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Nine Unlikely Tales (1901). by: E. Nesbit: (Children's Book ) Illustrated - 2847459810

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Nine Unlikely Tales (1901). by: E. Nesbit: (Children's Book ) Illustrated



Even More Lies - 2843901107

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Even More Lies Black and White Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This work presents more funny, strange and possibly true tales from Harry, the Polis. The follow-up to the first Harry, the Polis book, "Even the Lies are True", continues to expose the lighter side of our industrious police force. Harry Morris's time with the Glasgow and Strathclyde constabulary, or 'polis' for short, hasn't robbed him of his sense of humour, and every wily witness, cocky con, and sarcastic sergeant he ever rubbed up against is here in page after page of humorous stories. Full of hilarious anecdotes, oddball characters, quick comebacks and unlikely excuses, "Even More Lies" shows true Scottish humour at its finest. There's plenty more material from Harry's twenty-nine year career in the rank and file: like the story of Harry's eventful encounter with the visiting Nottingham Forrest football squad, the OAP who ended up 'legless' in more ways than one, and the controlled detonation of some suspicious sausages, polis style! Already described by Alex Dickson of Radio Clyde as "classics of our time" and by Bob Shields of the Daily Record as "a must read for anyone who likes to walk about with a grin on their face", "Even More Lies" is sure to arrest you with its irrepressible mirth.


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