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Old French Romances Done Into English (1896) - 2855786049

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Old French Romances Done Into English (1896)

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Encyklopedia dla najmłodszych Polska i świat - Praca zbiorowa - 2836971778

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Encyklopedia dla najmłodszych Polska i świat - Praca zbiorowa

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Tę książkę polubisz od pierwszego wejrzenia. Znajdziesz w niej mnóstwo wiadomości, ciekawostek, zdjęć, map i ilustracji, które poszerzą twą wiedzę o wszystkim, co nas otacza. Nazwa - Encyklopedia dla najmłodszych Polska i świat Autor - Praca zbiorowa Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - Damidos Kod ISBN - 9788378552574 Kod EAN - 9788378552574 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2014 Język - polski Format - 21.0x29.0cm Ilość stron - 192 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2014-10-02


Imagine. Księga skarbów UNESCO - Praca zbiorowa - 2855492213

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Imagine. Księga skarbów UNESCO - Praca zbiorowa

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Niedługo po powołaniu do życia Organizacji Narodów Zjednoczonych narodził się pomysł stworzenia jednostki odpowiedzialnej za wspieranie współpracy międzynarodowej w dziedzinie kultury, sztuki i nauki, a także wzbudzanie szacunku dla praw człowieka bez względu na kolor skóry, status społeczny i wyznawaną religię. Inicjatywa podjęta przez Juliana Huxleya doprowadziła w konsekwencji do utworzenia w 1945 roku United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (Organizacja Narodów Zjednoczonych do spraw Oświaty, Nauki i Kultury) - UNESCO. Jednym z głównych zadań nowego stowarzyszenia stała się ochrona światowego dziedzictwa kulturalnego i przyrodniczego. W tym celu ustanowiono specjalną listę, na którą są wpisywane obiekty o unikatowym charakterze kulturowym bądź przyrodniczym. Obecnie na Liście Światowego Dziedzictwa Kulturalnego i Przyrodniczego znajduje się 936 obiektów, w tym 725 kulturalnych, 183 przyrodniczych Nazwa - Imagine. Księga skarbów UNESCO Autor - Praca zbiorowa Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - Dragon Kod ISBN - 9788378870609 Kod EAN - 9788378870609 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2014 Język - polski Format - 20.6x28.3cm Ilość stron - 448 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2014-09-25


Medieval Dress and Textiles in Britain - 2854329840

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Medieval Dress and Textiles in Britain The Boydell Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Texts (with modern English translation) offering insights into the place of cloth and clothing in everyday life are presented here. Covering a wide range of genres, they include documents from the royal wardrobe accounts and petitions to king and Parliament, previously available only in manuscript form. The accounts detail royal expenditure on fabrics and garments, while the petitions demand the restoration of livery, for example, or protest about the need for winter clothing for children who are wards of the king. In addition, the volume includes extracts from wills, inventories and rolls of livery, sumptuary laws, moral and satirical works condemning contemporary fashions, an Old English epic, and English and French romances. The texts themselves are in Old and Middle English, Latin and Anglo-Norman French, with some of the documents switching between more than one of these languages. They are presented with introduction, glossary and detailed notes. Louise M. Sylvester is Reader in English Language at the University of Westminster; Mark Chambers is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Durham University; Gale R. Owen-Crocker is Professor of Anglo-Saxon Culture at the University of Manchester.


Sexual Culture in the Literature of Medieval Britain - 2854329870

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Sexual Culture in the Literature of Medieval Britain D.S. Brewer

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It is often said that the past is a foreign country where they do things differently, and perhaps no type of "doing" is more fascinating than sexual desires and behaviours. Our modern view of medieval sexuality is characterised by a polarising dichotomy between the swooning love-struck knights and ladies of romance on one hand, and the darkly imagined and misogyny of an unenlightened "medieval" sexuality on the other. British medieval sexual culture also exhibits such dualities through the influential paradigms of sinner or saint, virgin or whore, and protector or defiler of women. However, such sexual identities are rarely coherent or stable, and it is in the grey areas, the interstices between normative modes of sexuality, that we find the most compelling instances of erotic frisson and sexual expression. This collection of essays brings together a wide-ranging discussion of the sexual possibilities and fantasies of medieval Britain as they manifest themselves in the literature of the period. Taking as their matter texts and authors as diverse as Chaucer, Gower, Dunbar, Malory, alchemical treatises, and romances, the contributions reveal a surprising variety of attitudes, strategies and sexual subject positions. Amanda Hopkins teaches in English and French at the University of Warwick; Robert Allen Rouse is Associate Professor of English at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Cory James Rushton is Associate Professor of English at St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Contributors: Aisling Byrne, Anna Caughey, Kristina Hildebrand, Amy S. Kaufman, Yvette Kisor, Megan G. Leitch, Cynthea Masson, Hannah Priest, Samantha J. Rayner, Robert Allen Rouse, Cory James Rushton, Amy N. Vines


German Romance V: Erec - 2854311949

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German Romance V: Erec BOYDELL PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Erec is the earliest extant German Arthurian romance, freely adapted and translated into Middle High German by the Swabian knight, Hartmann von Aue, from the first Old French Arthurian romance, Chretien de Troyes' Erec et Enide. Hartmann's work dates from c. 1180, but the only (almost) complete manuscript dates from the early sixteenth century, copied into the huge two-volume Ambraser Heldenbuch, now housed in Vienna - the most comprehensive extant compilation of medieval German romances and epics, commissioned by Emperor Maximilian I. Otherwise, only a few earlier medieval fragments survive. Erec tells the story of a young knight at King Arthur's court, whose early prowess wins him high repute, and a beautiful wife, Enite. He falls into disrepute because of his excessively zealous devotion of his time to her. Alerted to his notoriety, he embarks on a series of symbolic adventures, which eventually lead to his achieving a new balance between the claims of love and those of society. Far more than a simple translation, Hartmann's first attempt at an Arthurian romance is notable for its zest and gusto. This is the first edition with a parallel text translation into English; it is presented with explanatory notes and variant readings. Cyril Edwards is a Senior Research Fellow of Oxford University's Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, and an Honorary Research Fellow of University College London.


The Penis - 2853792248

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The Penis Gmünder Bruno GmbH

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Born in a small factory town in the American state of Maine, where dreaming or having high hopes were not encouraged, Robert W Richards learned at a very early age to lead a private, interior, solitary life. Until he was about six years old, he didn't speak English; he spoke French. When he started going to school, he was kind of shunted aside because he was very shy about not speaking well. After winning a scholarship to the Museum School in Boston, he moved to New York City. He was soon sketching the couture collections in Paris, Rome, Milan, and Los Angeles for American newspapers. After a few years the fashion grind began to wear on him. He had done it and was fortunate to have been there when couture was couture and not the vaudeville it has since become. He knew it was time for him to move on-not that one can't remain creative drawing fashion, but when he realized he was on his third cycle of mini-skirts ... that was it! Now he wanted to draw the people who wore the clothes, and preferably out of the clothes. He wanted faces, bodies, emotion. This book is a visual manual of the male body. It is published for the first time, well-endowed with many specials: It is supersized, signed by the artist, and numbered. Magnificent varnish finishing on the cover creates a noble, exquisite appearance."


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