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Old Church Lore - 2848734978

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Old Church Lore



Old Church Lore - 2848778908

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Old Church Lore



Old Skye Tales - 2839994312

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Old Skye Tales

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A Compilation Of Lore, Legend, Tradition And Incident From The Isle Of Skye. It Contains A Large Amount Of Information On The Geography Of The Island Along With Sections On Crofting, The Church, Local Superstitions, Sayings, Second Sight And Even Local Characters Past And Present.


Old Skye Tales - 2845289731

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Old Skye Tales BIRLINN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A compilation of lore, legend, tradition and incident from the Isle of Skye. It contains a large amount of information on the geography of the island along with sections on crofting, the Church, local superstitions, sayings, second sight and even local characters past and present.


At the Sign of the Barber's Pole - 2844386449

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At the Sign of the Barber's Pole Dodo Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

William Andrews (1848-1908) was an author and editor. He authored: Historic Yorkshire (1883), Modern Yorkshire Poets (1885), Curiosities of the Church (1890), Old Church Lore (1891), England in the Days of Old (1897), Manxland Epitaphs (1899), Bygone Punishments (1899), At the Sign of the Barber's Pole: Studies in Hirsute History (1904) and Modern Merry Men (1904). He also edited Curious Church Customs (1895), Church Treasury (1898), Ecclesiastical Curiosities (1899) and Bygone Church Life in Scotland (1899).


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