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Becoming a Music Teacher - 2854550445

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Becoming a Music Teacher Oxford University Press Inc

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New music teachers often struggle to find a way to connect the content learned in college classes with the content that will be taught in the classroom, since the nature of their work demands a high level of both musical and educational ability, while also the skills to switch from tuning an orchestra to leading a marching band or practicing voice parts with a chorus. Becoming a Music Teacher: Student to Practitioner focuses on making the connections between the college music classroom and public school music classroom transparent, visible, and relevant. Award-winning music educators Donald L. Hamann and Shelly Cooper have created a versatile text for music teacher education, and one that will provide a significant resource for music education students across the US. Based around an innovative organization and approach, Becoming a Music Teacher is made up of 40 short modules that focus on increasing a teacher's comfort and confidence level when instructing or leading groups. Each module is broken down into four individual components that demonstrate real life transfers from classes to classroom through the components of Personal Awareness, Personal Musicianship, Pre-Conducting, and Professional Knowledge. The Personal Awareness component gives a lesson on good teaching skills by focusing on body awareness, body language, and communication styles rather than abstract theories of education. Personal Musicianship provides a guided learning approach to teaching sight-singing and opportunities to create both vocal and instrumental accompaniments with the songs that are included in the modules. Pre-conducting discusses ways in which certain gestures or concepts could be used in rehearsing a school ensemble through the development of hand/arm independence, posture, and gestures. Professional knowledge links the module to the real world and places it in the context of the workplace, offering advice on how to work with other teachers and administrators, and includes characteristics of successful teachers, the role of schools in contemporary society, and diverse learners. When taken together, these components help the student develop a genuinely rounded skill set for the classroom. The lessons are activity-based and interactive, allowing readers to experiment, communicate, and provide feedback. The modules are also flexible and have been designed to be easily integrated into a music education classroom and applied to specific age groups, includingadult learners, a demographic many music education students encounter but one rarely discussed in music education classrooms. Each module stands alone, allowing instructors to customize their lesson plans by selecting or highlighting the modules most relevant to their class. This text also includes exercises that promote reflection on professionalism, collegiality, and legal factors that affect both students and teachers, not found in most education texts.


Becoming a Teacher of Language and Literacy - 2854235361

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Becoming a Teacher of Language and Literacy Cambridge University Press

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Becoming a Teacher of Language and Literacy explores what it means to be a literacy educator in the twenty-first century. It promotes a reflective and inquiry-based approach to literacy teaching and examines three central questions: 1. How do teachers approach the teaching of reading and writing, speaking and listening within a digital age? 2. How do teachers approach the standardisation of literacy, including high-stakes testing? 3. How do teachers work within the framework of the Australian Curriculum: English? The book covers a range of contemporary topics in language and literacy education, including reading and creating digital texts, supporting intercultural engagement in literacy education, and developing community partnerships. Each chapter features teacher narratives, current theoretical perspectives, examples of practice and reflective questions. The narratives are designed to prompt reflection about teachers' professional practice within local school settings. They convey the voices of teachers as they grapple with the challenges of their professional practice.


Becoming a Multiculturally Competent Counselor - 2854423713

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Becoming a Multiculturally Competent Counselor SAGE Publications Inc

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Becoming a Multiculturally Competent Counselor is a core text for counselor education courses found in departments of counseling and psychology. Changming Duan and Chris Brown use an integrated approach to the development of a strong multicultural counselor identity, providing students with the knowledge and skills that cover all competency areas, as identified by the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). Becoming a Multiculturally Competent Counselor is based on a revised version of the theoretical stage model, and pays special attention to all areas of diversity, both nationally and internationally. The book begins with a section devoted to professional counseling, and then transitions to the more defined area of multicultural counseling in the 21st century. Subsequent sections are devoted to developing the student's multicultural identity, working with the culturally diverse, and working within social justice and advocacy. There is a skills section that includes case examples, as well as a section that includes the unique feature titled "From the Author's Chair" in which the editors of the series will interview the authors of each volume.


Becoming an Architect - 2854249397

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Becoming an Architect Wiley

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" Becoming an Architect will inspire future architects, career consultants, and human resources professionals alike, providing all the information you'll need to make intelligent decisions about careers in architecture." --From the Foreword by Helen Combs Dreiling, FAIA, 2014 AIA National President Starting a career as an architect is an exciting prospect, but it's important to do your research before you take the plunge. The third edition of Becoming an Architect is an update to the best-selling guide and highlights the risks and rewards on the path to a career as an architect. You'll find new insight and tons of helpful resources, as well as a complete outline of the trajectory of an architect's early career, from higher education through internship and licensure. More than thirty-two new interviews and profiles from architecture students, emerging, and established professionals give the resource a truly personal feel, and help get you acquainted with real-life scenarios from architects from varying backgrounds and specialties. With a highly accessible approach, this guide provides a complete overview of the profession, including educational requirements, design specialties, registration requirements, and the paths of a career in architecture. Whether you're a high school student, a college undergraduate, a career counselor, or a human resource professional, Becoming an Architect offers much-needed advice and information to anyone interested in career development for architects. Covers recent changes to the Intern Development Program (IDP) Provides advice on obtaining professional experience while studying to be an architect Considers career paths in a myriad of work environments, such as government agencies, education, and research Includes helpful appendixes with resources for further information, such as career-related associations, websites, and recommended reading Obtain a solid introduction to a career as an architect, and plan your own path with the guidance and advice of dozens of others who have already started this process.


Unmistakable Impact - 2854326085

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Unmistakable Impact Corwin Press Inc

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""Unmistakable Impact" takes us deeper into the realm of grounded school improvement - a great contribution to the field." (Michael Fullan, Professor and Author University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Centre for Teacher Development). "This book exemplifies everything Jim Knight advocates: a clear focus, respect for educators' significant contributions, and the value that well-designed professional learning contributes to school improvement efforts." (Dennis Sparks, Former Executive Director). Learning Forward: A focused approach to school improvement that hits the mark. A staggering amount of evidence shows that our schools are not as effective as they should be, and they are working toward improvement. This book simplifies the process for becoming an Impact School through targeted, consistent professional learning that is done with teachers, not to teachers. Award-winning author Jim Knight describes how to translate staff members' joy of learning into high-leverage practices that achieve dramatic student outcomes. Characteristics of Impact Schools include: a focused, clearly defined improvement plan that takes into account the complexity of teaching and learning relationships; a school culture that encourages enrollment in ongoing professional development; alignment of purpose and actions among all staff members; and, helpful resources include tangible tools and reproducibles for use by principals, workshop leaders, professional learning communities, and instructional coaches. When everyone learns, every student receives excellent instruction every day in every class. "Unmistakable Impact" provides the roadmap to remarkable results.


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