, 2005-06 ECHL season, 2005-06 Minnesota Wild season, 2005-06 Florida Panthers season, 2005-06 Tampa Bay Lightning season, 2005-06 WHL season, 2006-07 Frölunda HC season, 2006-07 New Jersey Devils season, Ice hockey at the 2006 Winter Olympics, Ice hockey at the 2006 Winter Olympics - Men's statistics, 2005-06 NHL transactions, 2006 Memorial Cup, 2006 Stanley Cup Finals, 2006-07 OPJHL season, 2005-06 OPJHL season, Ice hockey at the 2006 Winter Olympics - Men's tournament, 2006 CCHA Men's Ice Hockey Tournament, 2005-06 AHL season, 2006-07 AHL season, 2006 Calder Cup Playoffs, 2006-07 Southern Professional Hockey League season, 2005-06 Southern Professional Hockey League season, 2006 World Junior A Challenge, Ice sledge hockey at the 2006 Winter Paralympics, 2006-07 Nationalliga A season, 2005-06 QMJHL season, 2006-07 QMJHL season, 2005-06 Nationalliga A season, 2006-07 EIHL season, 2005-06 EIHL season, IIHF Continental Cup 2006, 2006-07 Deutsche Eishockey Liga season, Team Canada at the 2006 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships, 2006-07 GET-ligaen season, 2005-06 UPC-ligaen season, 2006-07 NOJHL season, 2006 Men's World ...


2001 in ice hockey - 2835034221

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2001 in ice hockey Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 57. Chapters: 2001 Stanley Cup playoffs, 2001-02 Toronto Maple Leafs season, 2000-01 Pittsburgh Penguins season, 2000-01 New Jersey Devils season, 2001-02 Ottawa Senators season, 2001 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships, 2001 NHL Entry Draft, 2000-01 Ottawa Senators season, 2001-02 Detroit Red Wings season, 2000-01 Toronto Maple Leafs season, 2001-02 Montreal Canadiens season, 2000-01 Buffalo Sabres season, 2000-01 Minnesota Wild season, 2001-02 Calgary Flames season, 2001-02 Pittsburgh Penguins season, 2001-02 Phoenix Coyotes season, 2001-02 Los Angeles Kings season, 2001-02 San Jose Sharks season, 2000-01 Los Angeles Kings season, 2001-02 New York Islanders season, 2001-02 Colorado Avalanche season, 2000-01 Phoenix Coyotes season, 2001-02 Boston Bruins season, 2000-01 St. Louis Blues season, 2000-01 San Jose Sharks season, 2001-02 St. Louis Blues season, 2001-02 Chicago Blackhawks season, 2000-01 Detroit Red Wings season, 2000-01 Calgary Flames season, 2000-01 Washington Capitals season, 2001-02 Washington Capitals season, 2000-01 Dallas Stars season, 2001-02 Minnesota Wild season, 2000-01 Colorado Avalanche season, 2001-02 Dallas Stars season, 2000-01 Columbus Blue Jackets season, 2001-02 Buffalo Sabres season, 2000-01 Tampa Bay Lightning season, 2001-02 Nashville Predators season, 2001-02 Florida Panthers season, 2000-01 Boston Bruins season, 2001-02 Philadelphia Flyers season, 2000-01 New York Islanders season, 2001-02 Tampa Bay Lightning season, 2000-01 Nashville Predators season, 2000-01 Chicago Blackhawks season, 2000-01 Florida Panthers season, IIHF Continental Cup 2001, 2001-02 Columbus Blue Jackets season, 2000-01 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim season, 2001-02 ECHL season, 2000-01 Edmonton Oilers season, 2000-01 Philadelphia Flyers season, 2001 IIHF World Championship, 2001-02 Carolina Hurricanes season, 2000-01 Montreal Canadiens season, 2000-01 ECHL season, 2001-02 Edmonton Oilers season, 2001-02 OHL season, 2000-01 OHL season, 2001-02 NHL season, 2001-02 Vancouver Canucks season, 2000-01 Vancouver Canucks season, 2000-01 Carolina Hurricanes season, 2001-02 WHL season, 2001-02 AHL season, 2001 Calder Cup Playoffs, 2001 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships, 2000-01 WHL season, 2000-01 NHL season, 2001 Women's World Ice Hockey Championships, 2001 IIHF Women's World Championship, 2001 IIHF World U18 Championships, 2000-01 ISL season, 2001-02 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim season, 2000-01 AHL season, 2000-01 OPJHL season, 2001-02 OPJHL season, 2001-02 QMJHL season, 2000-01 QMJHL season, 2001-02 ISL season, 51st National Hockey League All-Star Game, 2001-02 Deutsche Eishockey Liga season, 2001-02 Nationalliga A season, 2000-01 Djurgĺrdens IF Hockey season, 2001 Women's World Ice Hockey Championships Pool B Qualification, Cold War, 2000-01 Deutsche Eishockey Liga season, 2001 Stanley Cup Finals, 2000-01 Nationalliga A season, 2000-01 NWHL season, 2001 NCAA Division I Women's Ice Hockey Tournament, 2001 NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Tournament, 2001 Royal Bank Cup, 2001 Memorial Cup, 2001 CHA Men's Ice Hockey Tournament, 2001-02 NWHL season. Excerpt: The 2001 Stanley Cup playoffs, the championship of the National Hockey League (NHL), were played from April until June. The Colorado Avalanche defeated the New Jersey Devils to win its second Stanley Cup. The sixteen teams that qualified, eight from each conference, played best-of-7 series for conference quarterfinals, semifinals and championships, and then the confer...


The Mighty Ducks - 2835878876

76,00 zł

The Mighty Ducks Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 37. Chapters: Anaheim Ducks, 2007 Stanley Cup Finals, Mighty Ducks, History of the Anaheim Ducks, List of Anaheim Ducks draft picks, Freeway Face-Off, 2003 Stanley Cup Finals, Henry Samueli, List of Anaheim Ducks records, D2: The Mighty Ducks, Syracuse Crunch, Brian Burke, 1993 NHL Expansion Draft, D3: The Mighty Ducks, Cincinnati Mighty Ducks, List of Anaheim Ducks award winners, Pierre Gauthier, Jim Benning, Chuck Fletcher, Mighty Ducks the Movie: The First Face-Off, Al Coates. Excerpt: The 2007 Stanley Cup Final was a best-of-seven playoff series that determined the National Hockey League (NHL) champion for the 2006-07 season. As a culmination of the 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs, the Western Conference champion Anaheim Ducks defeated the Eastern Conference champion Ottawa Senators in five games and were awarded the Stanley Cup. Prior to the season, the Ducks had been the pick of many in the media to make it to the Final, and they did not disappoint. The second-seeded Anaheim Ducks defeated both the Minnesota Wild and Vancouver Canucks in five games before defeating the Detroit Red Wings in six games in the Western Conference Final. The Ducks had the most penalties out of any team during the post-season and had one suspension going into the final, but had a top penalty-kill percentage. They were led by two Norris Trophy candidates Scott Niedermayer and Chris Pronger, the scoring touches of Andy McDonald, Teemu Selanne, Ryan Getzlaf, and the goaltending of Jean-Sebastien Giguere. The Ducks were looking to shut down Ottawa's offense with the checking line of Rob Niedermayer, Samuel Pahlsson and Travis Moen, and overall team defense. The fourth-seeded Ottawa Senators defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins, and upset both the New Jersey Devils and Buffalo Sabres, all in five games apiece, en route to their first Eastern Conference championship. Ottawa was led by the top line of captain Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley, and Jason Spezza, who combined for 23 goals in the first three rounds, and the goaltending of Ray Emery. Other Senators who played pivotal roles were forwards Mike Fisher and Dean McAmmond and defensemen Chris Phillips and Anton Volchenkov. The Senators were looking to work past Anaheim's defense with their speed and higher-scoring offence, although both teams played a similar style of responsible team defence. Anaheim had home ice advantage for the series, as they finished the regular season with 110 points to Ottawa's 105. The attention leading


Mythical Kings & Iguanas - 2839314498

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Mythical Kings & Iguanas BGO - Beat Goes On


1. Mythical Kings And Iguanas 2. Yada Yada La Scala 3. Lady With The Braid 4. Her Mothers Daughter 5. Angels And Devils The Following Day 6. Mary C. Brown And The Hollywood Sign 7. Lemon Haired Ladies 8. Stone For Bessie Smith 9. The Game 10. Going Home (Mythical Kings And Iguanas) 11. Doppleg?nger 12. The New Enzyme Detergent Demise Of Ali Macgraw 13. The Talkative Woman And The Two Star General 14. The Altruist And The Needy Case 15. Play It Again, Sam 16. Taps Tremors And Time Steps (One Last Dance For 17. The Earthquake In Los Angeles (February 1971) 18. The Final Flight Of The Hindenburg (May 1937) 19. I Dance And Dance And Smile And Smile 20. The Air Crash In New Jersey 21. Aftershock


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