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Home-Made Toys for Girls and Boys: Wooden and Cardboard Toys, Mechanical and Electrical Toys - 2857301771

86,60 zł

Home-Made Toys for Girls and Boys: Wooden and Cardboard Toys, Mechanical and Electrical Toys



Home-Made Toys for Girls and Boys - 2862196635

135,92 zł

Home-Made Toys for Girls and Boys Andesite Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


Girls, Boys, Books, Toys - 2869404718

151,18 zł

Girls, Boys, Books, Toys BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Beverly Lyon Clark and Margaret R. Higonnet bring together twenty-two scholars to look closely at the complexities of children's culture. Girls, Boys, Books, Toys asks questions about how the gender symbolism of children's culture is constructed and resisted. What happens when women rewrite (or illustrate) nursery rhymes, adventure stories, and fairy tales told by men? How do the socially scripted plots for boys and girls change through time and across cultures? Have critics been blind to what women write about "masculine" topics? Can animal tales or doll stories displace tired commonplaces about gender, race, and class? Can different critical approaches-new historicism, narratology, or postcolonialism-enable us to gain leverage on the different implications of gender, age, race, and class in our readings of children's books and children's culture?


No Toys For Girls And Boys - 2871277023

84,99 zł

No Toys For Girls And Boys

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Nieprzypisane

In This New And Heartwarming Christmas Tale, Jingle Jangle Is The Only Elf At The North Pole Who Does Not Work For Santa Claus. He Loves His Toys Far Too Much To Give Them Away To Girls And Boys. But Soon His Giant Stocking Of Toys Begins To Take Over,


Home-made Toys For Girls And Boys - 2871621735

53,99 zł

Home-made Toys For Girls And Boys

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Nieprzypisane


Speed Toys for Boys: (And for Girls, Too)_ - 2869712069

70,76 zł

Speed Toys for Boys: (And for Girls, Too)_ LINDEN PUB CO INC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Timeless projects appropriate for both boys and girls are presented in this reprint of a classic woodworking guide. Complete plans and instructions, many of which are simple enough for older children and teenagers to follow, are provided for constructing pushmobiles, sleds, and scooters. These nostalgic projects will appeal to grandparents looking to construct carts and wagons for their grandchildren, as well as hobbyist woodworkers.


Toys for Kids_Masso Patricia - 2822175751

205,00 zł

Toys for Kids_Masso Patricia Wydawnictwo: Tectum


Toys for Kids   ISBN: 9789076886657 Autor: Masso Patricia Rok wydania: 2008-11-06 Ilość stron: 300 Oprawa: twarda Format: 210 x 310 mm After the success of Toys for Boys and Toys for Girls, Tectum Publishers presents another book to take you into a world of luxury and extravagance. This edition focuses on the most valuable part of our lives - our children. Toys for Kids introduces the most impressive luxury products for children. More than 150 products show the reader how sweet growing up can be. From birth to a child's first steps into a fascinating world that waits to be discovered, to the teenage years, this amazing book reveals the most beautiful and exclusive toys. You will want to be a child again! We love our children above everything else. Could there be a better way to show them our love than by giving them a present that is just as special and valuable as they are? And maybe they will even let us join in the fun!


Macmillan Children's Readers - We Love Toys - An Outside Adventure - Level 1 - 2854288907

34,56 zł

Macmillan Children's Readers - We Love Toys - An Outside Adventure - Level 1 Macmillan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Fun, cultural and informative, this series of readers offers an extensive range of fiction and non-fiction titles that reinforce the basic structures and vocabulary found in most primary courses. Children will love the exciting adventures in stories such as We Love Toys, A Hungry Visitor and A Thief in the Museum. The Macmillan Children's Readers series can be used as supplementary reading material with any primary course. Key Features A picture dictionary (or word list) and activity pages at the back of each reader Accompanying Audio (on CD or on the website gives children a chance to listen to the stories while they read them The blend of Fact Files and topical fictional stories in levels 3-6 motivates older children and appeals to boys and girls equally


LOOM KNIT TOYS - 2873347760

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Discover 8 soft and huggable designs for girls and boys in Loom Knit Toys


Girls as Constructors in the Early Years - 2862455069

49,42 zł

Girls as Constructors in the Early Years Institute of Education Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In National Curriculum science, mathematics and technology, girls are consistently outperformed by boys and even in playgroups they choose to use construction toys less. This book sets out ways of involving girls in constructional activities and analyzes management issues.


Śmierć przewodnika rzecznego - Richard Flanagan - 2852563997

33,55 zł

Śmierć przewodnika rzecznego - Richard Flanagan

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Nie dająca spokoju, ambitna zdaniem recenzenta z The New York Times. Osiągnięcie godne uwagi według The Washington Post. Richard Flanagan w kolejnej zachwycającej odsłonie. Uwięziony przez prąd tasmańskiej rzeki, wciągnięty pod sam wodospad, Aljaz Cosini, przewodnik turystycznej wyprawy, tonie. Ostatnie chwile życia stają się dla niego rodzajem mistycznej podróży w głąb własnego życia oraz życia przodków. Przed oczami Aljaza przetaczają się obrazy z przeszłości. Widzi, jak jego ojciec Harry jako mały chłopiec grzebie swojego ojca pod drzewem gumowym, które wnet rozkwitnie tysiącem żółtych kwiatów. Jak wuj Reg sprzedaje zęby, by spłacić dom. Jak prababka ucieka przed złym duchem, a pijany łowca fok gwałci na plaży Aborygenkę zwaną Czarną Perłą. Widzi piękną twarz kobiety, którą kochał W podwodnym świecie, który odbiera Aljazowi ostatni oddech, rodzinna wizja złożona z okruchów aborygeńskich, celtyckich, włoskich, angielskich, chińskich i wschodnioeuropejskich opowieści przeistacza się w bezdenną historię Tasmanii. Nazwa - Śmierć przewodnika rzecznego Oryginalny tytuł - Death of a River Guide Autor - Richard Flanagan Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - Wydawnictwo Literackie Kod ISBN - 9788308063583 Kod EAN - 9788308063583 Wydanie - 0 Rok wydania - 2017 Język - polski Tłumacz - Świerkocki Maciej Format - 14.3x20.5cm Ilość stron - 368 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2017-07-06


London Town (Classic Reprint) - 2871351801

45,99 zł

London Town (Classic Reprint)

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Nieprzypisane

Excerpt From London Town Toys For Youngsters Stout And Tall Toys For Prince And Peasant Too Toys, My Dears, For All Of You! Toys For Girls And Toys For Boys! Toys! Toys! Penny Toys! About The Publisher Forgotten Books Publishes Hundre


Gender Trap - 2869683526

118,05 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From the selection of toys, clothes, and activities to styles of play and emotional expression, the family is ground zero for where children learn about gender. Despite recent awareness that girls are not too fragile to play sports and that boys can benefit from learning to cook, we still find ourselves surrounded by limited gender expectations and persistent gender inequalities. Through the lively and engaging stories of parents from a wide range of backgrounds, The Gender Trap provides a detailed account of how today's parents understand, enforce, and resist the gendering of their children. Emily Kane shows how most parents make efforts to loosen gendered constraints for their children, while also engaging in a variety of behaviours that reproduce traditionally gendered childhoods, ultimately arguing that conventional gender expectations are deeply entrenched and that there is great tension in attempting to undo them while letting 'boys be boys' and 'girls be girls.'


Beauty Of Ballet - 2870608571

149,99 zł

Beauty Of Ballet


1. (Keine Angaben) - Vorspann 2. Australian Ballet, The - Coppelia (Ballett) 3. Prelude: The Village Square (1. Akt) 4. Swanilda Sees Coppelia 5. Franz Sees Coppelia 6. The Mazurka 7. The Seignur Gives The Village A Bell 8. Ballad Of The Harvest 9. Swanilda & The Village Girls 10. Peasant Boys Dance 11. Csardas 12. Exit Of The Seigneur & His Lady 13. Finale: The Girls Break Into Dr. Coppelius' House 14. Entracte (2. Akt) 15. The Girls Explore Dr. Coppelius' House 16. The Girls Find Coppelia 17. Dance Of The Dolls 18. Dr. Coppelius Returns 19. Franz Climbs In 20. Franz Is Drugged 21. Bringing Coppelia To Life 22. Waltz Of The Puppet 23. Coppelia Tries To Save Franz 24. Bolero 25. Gigue 26. Finale: The Toys Dance & Dr. Coppelius Is Tricke 27. Festival Of The Bell (3. Akt) 28. Waltz Of The Hours 29. Dawn 30. The Prayer 31. Reapers' Dance 32. The Village Wedding 33. Brides & Gooms Dance 34. Pas De Deux 35. Franz's Solo 36. Swanilda's Solo 37. Finale 38. (Keine Angaben) - Abspann 101. (Keine Angaben) - Vorspann 102. Australian Ballet, The - Giselle (Ballett) 103. Joyful Entrance Of The Villagers (1. Akt) 104. Entrance Of Count Albrecht 105. Albrecht Is Left Alone 106. The Villagers Return 107. Waltz 108. The Hunt 109. Hilarion's Scene 110. Celebration Of The Harvest 111. Gallop 112. Finale 113. Introduction - The Forest At Night 114. Apparition Of Myrtha, Queen Of The Wilis 115. Apparition Of Giselle 116. Entrance Of Albrecht 117. The Wilis 118. Grand Pas De Deux 119. Finale 120. (Keine Angaben) - Abspann 201. (Keine Angaben) - Vorspann 202. Adelaide Symphony Orchestra - Manon (Oper In 5 Akt 203. Prelude 204. The Courtyard Of An Inn Near Paris (1. Akt) 205. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 206. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 207. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 208. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 209. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 210. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 211. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 212. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 213. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 214. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 215. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 216. Interlude 217. Des Grieux's Lodgings In Paris 218. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 219. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 220. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 221. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 222. A Party At The Hotel Particulier Of Madame (2. Akt 223. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 224. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 225. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 226. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 227. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 228. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 229. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 230. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 231. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 232. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 233. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 234. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 235. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 236. Interlude 237. Des Grieux's Lodgings 238. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 239. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 240. New Orleans: The Port (3. Akt) 241. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 242. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 243. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 244. New Orleans: The Gaoler's Room 245. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 246. New Orleans: The Swamp 247. (Ohne Satzbezeichnung) 248. (Keine Angaben) - Abspann 301. (Keine Angaben) - Vorspann 302. Australian Ballet, The - La Fille Mal Gardee (Ball 303. Dance Of The Cock & Hens (1. Akt) 304. Lise & The Ribbon 305. Colas 306. Colas & Simone 307. Villagers 308. Simone & Lise 309. Lise & Colas 310. Village Girls 311. Thomas & Alain 312. Off To The Harvest (2. Akt) 313. Colas 314. Picnic 315. Flute Dance 316. Quarrel 317. The Fanny Elssler 318. Simone 319. Clog Dance 320. Maypole Dance 321. Storm - Finale 322. Overture (3. Akt) 323. Lise & Simone 324. Spinning 325. Tambourine Dance 326. Harvesters 327. When I Am Married 328. Simone's Return 329. Thomas, Alain & The Notaries 330. Consternation & Forgiveness 331. Pas De Deux 332. Finale 333. (Keine Angaben) - Abspann 401. (Keine Angaben) - Vorspann 402. Australian Ballet, The - Spartacus (Ballett) 403. Szene 1 (1. Akt) 404. Szene 2 405. Szene 3 406. Szene 4 407. Szene 5 408. Szene 6 409. Szene 1 (2. Akt) 410. Szene 2 411. Szene 1 (3. Akt) 412. Szene 2 413. (Keine Angaben) - Abspann


Gender in Mesoamerican Cultures - 2862277941

171,65 zł

Gender in Mesoamerican Cultures Alphascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Gender roles in Mesoamerican culture are established from birth. Mesoamerica or Meso-America is a region and culture area in the Americas, extending approximately from central Mexico to Honduras and Nicaragua, within which a number of pre-Columbian societies flourished before the Spanish colonization of the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries. Boys, for example, are given toys to play with that establish their future masculine roles while the girls get toys that relate to grinding and other activities women are expected to perform. Gender roles that many Mexican societies try to establish from birth. At birth, newborn boys are given a machete by their fathers, and girls receive a metate and malacate from their mothers, representing their future economic roles. The stereotype that women play a minimal role in the family is far from accurate. Although women's roles in agriculture have been underestimated, if it were not for the contributions of women in agriculture, the family would not survive.


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