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Old Creole Days; A Story of Creole Life. by: George Washington Cable (Original Classics) - 2851402344

40,51 zł

Old Creole Days; A Story of Creole Life. by: George Washington Cable (Original Classics)



Old Creole Days; A Story of Creole Life - 2858019331

80,16 zł

Old Creole Days; A Story of Creole Life



Creole Mutiny - 2853162388

52,09 zł

Creole Mutiny Ivan R Dee, Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

On the night of November 7, 1841, the Creole, a brig transporting at least 135 slaves from Richmond, Virginia, to the auction block at New Orleans, was about 130 miles northeast of the Bahamas. In the darkness, a band of 19 slaves led by Madison Washington seized the crew and its captain. Over the next several days they forced the Creole to sail into Nassau harbor, where the British authorities offered freedom to the slaves on board, touching off a diplomatic squabble and continuing legal ramifications. In The Creole Mutiny, George and Willene Hendrick have pieced together, from scant information and remote sources, the story of this successful slave revolt and of the mysterious figure of Madison Washington, a fugitive slave who had been recaptured while trying to free his wife. With careful attention to background details, the authors describe what is known of Washington's life; the efforts of fugitive slaves to free other family members; the methods of slave traders and the operators of slave pens; the conditions on slave ships; and the sexual exploitation of female slaves, some mere children. In an Appendix, the authors show how Madison Washington has taken on mythic qualities in the works of major African-American writers, from Frederick Douglass to Theodore Ward. With 24 black-and-white illustrations. "Fascinating...compelling history."-Vernon Ford, Booklist


Vinnie's War - 2854220247

36,60 zł

Vinnie's War Allen & Unwin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The story of a homeless boy who starts by losing everything, and - through his experience as an evacuee in World War II - finds friendship, vocation and a place to belong. Just then came: crump, CRUMP, CRUMP! Three bombs in quick succession, coming frighteningly closer. With each explosion, the ground shook. Dust and chips fell from the ceiling. Everyone in the shelter gasped at the same time. Vinnie held his breath, waiting for the fourth bomb, but it didn't come. When Vinnie is sent away from the bombs in London, he has no idea what awaits him. All he has left of his old life is his harmonica. On the train, Vinnie meets fierce Kathleen, sweet Joey and gangly Dobbs. The evacuee children find themselves thrown together in the country town of Netterfold, which seems beautiful and peaceful - until they meet the locals. There is a war raging across Europe, but Vinnie and his friends soon find they have their own war to fight as they face up to terrifying teachers, bad billets, and hostile neighbourhood kids who set out to make their lives as 'vaccies' miserable. And when things start to go missing, they discover that there are mysteries lurking in Netterfold's shadows, just waiting to be solved...Through music and friendship, can Vinnie make peace and finally find a place where he belongs?


Awakening and Selected Stories - 2846350158

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Awakening and Selected Stories BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"The Awakening" is the story of Edna Pontellier, an attractive twenty-eight year old woman who is a wife and mother of two sons living in the Creole south in the late 19th century. Edna finds herself trapped in her life as a wife and a mother and feels unable to express her passionate sensuality within the confines of her marriage. She seeks a spiritual and sexual awakening through an affair with a younger man during one summer while her husband is away. Liberated by this experience she sends her children away and is determined to live a more independent and self-determined life. However this new found independence also becomes her downfall as her actions are looked down upon by the members of her society in the late 19th century south. "The Awakening" is a classic modern example of the tragic hero. It illustrates the confines of late 19th century America for women and the beginning of an era of changing social attitudes towards the role of women in society. Chopin's novel was meet with great criticism when it was first published and essentially ended her literary career. The reaction to its publication is indicative of the social attitude towards greater independence and freedom for women at the time. At the same time the novel was a harbinger of the greater independence that was soon to come for women in America. Also contained within this volume is a collection of eight shorter works by the author.


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