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Feed Supplements for Livestock and Poultry - 2827052721

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Feed Supplements for Livestock and Poultry Astral International

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This book on Feed Supplements for Livestock and Poultry deals with the basic principles, technology and application of feed supplements for livestock and poultry in a systematic and comprehensive manner. This book contains twenty five chapters contributed by 30 eminent scientists of animal nutrition, which highlights the significance of supplementation of bypass fat, essential fatty acids, rumen by-pass proteins, non-protein-nitrogen sources, ideal protein, essential amino acids, essential macro and mico-minerals, organic trace minerals, area specific mineral mixtures, vitamins, commercial nutraceuticals, nucleotide, single cell protein, hydroponically sprouted grains, azolla, distillers' dried grains etc. for sustainable livestock and poultry production. Each chapter of the book attempts at providing clear and updated information on feed supplements supported with good amount of the experimental evidence and references which will enable the students and research workers to obtain information quickly when necessary. The book is useful to students of animal sciences, teachers and scientists of animal nutrition discipline, personnel of feed industry, field veterinarians, animal husbandry extension workers and progressive animal farmers.


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