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Olive Mill Waste addresses the most relevant topics of olive oil industry sustainable management today. Emphasizing recent advisable practices, the potentiality of reutilizing OMW to power the mill itself, the reuse of OMW as soil amendment, aerobic biological treatment of OMW and compost production, the case study of OMW within the biorefinery concept, the recovery of bioactive compounds from OMW as well as their applications in food products and cosmetics. Recent research efforts have concluded that the successful management of OMW focuses on three main routes: (a) reuse of water, (b) reuse of polyphenols and (c) reuse of nutrients. Following this consideration, Olive Mill Waste covers sustainable practices of olive oil industry reveals the opportunities of reutilizing the water of OMW within the process or as soil amendment. At the same time, it explores in depth all the possibilities of recovering polyphenols and reutilizing them in target products such as foods and cosmetics. In addition, the book presents successful cases of industrial OMW valorization through real world experiences. Covers the most recent advances in the field of olive mill waste management following the sustainability principlesFills the gap of transfer knowledge between academia and industry, by describing in details the few viable industrial applications and scenariosExplores the advantages, disadvantages and real potentiality of processes and products in the market


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