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EXpert Patient Education verus Routine Treatment - 2834701357

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EXpert Patient Education verus Routine Treatment LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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X-PERT, the acronym for eXpert Patient Education versus Routine Treatment, is a diabetes self-management programme. This thesis explores a different approach to patient education. It begins with an overview of the epidemiology of Type 2 diabetes and exploration of health behaviour models. A systematic review of group-based, self-management diabetes education programmes is then presented. The tutor s manual for the expert patient programme X-PERT is outlined. The design of the clinical trial was to invite the intervention group to attend the X-PERT Programme but to make individual appointments for the control group. The X-PERT trial tests the hypothesis that delivery of a professional-led, diabetes self-management programme based on empowerment and activation would: develop the skills and confidence for diabetes self-management; improve clinical, lifestyle and psychosocial outcomes; meet the International Diabetes Federation standards for diabetes education. The results support the hypothesis with statistically significant findings. X-PERT is an effective approach that should be offered to all people with diabetes as an integral part of their diabetes treatment.


Remediation in Medical Education, 1 - 2827080548

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Remediation in Medical Education, 1 Springer, Berlin

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This book offers an evidence-based and practical approach to the identification and remediation of medical students who are unable to perform to standards. Remediation in medical education is the act of facilitating a correction for trainees who started out on the journey toward becoming a physician but have moved off course. As assessment of clinical competence and professionalism in medical training has become more sophisticated and ubiquitous, educators need to implement effective and respectful means to work with trainees who do not meet current standards.§Remediation in Medical Education: A Mid-Course Correction discusses the methods used to define competencies and the science behind the fundamental shift in the way medical education is delivered and assessed; explores the issues that provide context for remediation, including professional identity formation and moral reasoning, verbal and nonverbal learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders in high-functioning individuals, issues of diversity, and educational and psychiatric issues; describes the resources needed to remediate students; and reviews system issues involved in remediation, including policy and leadership challenges and faculty development.§


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