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William Gaddis - 2826838010

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William Gaddis Bloomsbury Academic USA

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In 1989, Steven Moore published the first scholarly study of William Gaddis's novels and since then it has been generally regarded as the best book on this difficult but major writer's work. This revised and expanded edition includes new chapters on the novels Gaddis published after 1989, the National Book Award-winning A Frolic of His Own and the posthumous novella Agape Agape, along with updated introductory and concluding chapters. This introduction offers a clear discussion of all five of Gaddis's novels, providing essential biographical information, two chapters each on his most significant novels, The Recognitions and J R, and a chapter each devoted to his later three novels. A concluding chapter locates his place in American literature and notes his influence on younger writers. Each chapter focuses on the main themes of each novel and discusses the literary techniques Gaddis deployed to dramatize those themes. Since Gaddis is an erudite, allusive novelist, Moore clarifies his references and explains how they enhance his themes.


Virginia Woolf - 2826818908

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Virginia Woolf Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A study of the works of Virginia Woolf and of other 'Bloomsbury' writers, in particular Roger Fry. Dr McLaurin discusses the influence of Samuel Butler on the philosophy and especially the aesthetics of Bloomsbury, and the relationships between the writings of Virginia Woolf and Roger Fry, showing that in her novels she was grappling with the same ideas as Fry was in his art-criticism. He then explores the place of repetition in the whole process of art and examines the uses of repetition in the work of Virginia Woolf and others, notably the 'stream of consciousness' writers. The final section of the book draws these themes together in a study of To the Lighthouse. This book explains a great deal about Virginia Woolf's attitude to writing and her preoccupation with the techniques of painting, and makes intelligible much about her aims and methods by setting them in their social and historical context.


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