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One & Only Tapas & Appetisers Cookbook - 2826773389

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One & Only Tapas & Appetisers Cookbook NEW HOLLAND PUBLISHERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

New from the creators of the "500 Cooking" series! The "One & Only Tapas and Appetisers Cookbook" is one in the series and brings together mouth-watering recipes, stunning photography and beautiful design in an irresistible package, at a great price. It features recipes for all your favourites and provides inspiration to try exciting new dishes. The "One & Only" books are complete guides to cooking delicious meals with a minimum of fuss and make a great addition to anyone's kitchen. Others in the series are "The One & Only Soups Cookbook", "The One & Only Cupcakes and Muffins Cookbook", and "The One & Only Casseroles and Stews Cookbook".


How does the Galaxy work? - 2827095474

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How does the Galaxy work? Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

TheinternationalconferenceHowdoestheGalaxywork? Agalactictertulia rd th with Don Cox and Ron Reynolds, was held during the week of 23 to 27 of June 2003 in the marvelous city of Granada, Spain. This week marked the beginningofoneofthehottestsummersthatwehaveeverlived, butincontrast, the meeting was one of the coolest events that we can remember! First, it certainly wasa?rstclassscienti?creunion, withanexcellent program, talented speakers, and alive discussions in a friendly atmosphere. Second, the whole event was embedded in the passionate Andalucian way of life, a true tertulia, well seasoned with tasty tapas and perfectly marinated in cool and dry sherry wine. Third, the celebration was framed by some of the most beautiful settings thatonecanimagine; weenjoyedthemagni?centsplendoroftheAlhambra,the unique Muslim-Jewish-Christian ?avor of the Albaicin, and the magical gipsy heartbeat of Sacromonte. Last but not least, all discussions, whether they were duringthesessionsoratabartable,weresprinkledwiththecharmandwitofthe twoguestsofhonor: DonCoxandRonReynolds. Theideaofhavingascienti?c feast to celebrate their 60th birthday in Granada was actually conceived at a bar table in Seville, with plenty of manzanilla at hand, a couple of summers ago. That, perhaps, was the dif?cult part of the project. The rest was relatively easy to achieve because Don and Ron are not only remarkable astronomers but they are also great human beings. Indeed, we had a very positive response from all parties involved: every person we talked to was enthusiastic about the celebration, and wanted to give their own point of view in this tertulia.


Peter Gordon: Every Day - 2827010795

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Peter Gordon: Every Day JACQUI SMALL

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In his new book Peter Gordon: Everyday, Peter shows us how to create his signature fusion style food at home, every day of the week. Using only easily-sourced ingredients and simple methods, Peter has put together 170 dishes that demonstrate his passion for innovative flavours and textures. Chapter take us through every meal of the day and include: breakfast & brunch; soups; pasta, rice & noodles; light meals; salads & tapas; dinner; speedy sides and tea trolley and desserts. The range of recipes includes Chorizo on Tomato-rubbed Toast with Soft-boiled Egg to start the day, via soups and pasta dishes such as the tempting and comforting Creamy Leek, Red Lentil and Potato Soup or Cannelloni with Mushrooms and Pork to delicious dinners including the mouthwatering Braised Pork Belly with Shallots, Orange and Cardamom and Cod Poached in Creamy Leeks, Ginger and Saffron, all finished off with treats that include Spiced Pumpkin, Fig, Pinenut and Gingernut Tart. Sumptous photographs of the recipes are by one of the new rising stars of food photography Manja Wachsmuth, making Peter Gordon: Everyday the easy-to-follow and stylish answer to eating healthily and with variety on a daily basis.


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