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Denise has been writing poetry sense she was about thirteen. She has written poems for her family, friends, and for no reason at all. She always said 'some days I have it and some days I don't'. She has been known to hand write about six to ten pages to get one poem, hen other times she just starts writing and it all just comes out so good, one page one time. Denise always said someday she would have her poems / poetry in a book of her own. I really didn't ever think she would get around to it. Denise is always busy doing everything for everyone, never takes time for herself. I don't think she has written more then five or six poems in the past five years. She use to write all the time. It was nothing for her to have a pin and paper handy while driving, sleeping, cooking. Denise loves her family, & friends. She loves helping others, loves outdoors, loved her dogs dearly...Good Faith with your book Denise, I hope someone reads your poetry and wants to put them on a card, sing your words to music. I hope you sale a million dollars' worth of your words. I know you will put it all towards good things.


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